2003 Topps


  NNO   Mommy Proof  
  NNO   Dog Ears  
  NNO   Bicycle Spokes  
  NNO   Plastic Sleeves  
  NNO   Need it, need it, need it.  
  NNO   No Shoebox Required  
  NNO   Topps Home Team Advantage Ad Card  

Insert Sets (29)


Insertion odds, per Hobby and HTA pack: Cards TA-BH, TA-BU, TA-CE, TA-DW: 1:790 H, 1:214 HTA; Cards TA-AK2, TA-BZ, TA-CF, TA-EH, TA-JB, TA-JPH, TA-JV, TA-MT2, TA-PK, TA-PL2: 1:864 H, 1:232 HTA; Cards TA-AK1, TA-HB, TA-JM, TA-MP, TA-MTE, TA-PL1: 1:2,209 H, 1:395 HTA; Cards TA-JDM, TA-JL, TA-MTH, TA-OH: 1:3,471 H, 1:460 HTA; Cards TA-AP, TA-MO: 1:5,188 H, 1:1,460 HTA; Cards TA-AJ, TA-AS, TA-EC, TA-MT1, TA-SR: 1:8,910 H, 1:2,533 HTA; Cards TA-EM, TA-MB: 1:11,097 H, 1:3,165 HTA; Card TA-BS: 1:11,730 H, 1:3,333 HTA; Card TA-NN: 1:20,144 H, 1:5,750 HTA; Card TA-DE: 1:24,710 H, 1:7,034 HTA; Card TA-LB: 1:31,408 H, 1:8,808 HTA.

  Blue Backs
  Blue Chips Autographs
  Box Bottoms
  Checklists Hobby

Yellow fronts

  Checklists Retail

Blue fronts

  Draft Picks Bonus
  Farewell to Riverfront Stadium Relics
  First Year Player Bonus
  Hit Parade
  Hobby Masters
  Own the Game
  Prime Cuts Autograph Relics
  Prime Cuts Pine Tar Relics
  Prime Cuts Relics
  Prime Cuts Trademark Relics
  Record Breakers Autographs
  Record Breakers Nolan Ryan
  Record Breakers Nolan Ryan Autographs
  Record Breakers Relics

Insert odds: Cards EM, FR2, FT, GB2, LG, RHO, RY2, TG, TG2, TK, TR, WB: 1 in 191 Cards: AR1, CD1, CJ, JB, LGO, PM, RY1, SG, TH1: 1 in 355 Cards: AR2, CD2, DG, JR, TH2: 1 in 418 Cards: DM, FR1, GB1, LBE, LC, MP, MS, RH: 1 IN 743 Cards NRA, RS: 1 in 1,151 Card DE: 1 IN 5,235 Card NR: 1 in 6,178 Card HG: 1 in 9,058 Card: HW: 1 in 13,528

  Record Breakers Series 1

Fronts have purple background, backs have yellow background

  Record Breakers Series 2

Fronts have green background, backs have blue background

  Red Backs
  Team Topps Legends Autographs

Insertion odds, per Hobby pack: Cards TT20R, TT38, TTLA, TTPB: 1:2,653; Card TT23F: 1:3,196; Cards TT8R, TT10R, TT13F, TT29F, TT46F: 1:3,517; Cards TT1R, TT11R, TT27R, TT43R: 1:5,470; Cards TT7R, TT18F, TT21R, TT25F, TT31F, TT33R, TT35R, TT48F, TT49R, TT50R, TT51R: 1:6,161; Cards TT6F, TT28R, TT36F, TT47F: 1:7,243.

  Trademark Variations
  Turn Back the Clock Autographs
  Vintage Embossed

Parallel Sets (3)

  Home Team Advantage

Promo Sets (1)



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