2018 Topps Heritage

Errors / Variations

185 record(s)

  17b   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Rookie Variation
  20b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Color Swap
  20c   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Action Image
  20d   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  22b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Color Swap
  22c   Bryce Harper   VAR: Nickname - "Big Kid"
  22d   Bryce Harper   VAR: Error - "Born: 10/16/93" on Back
  22e   Bryce Harper   VAR: Action Image
  25   Aaron Judge   COR: Correct position
  25b   Aaron Judge   VAR: Color Swap
  25c   Aaron Judge   VAR: Nickname - "All Rise", ERR: Listed as Catcher
  25d   Aaron Judge   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  25e   Aaron Judge   VAR: Action Image
  25f   Aaron Judge   VAR: Last Name in Blue, No Rookie Cup
  31b   Amed Rosario   VAR: Rookie Variation
  31c   Amed Rosario   VAR: Color Swap
  35b   Jose Altuve   VAR: Action Image
  35c   Jose Altuve   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  45b   Corey Seager   VAR: Action Image
  50b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Nickname - "Cutch"
  58b   Justin Verlander   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Tigers" on Back
  60b   Justin Upton   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Tigers" on Back
  63b   Ian Happ   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  67b   Max Scherzer   VAR: Color Swap
  70b   Joey Votto   VAR: Color Swap
  70c   Joey Votto   VAR: Action Image
  74b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Color Swap
  74c   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Marlins" on Back
  74d   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Reverse Negative
  80b   Kris Bryant   VAR: Color Swap
  80c   Kris Bryant   VAR: Nickname - "KB"
  80d   Kris Bryant   VAR: Error - Player Name in Red
  80e   Kris Bryant   VAR: Action Image
  80f   Kris Bryant   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  90b   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Nickname - "Thor"
  101b   Salvador Perez   VAR: Color Swap
  101c   Salvador Perez   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  109b   Chris Sale   VAR: Color Swap
  114b   Clint Frazier   VAR: Rookie Variation
  114c   Clint Frazier   VAR: Color Swap
  114d   Clint Frazier   VAR: Nickname - "Red Thunder"
  118b   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Color Swap
  118c   Cody Bellinger   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  118d   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Nickname - "Cody Love"
  118e   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Action Image
  119b   Alex Bregman   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  126b   Jose Quintana   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with White Sox" on Back
  130b   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Color Swap
  130c   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  130d   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Nickname - "Benny"
  130e   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Action Image
  145b   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Color Swap
  145c   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Nickname - "Mr. Smile"
  145d   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Action Image
  145e   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  150b   Josh Hader   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  151b   Manny Machado   VAR: Color Swap
  151c   Manny Machado   VAR: Nickname - "Mr. Miami"
  151d   Manny Machado   VAR: Action Image
  151e   Manny Machado   VAR: Throwback
  159b   Jay Bruce   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Mets" on Back
  161b   Yu Darvish   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Rangers" on Back
  176b   Corey Kluber   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  177b   Sonny Gray   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Athletics" on Back
  180b   Jordan Montgomery   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  189b   Rafael Devers   VAR: Rookie Variation
  189c   Rafael Devers   VAR: Color Swap
  189d   Rafael Devers   VAR: Nickname - "Carita"
  189e   Rafael Devers   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  191b   Gary Sanchez   VAR: Color Swap
  191c   Gary Sanchez   VAR: Action Image
  201b   Yoan Moncada   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  206b   Rhys Hoskins   VAR: Rookie Variation
  206c   Rhys Hoskins   VAR: Color Swap
  216b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Color Swap
  216c   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Nickname - "Kersh"
  216d   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Action Image
  232b   Yadier Molina   VAR: Color Swap
  250b   Trey Mancini   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  275b   Mike Trout   VAR: Color Swap
  275c   Mike Trout   VAR: Nickname - "Kiiiiid"
