2000 Collector's Edge T3

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Regular cards are embossed with a slight 3D effect. Retail parallel cards are plain, flat cards.

2000 Collector's Edge T3


  101   Charles Woodson   Oakland Raiders
  102   Charles Johnson   Philadelphia Eagles
  103   Donovan McNabb   Philadelphia Eagles
  104   Duce Staley   Philadelphia Eagles
  105   Jerome Bettis   Pittsburgh Steelers
  106   Troy Edwards   Pittsburgh Steelers
  107   Kent Graham   Pittsburgh Steelers
  108   Kordell Stewart   Pittsburgh Steelers
  109   Hines Ward   Pittsburgh Steelers
  110   Isaac Bruce   St. Louis Rams
  111   Kevin Carter   St. Louis Rams
  112   Marshall Faulk   St. Louis Rams
  113   Trent Green   St. Louis Rams
  114   Az-Zahir Hakim   St. Louis Rams
  115   Torry Holt   St. Louis Rams
  116   Kurt Warner   St. Louis Rams
  117   Curtis Conway   San Diego Chargers
  118   Jermaine Fazande   San Diego Chargers
  119   Jeff Graham   San Diego Chargers
  120   Jim Harbaugh   San Diego Chargers
  121   Junior Seau   San Diego Chargers
  122   Jeff Garcia   San Francisco 49ers
  123   Charlie Garner   San Francisco 49ers
  124   Garrison Hearst   San Francisco 49ers
  125   Terrell Owens   San Francisco 49ers
  126   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  127   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  128   Sean Dawkins   Seattle Seahawks
  129   Jon Kitna   Seattle Seahawks
  130   Derrick Mayes   Seattle Seahawks
  131   Ricky Watters   Seattle Seahawks
  132   Mike Alstott   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  133   Warrick Dunn   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  134   Jacquez Green   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  135   Keyshawn Johnson   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  136   Shaun King   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  137   Warren Sapp   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  138   Kevin Dyson   Tennessee Titans
  139   Eddie George   Tennessee Titans
  140   Jevon Kearse   Tennessee Titans
  141   Steve McNair   Tennessee Titans
  142   Yancey Thigpen   Tennessee Titans
  143   Frank Wycheck   Tennessee Titans
  144   Champ Bailey   Washington Redskins
  145   Larry Centers   Washington Redskins
  146   Albert Connell   Washington Redskins
  147   Stephen Davis   Washington Redskins
  148   Jeff George   Washington Redskins
  149   Brad Johnson   Washington Redskins
  150   Michael Westbrook   Washington Redskins
  151   Thomas Jones RC, SN999   Arizona Cardinals
  152   Doug Johnson RC, SN999   Atlanta Falcons
  153   Mareno Philyaw RC, SN999   Atlanta Falcons
  154   Jamal Lewis RC, SN999   Baltimore Ravens
  155   Chris Redman RC, SN999   Baltimore Ravens
  156   Travis Taylor RC, SN999   Baltimore Ravens
  157   Kwame Cavil RC, SN999   Buffalo Bills
  158   Sammy Morris RC, SN999   Indianapolis Colts
  159   Deon Grant RC, SN999   Carolina Panthers
  160   Frank Murphy RC, SN999   Chicago Bears
  161   Brian Urlacher RC, SN999   Chicago Bears
  162   Dez White RC, SN999   Chicago Bears
  163   Ron Dugans RC, SN999   Cincinnati Bengals
  164   Curtis Keaton RC, SN999   Cincinnati Bengals
  165   Peter Warrick RC, SN999   Cincinnati Bengals
  166   Courtney Brown RC, SN999   Cleveland Browns
  167   JaJuan Dawson RC, SN999   Cleveland Browns
  168   Dennis Northcutt RC, SN999   Cleveland Browns
  169   Travis Prentice RC, SN999   Cleveland Browns
  170   Michael Wiley RC, SN999   Dallas Cowboys
  171   Mike Anderson RC, SN999   Denver Broncos
  172   Chris Cole RC, SN999   Denver Broncos
  173   Jarious Jackson RC, SN999   Denver Broncos
  174   Deltha O'Neal RC, SN999   Denver Broncos
  175   Reuben Droughns RC, SN999   Detroit Lions
  176   Na'il Diggs RC, SN999   Green Bay Packers
  177   Bubba Franks RC, SN999   Green Bay Packers
  178   Anthony Lucas RC, SN999   Green Bay Packers
  179   Rondell Mealey RC, SN999   Green Bay Packers
  180   Dan Kendra RC, SN999   Indianapolis Colts
  181   Rob Morris RC, SN999   Indianapolis Colts
  182   R.Jay Soward RC, SN999   Jacksonville Jaguars
  183   Shyrone Stith RC, SN999   Jacksonville Jaguars
  184   William Bartee RC, SN999   Kansas City Chiefs
  185   Frank Moreau RC, SN999   Kansas City Chiefs
  186   Sylvester Morris RC, SN999   Kansas City Chiefs
  187   Deon Dyer RC, SN999   Miami Dolphins
  188   Quinton Spotwood RC, SN999   Miami Dolphins
  189   Doug Chapman RC, SN999   Minnesota Vikings
  190   Troy Walters RC, SN999   Minnesota Vikings
  191   J.R. Redmond RC, SN999   New England Patriots
  192   Marc Bulger RC, SN999   New Orleans Saints
  193   Sherrod Gideon RC, SN999   New Orleans Saints
  194   Darren Howard RC, SN999   New Orleans Saints
  195   Chad Morton RC, SN999   New Orleans Saints
  196   Terrelle Smith RC, SN999   New Orleans Saints
  197   Ron Dayne RC, SN999   New York Giants
  198   John Abraham RC, SN999   New York Jets
  199   Anthony Becht RC, SN999   New York Jets
  200   Laveranues Coles RC, SN999   New York Jets

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