2007 Donruss Classics

Monday Night Heroes Jerseys Jersey Numbers


  MNH-1   Chester Taylor MEM, SN29   Minnesota Vikings
  MNH-2   Fred Taylor MEM, SN28   Jacksonville Jaguars
  MNH-3   Donovan McNabb MEM, SN5   Philadelphia Eagles
  MNH-4   Greg Lewis MEM, SN83   Philadelphia Eagles
  MNH-5   Brett Favre MEM, SN4   Green Bay Packers
  MNH-6   Matt Leinart MEM, SN7   Arizona Cardinals
  MNH-7   Anquan Boldin MEM, SN81   Arizona Cardinals
  MNH-8   Eli Manning MEM, SN10   New York Giants
  MNH-9   Tony Romo MEM, SN9   Dallas Cowboys
  MNH-10   Terrell Owens MEM, SN81   Dallas Cowboys
  MNH-11   Tiki Barber MEM, SN21   New York Giants
  MNH-12   Plaxico Burress MEM, SN17   New York Giants
  MNH-13   Tom Brady MEM, SN12   New England Patriots
  MNH-14   Ben Watson MEM, SN84   New England Patriots
  MNH-15   Mewelde Moore MEM, SN30   Minnesota Vikings
  MNH-16   Deion Branch MEM, SN83   Seattle Seahawks
  MNH-17   Jake Delhomme MEM, SN17   Carolina Panthers
  MNH-18   Steve Smith MEM, SN89   Carolina Panthers
  MNH-19   Maurice Jones-Drew MEM, SN32   Jacksonville Jaguars
  MNH-20   Shaun Alexander MEM, SN37   Seattle Seahawks
  MNH-21   Donald Driver MEM, SN80   Green Bay Packers
  MNH-22   Donte Stallworth MEM, SN18   Philadelphia Eagles
  MNH-23   DeAngelo Williams MEM, SN34   Carolina Panthers
  MNH-24   Steven Jackson MEM, SN39   St. Louis Rams
  MNH-25   Marc Bulger MEM, SN10   St. Louis Rams
  MNH-26   Thomas Jones MEM, SN20   Chicago Bears
  MNH-27   Peyton Manning MEM, SN18   Indianapolis Colts
  MNH-28   Marvin Harrison MEM, SN88   Indianapolis Colts
  MNH-29   Rudi Johnson MEM, SN32   Cincinnati Bengals
  MNH-30   Brian Westbrook MEM, SN36   Philadelphia Eagles

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