Player Goals For 2019-2020

by AnalogKid - 28 cards (Last updated on Feb 11, 2020)

1. 1998 Donruss Signature #127 Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre
Goal: 50 / Goal reached!!

Thanks to dsorek, terrbear5951, minibbcards, randylaw, torcato, Shaggy69, karsal, Thick McRunfast, jimetal7212 and sandd0522!

2. 1988 Score Rookie & Traded #103T Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio
Goal: 100 / Goal achieved!!

Thank you, pezNpirates, minibbcards, Kaline6, terrbear5951, SaveDaKid, randylaw, torcato, nozzlemaster, Shaggy69, Noy, chemistclete, DukeyDevil, marcbrubaker,
T-Rex70 and The_Sandlot!

Special thanks to C2Cigars for the gift!

3. 2005 Flair #3 Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera
Goal: 75 / Have: 74

11/27/19 - One more from Lyrical Kees. Thank you!
12/26/19 - A nice gift from KMack. Thank you!!
01/31/19 - Another from Mjprigge. TY!
02/04/20 - A gift from Godzilla8you. TY!!

4. 1990 Fleer - All-Star Team #2 Will Clark

Will Clark
Goal: 50 / Goal reached!!

Thank you, La Loosh, pezNpirates, Kaline6, PapaG321, jimetal7212, randylaw, nozzlemaster, Shaggy69, tsch67, Noy, dgonzales406, 49ants, chemistclete, Shaw Racing, klimczak, nwcardsupplies, dsorek and Hebron Reds Fan.

Special thanks to C2Cigars for the gift!

5. 1989 Topps #205 Dwight Evans

Dwight Evans
Goal: 100 / Goal reached!!!

Thanks to Noy, karsal, dgonzales406, Shaw Racing, bwvjones, klimczak, jimetal7212, SuddenSam, DukeyDevil, jmkidd, bizauer, nozzlemaster, NYMHall, alh, Lyrical Kees, Hittinaway, dicefoot, OraInPA, rabinfw, parsley24 and EP!!

A special thanks to dodgercards for the gifts!

6. 1995 Stadium Club #97 Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar Garciaparra
Goal: 100 / Goal reached!!!

A very special thanks to Scottzoe for getting me well past my goal!

7. 1994 Leaf #235 Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine
Goal: 100 / Goal achieved!!

Thank you, paulie3jobs, Setshot68, terrbear5951, minibbcards, Kaline6, PapaG321, T206, randylaw, tjhorak, torcato, CubinSTLsets, Shaggy69, tsch67, dgonzales406, bravefan1, klimczak, jimetal7212, DukeyDevil, bizauer, FiresNBeers and The_Sandlot.

Special thanks to C2Cigars for the gift!

8. 1989 Fleer Baseball MVP's #15 Mark Grace

Mark Grace
Goal: 75 / Goal reached!!!

Thanks to, Tgrs_4_me, royals, dsorek, PapaG321, Parsons0311, terrbear5951, Doe MG, SaveDaKid, minibbcards, torcato, CubinSTLsets, Shaggy69, Noy, bravefan1, chemistclete, karsal, nwcardsupplies, Shaw Racing, klimczak, jimetal7212, Hebron Reds Fan, DukeyDevil, nozzlemaster, marcbrubaker, alh, bkim, bizauer and Orry04.

9. 1990 Donruss Best of the AL #1 Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Goal: 100 / Goal reached!!!

Thank you, Hittinaway, Tgrs_4_me, twprkj, torcato, T206, jimetal7212, randylaw, CubinSTLsets, Shaggy69, karsal, Shaw Racing, hawkking and Lyrical Kees, for helping me reach my goal!

An extra thanks to twprkj for "The Card".

10. 1984 Donruss #324 Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn
Goal: 150 / Goal reached!!!

Thanks to, Hittinaway, forester7, terrbear5951, Tgrs_4_me, rmpaq5, La Loosh, KMack, minibbcards, Akenyon1, PapaG321, terrbear5951, T206, jimetal7212, dsorek, 49ants, randylaw, Shaggy69, dgonzales406, bravefan1, AwgyDawgy, nwcardsupplies, bwvjones, jmkidd, nozzlemaster, FiresNBeers, T-Rex70, alh, bizauer, Orry04, and udelljaru!

Special thanks to C2Cigars and Hittinaway for the gifts!



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