2017-18 Panini Select

Insert Sets (70)

  All-World Black
  All-World Gold
  All-World Silver
  Autographed Memorabilia
  Autographed Memorabilia Black
  Autographed Memorabilia Gold
  Autographed Memorabilia Purple
  Autographed Memorabilia Tie-Dye
  Draft Selections Memorabilia
  Draft Selections Memorabilia Black
  Draft Selections Memorabilia Gold
  Draft Selections Memorabilia Purple
  Draft Selections Memorabilia Tie-Dye
  In Flight Signatures
  In Flight Signatures Black Prizms
  In Flight Signatures Gold Prizms
  In Flight Signatures Neon Green Prizms
  In Flight Signatures Tie-Dye Prizms
  Phenomenon Black
  Phenomenon Gold
  Phenomenon Silver
  Rookie Jersey Autographs
  Rookie Jersey Autographs Black
  Rookie Jersey Autographs Gold
  Rookie Jersey Autographs Purple
  Rookie Jersey Autographs Tie-Dye
  Rookie Signatures
  Rookie Signatures Black Prizms
  Rookie Signatures Gold Prizms
  Rookie Signatures Neon Green Prizms
  Rookie Signatures Tie-Dye Prizms
  Select Swatches
  Select Swatches Black Prizms
  Select Swatches Copper Prizms
  Select Swatches Gold Prizms
  Select Swatches Purple Prizms
  Select Swatches Tie-Dye Prizms
  Signatures Black Prizms
  Signatures Gold Prizms
  Signatures Neon Green Prizms
  Signatures Tie-Dye Prizms
  Slash and Dash
  Slash and Dash Black
  Slash and Dash Gold
  Slash and Dash Silver
  Sparks Black Prizms
  Sparks Copper Prizms
  Sparks Gold Prizms
  Sparks Purple Prizms
  Sparks Tie-Dye Prizms
  Throwback Memorabilia
  Throwback Memorabilia Black Prizms
  Throwback Memorabilia Copper Prizms
  Throwback Memorabilia Gold Prizms
  Throwback Memorabilia Purple Prizms
  Throwback Memorabilia Tie-Dye Prizms
  With Authority
  With Authority Black
  With Authority Gold
  With Authority Silver
  X-Factor Memorabilia
  X-Factor Memorabilia Black Prizms
  X-Factor Memorabilia Copper Prizms
  X-Factor Memorabilia Gold Prizms
  X-Factor Memorabilia Purple Prizms
  X-Factor Memorabilia Tie-Dye Prizms

Parallel Sets (19)

  Black Prizms
  Blue Prizms
  Copper Prizms
  Gold Prizms
  Green Prizms
  Light Blue Prizms Die Cut
  Maroon Prizms
  Neon Green Prizms Die Cut
  Neon Orange Pulsar Prizms
  Orange Prizms
  Pink Prizms Marketing
  Purple Prizms Die Cut
  Red Prizms Die Cut
  Scope Prizms
  Silver Prizms
  Tie-Dye Prizms
  Tri-Color Prizms
  White Prizms
  Zebra Prizms


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