1997 Score Board NFL Rookies

War Room


  W1   Yatil Green   Miami Dolphins
  W2   Antowain Smith   Buffalo Bills
  W3   Tony Gonzalez   Kansas City Chiefs
  W4   Corey Dillon   Cincinnati Bengals
  W5   Jake Plummer   Arizona Cardinals
  W6   Peter Boulware   Baltimore Ravens
  W7   Orlando Pace   St. Louis Rams
  W8   Darrell Russell   Oakland Raiders
  W9   Reinard Wilson   Cincinnati Bengals
  W10   Shawn Springs   Seattle Seahawks
  W11   Bryant Westbrook   Detroit Lions
  W12   Rae Carruth   Carolina Panthers
  W13   Warrick Dunn   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  W14   David LaFleur   Dallas Cowboys
  W15   Byron Hanspard   Atlanta Falcons
  W16   Michael Booker   Atlanta Falcons
  W17   Reidel Anthony   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  W18   Troy Davis   New Orleans Saints
  W19   Chris Naeole   New Orleans Saints
  W20   Jim Druckenmiller   San Francisco 49ers

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