2014 Panini Immaculate

Insert Sets (67)

  Accolades Materials
  Accolades Materials Prime
  All-Star Autographs
  All-Star Autographs Blue
  All-Star Autographs Gold
  All-Star Autographs Platinum
  Bat Knobs
  Bat Nameplates
  Clubhouse Material
  Clubhouse Material Prime
  Clubhouse Signatures
  Derek Jeter Tribute All-Star
  Derek Jeter Tribute All-Star Jersey Number
  Derek Jeter Tribute Captain Clutch
  Derek Jeter Tribute Championships
  Derek Jeter Tribute Championships Jersey Number
  Diamond Fabric
  Diamond Fabric Prime
  Immaculate Autograph Materials
  Immaculate Autograph Materials Prime
  Immaculate Autographs
  Immaculate Autographs Blue
  Immaculate Autographs Gold
  Immaculate Autographs Platinum
  Immaculate Cleats
  Immaculate Dual Players Memorabilia
  Immaculate Dual Players Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Duals Memorabilia
  Immaculate Duals Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Heroes Autographs
  Immaculate Heroes Materials
  Immaculate Heroes Materials Prime
  Immaculate Hitters Memorabilia
  Immaculate Hitters Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Ink
  Immaculate Ink Blue
  Immaculate Ink Gold
  Immaculate Ink Platinum
  Immaculate Jumbo
  Immaculate Jumbo Cleats
  Immaculate Pitchers Memorabilia
  Immaculate Pitchers Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Quad Players Memorabilia
  Immaculate Quad Players Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Quads Memorabilia
  Immaculate Quads Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Singles Memorabilia
  Immaculate Singles Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Swatches
  Immaculate Swatches Premium
  Immaculate Swatches Prime
  Immaculate Trios Memorabilia
  Immaculate Trios Memorabilia Prime
  Immaculate Trios Players Memorabilia
  Immaculate Trios Players Memorabilia Prime
  Nameplate Nobility
  Premium Material
  Premium Material Prime
  Rookie Autographs Materials
  Rookie Autographs Materials Prime
  Rookie Inscriptions Blue
  Rookie Inscriptions Gold
  Rookie Inscriptions Holo

Holo gold

  Rookie Inscriptions Platinum
  The Greatest Materials
  The Greatest Materials Prime
  The Greatest Signatures

Parallel Sets (3)



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