1998 T-Point CPBL Traditional Card


  001   Chien-Chou Wu   Wei Chuan Dragons
  002   Ping-Nan Chen   Wei Chuan Dragons
  003   Ming-Hsun Li   Wei Chuan Dragons
  004   Chiung-Lung Huang   Wei Chuan Dragons
  005   Wen-Hsien Cheng   Wei Chuan Dragons
  006   Shu-Jen Liao   Wei Chuan Dragons
  007   Manuel Francois   Wei Chuan Dragons
  008   Cheng-Chin Hong   Wei Chuan Dragons
  009   Chun-Chieh Chen   Wei Chuan Dragons
  010   Luis Hernandez   Wei Chuan Dragons
  011   Wen-Lung Feng   Wei Chuan Dragons
  012   George Canale   Wei Chuan Dragons
  013   Sheng-Chieh Hsu   Wei Chuan Dragons
  014   Gabriel Ozuna   Wei Chuan Dragons
  015   Kun-Hsiang Tsai   Wei Chuan Dragons
  016   Rafael Pina   Wei Chuan Dragons
  017   Chun-Chang Yeh   Wei Chuan Dragons
  018   Todd Revenig   Wei Chuan Dragons
  019   Chien-Fa Chang   Wei Chuan Dragons
  020   Angel Moreno   Wei Chuan Dragons
  021   Jose Cano   Wei Chuan Dragons
  022   Felipe Castillo   Wei Chuan Dragons
  023   Pablo Reyes   Wei Chuan Dragons
  024   Chun-Chih Chen   Wei Chuan Dragons
  025   Michael Garcia   Wei Chuan Dragons
  026   Dwayne Henry   Wei Chuan Dragons
  027   Tai-San Chang   Wei Chuan Dragons
  028   Javier De la Hoya   Wei Chuan Dragons
  029   Masahiro Taijun   Wei Chuan Dragons
  030   Bernardo Tatis   Wei Chuan Dragons
  031   Chin-Mou Chen   Wei Chuan Dragons
  032   Chien-Hsun Chang   Sinon Bulls
  033   Chang-Hao Hu   Sinon Bulls
  034   Chun-Huo Chen   Sinon Bulls
  035   Wen-Bin Chen   Sinon Bulls
  036   Chun-Nan Ou   Sinon Bulls
  037   Zhe-Zong Wu   Sinon Bulls
  038   Bert Heffernan   Sinon Bulls
  039   Yung-Lin Yeh   Sinon Bulls
  040   Ron Maurer   Sinon Bulls
  041   Chung-Yi Huang   Sinon Bulls
  042   Tsung-Nan Chen   Sinon Bulls
  043   Julio Solano   Sinon Bulls
  044   Chuen-Chia Wang   Sinon Bulls
  045   Hsien-Chin Chang   Sinon Bulls
  046   Chao-Ming Chen   Sinon Bulls
  047   Jody Treadwell   Sinon Bulls
  048   Yu-Liang Lai   Sinon Bulls
  049   Chia-Hao Chang   Sinon Bulls
  050   Osvaldo Martinez   Sinon Bulls
  051   Rob Kell   Sinon Bulls
  052   Mark Kiefer   Sinon Bulls
  053   Jay Kirkpatrick   Sinon Bulls
  054   Jimmy Myers   Sinon Bulls
  055   Kao-Li Yeh   Sinon Bulls
  056   Tim Fortugno   Sinon Bulls
  057   Alvin Brown   Sinon Bulls
  058   Takamasa Matsui   Uni-President Lions
  059   Wen-Sheng Liu   Uni-President Lions
  060   Kuang-Chung Lin   Uni-President Lions
  061   Andujar Cedeno   Uni-President Lions
  062   Min-Ching Luo   Uni-President Lions
  063   Scott Bullett   Uni-President Lions
  064   Takahiro Kanamori   Uni-President Lions
  065   Gen-hwei Gun   Uni-President Lions
  066   Cesar D. Hernandez   Uni-President Lions
  067   Kuo-chang Luo   Uni-President Lions
  068   Chang-Heng Hsieh   Uni-President Lions
  069   Yung-Tai Sung   Uni-President Lions
  070   Chi-Chen Tseng   Uni-President Lions
  071   Julian Martinez   Uni-President Lions
  072   Don Lemon   Uni-President Lions
  073   Ken Winkle   Uni-President Lions
  074   Chao-Huang Lin   Uni-President Lions
  075   Chong-kuang Lai   Uni-President Lions
  076   Jorge Alvarez   Uni-President Lions
  077   Pao-Hung Chen   Uni-President Lions
  078   Cheng-Hsien Chen   Uni-President Lions
  079   Chun-Liang Wu   Uni-President Lions
  080   Andy Carter   Uni-President Lions
  081   Yen-Po Kuo   Uni-President Lions
  082   Carlos Rivera   Uni-President Lions
  083   Brian Drahman   Uni-President Lions
  084   Kan-Lin Huang   Uni-President Lions
  085   Chi-fong Chen   Uni-President Lions
  086   Chao-Hui Wu   Uni-President Lions
  087   Joe Hall   Uni-President Lions
  088   Kun-Chi Li   Chinatrust Whales
  089   Tsung-Hui Tung   Chinatrust Whales
  090   Lien-Hung Chen   Chinatrust Whales
  091   Kuang-Hao Wang   Chinatrust Whales
  092   Shu-Mu Chueh   Chinatrust Whales
  093   Rafaelito Mercedes   Chinatrust Whales
  094   Chun-Yu Huang   Chinatrust Whales
  095   Brian Warren   Chinatrust Whales
  096   Ernesto Barraza   Chinatrust Whales
  097   Chien-San Kao   Chinatrust Whales
  098   Sandi Santiago   Chinatrust Whales
  099   Kevin Henthorne   Chinatrust Whales
  100   Hong-Yuan Lin   Chinatrust Whales

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