  275d   Mike Trout   VAR: Error - Batboy Pictured
  275e   Mike Trout   VAR: Action Image
  275f   Mike Trout   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  284b   Victor Robles   VAR: Rookie Variation
  284c   Victor Robles   VAR: Color Swap
  293b   Buster Posey   VAR: Color Swap
  293c   Buster Posey   VAR: Action Image
  294b   J.D. Martinez   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Tigers" on Back
  305b   Josh Bell   VAR: Throwback
  315b   Sean Doolittle   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Athletics" on Back
  320b   Paul DeJong   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  330b   Mookie Betts   VAR: Color Swap
  330c   Mookie Betts   VAR: Action Image
  330d   Mookie Betts   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  348b   German Marquez   VAR: 1969 on Rookie Cup
  351b   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Action Image
  369b   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Nickname - "Goldy"
  369c   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Action Image
  381b   Carlos Correa   VAR: Color Swap
  381c   Carlos Correa   VAR: Nickname - "Showrrea"
  381d   Carlos Correa   VAR: Action Image
  381e   Carlos Correa   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  406b   Ryan Braun   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  454b   Shin-Soo Choo   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  472b   Brandon Phillips   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Braves" on Back
  510b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Team Color
  511a   Scott Kingery   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  511b   Scott Kingery   Var: Action
  511c   Scott Kingery   Var: Team Color
  517a   Jonathan Lucroy   BASE:Catcher's Gear
  517b   Jonathan Lucroy   VAR: Action Image
  517c   Jonathan Lucroy   Var: Throwback
  549a   Jose Martinez   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  549b   Jose Martinez   Var: Action
  580a   Ronald Acuña Jr.   BASE:Hands behind Back
  580b   Ronald Acuña Jr.   Var: Action
  580c   Ronald Acuña Jr.   Var: Error
  600a   Shohei Ohtani   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  600b   Shohei Ohtani   Var: Action
  600c   Shohei Ohtani   Var: Team Color
  600d   Shohei Ohtani   Var: Error
  600e   Shohei Ohtani   Var: Nickname
  600f   Shohei Ohtani   Var: Trade
  603a   Gleyber Torres   Base:Standing
  603b   Gleyber Torres   Var: Action
  603c   Gleyber Torres   Var: Team Color
  603d   Gleyber Torres   Var: Error
  606a   Bartolo Colon   BASE:Ball in Hand
  606b   Bartolo Colon   VAR: Action Image
  612a   Tyler O'Neill   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  612b   Tyler O'Neill   Var: Action
  620b   Jordan Hicks   Var: Action
  620c   Jordan Hicks   Var: Team Color
  636b   JaCoby Jones   Var: Action
  655b   Joey Lucchesi   Var: Team Color
  684a   Lourdes Gurriel Jr.   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  684b   Lourdes Gurriel Jr.   Var: Action
  696a   Tyler Austin   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  696b   Tyler Austin   Var: Action
  701a   Stephen Piscotty   BASE:Standing w/Bat Low
  701b   Stephen Piscotty   VAR: Action Image
  701c   Stephen Piscotty   Var: Trade
  701d   Stephen Piscotty   VAR: Color Swap
  701e   Stephen Piscotty   VAR: Throwback
  705a   Andrew McCutchen   Base:Bat on Shoulder
  705b   Andrew McCutchen   Var: Action
  705c   Andrew McCutchen   Var: Team Color
  705d   Andrew McCutchen   Var: Error
  705e   Andrew McCutchen   Var: Throwback
  706a   Lorenzo Cain   BASE:White Jersey
  706b   Lorenzo Cain   VAR: Action Image
  707a   Yu Darvish   BASE: Ball in Hand
  707b   Yu Darvish   VAR: Action Image
  707c   Yu Darvish   Var: Team Color
  707d   Yu Darvish   Var: Nickname
  709b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Action Image
  709c   Eric Hosmer   Var: Team Color
  710a   J.D. Martinez   BASE:Looking at Bat
  710b   J.D. Martinez   VAR: Action Image
  711a   Carlos Santana   BASE:Batting Stance
  711b   Carlos Santana   Var: Action
  713b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Action Image
  713c   Matt Kemp   Var: Team Color
  713d   Matt Kemp   Var: Trade
  715b   Gerrit Cole   VAR: Action Image
  715c   Gerrit Cole   Var: Trade
  716b   Ichiro   VAR: Action
  716c   Ichiro   VAR: Trade
  716d   Ichiro   VAR: Nickname
  716e   Ichiro   VAR: Reversed Negative
  716f   Ichiro   VAR: Color Swap
  716g   Ichiro   VAR: Throwback
  718b   Todd Frazier   VAR: Action Image
  718c   Todd Frazier   VAR: Nickname
  720b   Christian Yelich   VAR: Action Image
  720c   Christian Yelich   VAR: Color Swap
  720   Christian Yelich   VAR: Throwback
  721b   Jake Arrieta   VAR: Action Image
  721c   Jake Arrieta   VAR: Throwback
  721d   Jake Arrieta   VAR: Trade in trademark on back
  724a   Brandon Morrow   BASE: Ball in Hand
  724b   Brandon Morrow   VAR: Color Swap
  725a   Evan Longoria   BASE: Swinging
  725b   Evan Longoria   VAR: Trade in trademark on back


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