1983 Topps Return Of The Jedi



  1a   Yoda VAR  
  1b   Yoda VAR  
  2a   Ewok Medicine Man VAR  
  2b   Ewok Medicine Man VAR  
  3a   Horn Player VAR  
  3b   Horn Player VAR  
  4a   Jabba the Hutt VAR  
  4b   Jabba the Hutt VAR  
  5a   Ree-Yees VAR  
  5b   Ree-Yees VAR  
  6a   Admiral Ackbar VAR  
  6b   Admiral Ackbar VAR  
  7a   Boushh VAR  
  7b   Boushh VAR  
  8a   Han Solo VAR  
  8b   Han Solo VAR  
  9a   Leia Organa VAR  
  9b   Leia Organa VAR  
  10a   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  10b   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  11a   Han Solo VAR  
  11b   Han Solo VAR  
  12a   C-3PO VAR  
  12b   C-3PO VAR  
  13a   Chewbacca VAR  
  13b   Chewbacca VAR  
  14a   Band Singer VAR  
  14b   Band Singer VAR  
  15a   Baby Ewok VAR  
  15b   Baby Ewok VAR  
  16a   Nien Nunb VAR  
  16b   Nien Nunb VAR  
  17a   Lando Calrissian VAR  
  17b   Lando Calrissian VAR  
  18a   R2-D2 VAR  
  18b   R2-D2 VAR  
  19a   Obi-Wan Kenobi VAR  
  19b   Obi-Wan Kenobi VAR  
  20a   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  20b   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  21a   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  21b   Luke Skywalker VAR  
  22a   Gamorrean Guard VAR  
  22b   Gamorrean Guard VAR  
  23a   Salacious Crumb VAR  
  23b   Salacious Crumb VAR  
  24a   Wicket VAR  
  24b   Wicket VAR  
  25a   Boba Fett VAR  
  25b   Boba Fett VAR  
  26a   Ewok VAR  
  26b   Ewok VAR  
  27a   Jabba the Hutt VAR  
  27b   Jabba the Hutt VAR  
  28a   Lando in Skiff Disguise VAR  
  28b   Lando in Skiff Disguise VAR  
  29a   Max Rebo VAR  
  29b   Max Rebo VAR  
  30a   Leia on Endor VAR  
  30b   Leia on Endor VAR  
  31a   Leia Organa VAR  
  31b   Leia Organa VAR  
  32a   Han Solo VAR  
  32b   Han Solo VAR  
  33a   Biker Scout VAR  
  33b   Biker Scout VAR  
  34   Darth Vader  
  35   Luke Skywalker  
  36   Han Solo  
  37   Princess Leia  
  38   See-Threepio  
  39   Artoo-Detoo  
  40   Wicket  
  41   Admiral Ackbar  
  42   Chewbacca  
  43   The Emperor  
  44   Millennium Falcon  
  45   Droids at the door  
  46   Hanging Han  
  47   Desert Yacht  
  48   Nien Nunb and Lando at the helm  
  49   Slave girl Leia  
  50   Rebels in the woods  
  51   Threepio, Chewy, and Leia  
  52   Ele-Vader  
  53   R2 and Ewoks  
  54   Pistol-packin' Han  
  55   Salacious Crumb  

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