2011 Jogo CFL


  1   Bryan Crawford   Toronto Argonauts
  2   Matthew Black   Toronto Argonauts
  3   Spencer Watt   Toronto Argonauts
  4   Kevin Huntley   Toronto Argonauts
  5   Zander Robinson   Toronto Argonauts
  6   Wes Lysack   Toronto Argonauts
  7   Ron Flemons   Toronto Argonauts
  8   Joe Eppele   Toronto Argonauts
  9   Dee Webb   Toronto Argonauts
  10   Djems Kouame   Toronto Argonauts
  11   Lin-J Shell   Toronto Argonauts
  12   Cory J Boyd   Toronto Argonauts
  13   Mike Bradwell   Toronto Argonauts
  14   Byron Parker   Toronto Argonauts
  15   Jeffrey Johnson   Toronto Argonauts
  16   Andre Durie   Toronto Argonauts
  17   Cleo Lemon   Toronto Argonauts
  18   Noel Prefontaine   Toronto Argonauts
  19   Sammy Tranks   Toronto Argonauts
  20   Willie Pile   Toronto Argonauts
  21   Taylor Robertson   Toronto Argonauts
  22   Ejiro Kuale   Toronto Argonauts
  23   Tristan Black   Toronto Argonauts
  24   Nick Clement   Toronto Argonauts
  25a   B.J. Hall   Toronto Argonauts
  25b   Ben Ishola UER   Toronto Argonauts
  27   Jonathan St. Pierre   Toronto Argonauts
  28   Jamel Richardson   Montreal Alouettes
  29   Neal Hughes   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  30   Graeme Bell   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  31   Chris Best   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  32   Craig Butler   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  33   Wes Cates   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  34   Hugh Charles   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  35   Jason Clermont   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  36   Ryan Dinwiddie   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  37   Weston Dressler   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  38   Stu Foord   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  39   John N. Bowman   Montreal Alouettes
  40   Chris Graham   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  41   Efrem Hill   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  42   Cory Huclack   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  43   Nick Hutchins   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  44   Tristan Jackson   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  45   Cary Koch   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  46   Chima Ihekwoaba   Montreal Alouettes
  47   Gene Makowsky   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  48   Mike McCullough   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  49   Christopher Milo   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  50   John Surla   Montreal Alouettes
  51a   Fernand Kashama ERR   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  51b   Fernand Kashama COR   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  52   Marc Parenteau   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  53   Darian Durant   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  54   Dario Romero   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  55   Eddie Russ Jr   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  56   Keith Shologan   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  57   Jordan Sisco   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  58   Brandon West   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  59   Henry Burris   Calgary Stampeders
  60   Justin Phillips   Calgary Stampeders
  61   Geoff Tisdale   Calgary Stampeders
  62   Samuel Scott   Calgary Stampeders
  63   Anthony Parker   Calgary Stampeders
  64   Randy Chevrier   Calgary Stampeders
  65   Adrian Davis   Calgary Stampeders
  66   Johnny Forzani   Calgary Stampeders
  67   Dimitri Tsoumpas   Calgary Stampeders
  68   Burke Dales   Calgary Stampeders
  69   Corey Mace   Calgary Stampeders
  70   Gerald Cadogan   Calgary Stampeders
  71   Larry Taylor   Calgary Stampeders
  72   Brandon Smith   Calgary Stampeders
  73   Rene Paredes   Calgary Stampeders
  74   Romby Bryant   Calgary Stampeders
  75   Tim O'Neill   Calgary Stampeders
  76   Daren Stone   Calgary Stampeders
  77   Eric Fraser   Calgary Stampeders
  78   Tim St. Pierre   Calgary Stampeders
  79   Karl McCartney   Calgary Stampeders
  80   Arjei Franklin   Calgary Stampeders
  81   George Hopkins   Calgary Stampeders
  82   Johnnie Dixon Jr.   Calgary Stampeders
  83   Greg Fassitt   Calgary Stampeders
  84   Terrance Lee   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  85   Stevie Baggs   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  86   Ivan Brown   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  87   Belton Johnson   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  88   Al Smith   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  89   Marcell Young   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  90   Carlos Thomas   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  91   Peter Dyakowski   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  92   Eddie Steele   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  93   Glenn MacKay   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  94   Yannick Carter   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  95   Nathan Kanya   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  96   Renauld Williams   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  97   Ken-Yon Rambo   Calgary Stampeders
  98   Agustin Barrenechea   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  99   Khari Jones   Hamilton Tiger-Cats


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