Baseball RCs (or FCs) Still Needed (Pre-1980)

by Sportzcommish - 24 cards (Last updated on Dec. 23, 2018)

1. 1887-90 Old Judge (N172) #502 Billy Sunday

Sunday's looking toward Heaven for more than one reason - he knows it'll take a prayer for me to ever afford this card even in Poor condition. I recall hearing about him in church while attending Sunday (no pun intended) School.

2. 1909-11 American Tobacco Company T206 White Border #NNO Foley White

Likewise (see #1 above) White is saying, "Sorry, but I have nothing to give you to purchase my card." I chose him because he played for the Houston Buffaloes at a stadium that eventually gave way a local furniture store that used home plate as a mini-museum as a waiting room while your salesman arranged for your purchase to be delivered.

3. 1933 Goudey #41 Gus Mancuso

I have his other RC from this set (#237) and I hope to purchase this one sometime in 2019. I attend church with Mancuso's grandson and conversations about the player with my friend spurred my collection.

4. 1950 Bowman #221 Don Mueller

I've come really close to buying this card, but I end up giving in to quantity buying - did you know you can get about 100 common modern cards for the price of this RC? That's a temptation I'll need to overcome eventually.

5. 1950 Bowman #243 Johnny Groth

I've got the 1947-66 Exhibit (not sure when it was actually released) and the '51 Bowman #249, but this card has also fallen prey to what we can call IneverwasafanbutIwantthecardeventually-itus.

6. 1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays

My all-time favorite player in any sport! Sadly, I'll never own this RC and must satisfy myself with getting as many of his other cards from his playing days and of the numerous tribute cards, even reprints (as much as I hate to accept that). I own this as a reprint already, but I don't see it as vintage AT ALL. It just doesn't generate that feeling.

7. 1951 Bowman #306 Jim Piersall

Again, never saw him play, but as a youngster did see him "played" by Anthony Perkins in Fear Strikes Out and I've been intrigued with him ever since. I just started collecting his cards and have both traded and purchased a few, but haven't gotten his RC, yet. It'll be a top priority in 2019.

8. 1955 Bowman #296 Bill Virdon

The second in a slew of former Houston managers that I've chosen to collect as players. He was the Astros skipper when I became a Houston fan, and a good one at that.

9. 1959 Topps #102 Felipe Alou

The first of a talented family of Alous to play in the majors. I collect the four (there were others who didn't make it) who played significant parts on various teams over the years.

10. 1959 Topps #133 Bob Lillis

One of my favorite cards because of the somewhat patriotic connection between sport and country. Lillis also was another manager Houston employed. Ironically, I've had several chances to trade for this particular card, but somehow always avoid it.



Oct. 23, 2018 - 7:04PM

Cool list. I enjoy the occasional "I don't even remember why I collect this guy"!  It's doubtful I have one, but if I would come across an extra Silvio, I'll send it your way. I've been known to accidentally buy Cardinals I already have.

Oct. 23, 2018 - 7:24PM

Love this list. Love the concept of your player collections. Because I love odd collections and quirky reasons to go after stuff. I am shocked and pleased to own 11 cards on this list. Nice work with the descriptions of each card and its connection to your collection. Excellent work. 

As an aside, I will encourage to give up on none of these cards, because you never know what you might stumble into or what will happen. I received similar encouragement when I publicly expressed despair over the (recently understood to me) cost of two cards I have been hunting for years. 

I am now inspired to go check out your collection. 


Oct. 23, 2018 - 7:25PM

Oh, it's you! I didn't even look at who had created this list when I wrote that comment. Figures. Good luck!

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