2017 Panini Prestige


  NNO   Super Bowl LII Kid Reporter  

Insert Sets (72)

  All-Panini Team
  All-Panini Team Xtra Points Black
  All-Panini Team Xtra Points Bronze
  All-Panini Team Xtra Points Platinum
  All-Panini Team Xtra Points Red
  Alma Maters
  Alma Maters Memorabilia
  Alma Maters Memorabilia Prime
  Banner Season
  Banner Season Ink
  Blue Chip Prospects
  Blue Chip Prospects Ink
  Connections Memorabilia
  Connections Memorabilia Prime
  Draft Big Board
  Draft Big Board Ink
  Draft Day Signatures

Signatures in black or blue ink and limited to 89 or fewer copies.

  Draft Day Signatures Gold
  Draft Day Signatures Green
  Draft Day Signatures Red
  Draft Day Signatures Silver
  Hardwear Memorabilia
  Legendary Signatures
  Legendary Signatures Xtra Points Black
  Legendary Signatures Xtra Points Bronze
  Legendary Signatures Xtra Points Platinum
  Living Legends
  Living Legends Xtra Points Black
  Living Legends Xtra Points Blue
  Living Legends Xtra Points Bronze
  Living Legends Xtra Points Platinum
  NFL Passport
  NFL Passport Ink
  Phenomenal Athletes
  Phenomenal Athletes Xtra Points Black
  Phenomenal Athletes Xtra Points Blue
  Phenomenal Athletes Xtra Points Bronze
  Phenomenal Athletes Xtra Points Platinum
  Phenomenal Athletes Xtra Points Red
  Rising Stars
  Rising Stars Prime
  Rookie Signatures
  Rookie Signatures Printing Plates Black
  Rookie Signatures Printing Plates Cyan
  Rookie Signatures Printing Plates Magenta
  Rookie Signatures Printing Plates Yellow
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Black
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Bronze
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Gold
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Green
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Platinum
  Rookie Signatures Xtra Points Purple
  Shirt Off My Back
  Shirt Off My Back Prime
  Sophomore Signatures
  Sophomore Signatures Xtra Points Black
  Sophomore Signatures Xtra Points Bronze
  Sophomore Signatures Xtra Points Platinum
  Spectacular Catch
  Spectacular Catch Xtra Points Black
  Spectacular Catch Xtra Points Blue
  Spectacular Catch Xtra Points Bronze
  Spectacular Catch Xtra Points Platinum
  Spectacular Catch Xtra Points Red
  Stars of the NFL
  Stars of the NFL Memorabilia
  Veteran Signatures
  Veteran Signatures Xtra Points Black
  Veteran Signatures Xtra Points Bronze
  Veteran Signatures Xtra Points Platinum

Parallel Sets (12)

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow
  Xtra Points Black
  Xtra Points Blue
  Xtra Points Bronze
  Xtra Points Gold
  Xtra Points Green
  Xtra Points Platinum
  Xtra Points Purple
  Xtra Points Red


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