2011 Topps Update


  US1   Adrian Gonzalez   Boston Red Sox
  US2   Ty Wigginton   Colorado Rockies
  US3   Blake Beavan RD   Seattle Mariners
  US4a   Brian McCann AS   Atlanta Braves
  US4b   Carlton Fisk SP, VAR   Boston Red Sox
  US5   Josh Willingham   Oakland Athletics
  US6   Prince Fielder HRD   Milwaukee Brewers
  US7   Nate Schierholtz   San Francisco Giants
  US8   David Robertson   New York Yankees
  US9   Jose Iglesias RC   Boston Red Sox
  US10a   Jose Bautista AS   Toronto Blue Jays
  US10b   Hank Aaron SP, VAR   Milwaukee Braves
  US11   Jason Pridie   New York Mets
  US12   Greg Dobbs   Florida Marlins
  US13   Koyie Hill   Chicago Cubs
  US14   Alex Avila AS   Detroit Tigers
  US15   Aaron Heilman   Arizona Diamondbacks
  US16   Welington Castillo   Chicago Cubs
  US17   Craig Gentry   Texas Rangers
  US18a   Robinson Cano AS   New York Yankees
  US18b   Joe DiMaggio SP, VAR   New York Yankees
  US19   Mike Napoli   Texas Rangers
  US20   Adrian Gonzalez AS   Boston Red Sox
  US21a   Prince Fielder AS   Milwaukee Brewers
  US21b   Willie McCovey SP, VAR   San Francisco Giants
  US22   Randall Delgado RC   Atlanta Braves
  US23   Chance Ruffin RC   Detroit Tigers
  US24   Rex Brothers RC   Colorado Rockies
  US25   Tim Stauffer   San Diego Padres
  US26   Jered Weaver CL   Los Angeles Angels
  US27   Joey Devine   Oakland Athletics
  US28   Adam Kennedy   Seattle Mariners
  US29   Mike MacDougal   Los Angeles Dodgers
  US30   Dustin Ackley RC   Seattle Mariners
  US31a   Curtis Granderson AS   New York Yankees
  US31b   Paul O'Neill SP, VAR   New York Yankees
  US32   Matt Stairs   Washington Nationals
  US33   Jayson Nix   Toronto Blue Jays
  US34   David Ross   Atlanta Braves
  US35   Eduardo Nunez RC   New York Yankees
  US36   Josh Judy RC   Cleveland Indians
  US37   Rick Ankiel   Washington Nationals
  US38a   Josh Hamilton AS   Texas Rangers
  US38b   Roger Maris SP, VAR   New York Yankees
  US39   Eduardo Sanchez RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  US40   Brian Fuentes   Oakland Athletics
  US41   Lou Marson   Cleveland Indians
  US42a   David Ortiz AS   Boston Red Sox
  US42b   Frank Thomas SP, VAR   Oakland Athletics
  US43   Carlos Quentin AS   Chicago White Sox
  US44   Matt Treanor   Kansas City Royals
  US45   Peter Moylan   Atlanta Braves
  US46   Angel Sanchez   Houston Astros
  US47   Paul Goldschmidt RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  US48   Scott Hairston UER   New York Mets
  US49   Rickie Weeks AS   Milwaukee Brewers
  US50a   Jered Weaver AS   Los Angeles Angels
  US50b   Nolan Ryan SP, VAR   New York Mets
  US51   Andruw Jones   New York Yankees
  US52   Lance Berkman AS   St. Louis Cardinals
  US53   Koji Uehara   Texas Rangers
  US54   Jerry Sands RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  US55   Anthony Rizzo RC   San Diego Padres
  US56   Ryan Adams RC   Baltimore Orioles
  US57   Tony Campana RC   Chicago Cubs
  US58a   Tim Lincecum AS   San Francisco Giants
  US58b   Bert Blyleven SP, VAR   Cleveland Indians
  US59a   Matt Kemp AS   Los Angeles Dodgers
  US59b   Rickey Henderson SP, VAR   Oakland Athletics
  US60   Heath Bell AS   San Diego Padres
  US61   Nick Masset   Cincinnati Reds
  US62   Jason Marquis   Arizona Diamondbacks
  US63   Doug Fister   Detroit Tigers
  US64   J.C. Romero   New York Yankees
  US65   Mitchell Boggs   St. Louis Cardinals
  US66   Andy Dirks RC   Detroit Tigers
  US67   Miguel Olivo   Seattle Mariners
  US68   Tyler Clippard AS   Washington Nationals
  US69   Gerald Laird   St. Louis Cardinals
  US70   Michael Wuertz   Oakland Athletics
  US71   Jeff Francis   Kansas City Royals
  US72   Colby Rasmus   Toronto Blue Jays
  US73   Juan Nicasio RD   Colorado Rockies
  US74   Henry Blanco   Arizona Diamondbacks
  US75   Gio Gonzalez AS   Oakland Athletics
  US76   Nolan Reimold   Baltimore Orioles
  US77   Freddy Garcia   New York Yankees
  US78   David Ortiz HRD   Boston Red Sox
  US79   Chris Dickerson   New York Yankees
  US80   Jose Bautista HRD   Toronto Blue Jays
  US81   Aaron Harang   San Diego Padres
  US82   Mark Ellis   Colorado Rockies
  US83   Brandon Belt RD   San Francisco Giants
  US84   Pablo Sandoval AS   San Francisco Giants
  US85a   Roy Halladay AS   Philadelphia Phillies
  US85b   Tom Seaver SP, VAR   Chicago White Sox
  US86   Rafael Furcal   St. Louis Cardinals
  US87   Clayton Mortensen   Colorado Rockies
  US88   Orlando Cabrera   San Francisco Giants
  US89   Sean O'Sullivan   Kansas City Royals


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