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UH1a   Kosuke Fukudome RC   $0.25
UH1b   Kosuke Fukudome SP   $40.00
UH2   Sean Casey   $0.15
UH3   Freddie Bynum   $0.30
UH4   Brent Lillibridge RC   $0.20
UH5   Chipper Jones AS   $0.48
UH6   Yamid Haad   $0.10
UH7   Josh Anderson   $0.10
UH8   Jeff Mathis   $0.10
UH9   Shawn Riggans   $0.20
UH10a   Evan Longoria RC   $3.75
UH10b   Evan Longoria SP   Check Pricing
UH11   Matt Holliday AS   $1.00
UH12   Trot Nixon   $0.33
UH13   Geoff Blum   $0.10
UH14   Bartolo Colon   $0.10
UH15   Kevin Cash   $0.12
UH16   Paul Janish RC   $0.60
UH17   Russell Martin AS   $0.10
UH18   Andy Phillips   $0.10
UH19   Johnny Estrada   Check Pricing
UH20   Justin Masterson RC   $1.25
UH21   Darrell Rasner   $0.20
UH22   Brian Moehler   $0.10
UH23   Cristian Guzman AS   $0.28
UH24   Tony Armas Jr.   $0.10
UH25   Lance Berkman AS   $0.60
UH26   Chris Iannetta   Check Pricing
UH27   Reid Brignac RC   $0.30
UH28   Miguel Tejada AS   $0.60
UH29   Ryan Ludwick AS   $0.30
UH30   Brendan Harris   $0.10
UH31   Marco Scutaro   $0.35
UH32   Cody Ross   Check Pricing
UH33   Carlos Marmol   $0.10
UH34   Nate McLouth AS   $0.18
UH35   Hanley Ramirez AS   $0.35
UH36   Xavier Nady   $0.10
UH37   Connor Robertson   $0.10
UH38   Carlos Villanueva   Check Pricing
UH39   Jose Molina   $0.12
UH40   Jon Rauch   Check Pricing
UH41   Joe Mauer AS   $0.20
UH42   Chip Ambres   $0.10
UH43   Jason Bartlett   Check Pricing
UH44   Ryan Sweeney   $0.20
UH45   Eric Hurley RC   $0.15
UH46   Kevin Youkilis AS   $0.25
UH47   Dustin Pedroia AS   $0.20
UH48   Grant Balfour   $0.30
UH49   Ryan Ludwick   $0.10
UH50   Matt Garza   Check Pricing
UH51   Fernando Tatis   $0.10
UH52   Derek Jeter AS   $0.88
UH53   Justin Duchscherer AS   $0.10
UH54   Matt Ginter   $0.10
UH55   Cesar Izturis   $0.15
UH56   Roy Halladay AS   $0.50
UH57   Ramon Castro   $0.12
UH58   Scott Kazmir AS   $0.10
UH59   Cliff Lee AS   $0.30
UH60   Jim Edmonds   $0.60
UH61   Randy Wolf   $0.10
UH62   Matt Albers   Check Pricing
UH63   Eric Bruntlett   $0.10
UH64   Joe Nathan AS   $0.20
UH65   Alex Rodriguez AS   $0.25
UH66   Robinson Cancel   Check Pricing
UH67   Jamey Carroll   $0.10
UH68   Jonathan Papelbon AS   $0.35
UH69   Chad Moeller   $0.10
UH70   George Sherrill   $0.15
UH71   Mariano Rivera AS   $0.75
UH72   Pete Orr   $0.15
UH73   Jonathan Albaladejo RC   $0.88
UH74   Corey Patterson   $0.10
UH75   Matt Treanor   Check Pricing
UH76   Francisco Rodriguez AS   $0.10
UH77   Ervin Santana AS   Check Pricing
UH78   Dallas Braden   $0.10
UH79   Willie Harris   $0.30
UH80   Erik Bedard   $0.30
UH81   J.C. Romero   $0.10
UH82   Joe Saunders AS   $0.20
UH83   George Sherrill AS   $0.10
UH84   Julian Tavarez   Check Pricing
UH85   Chad Gaudin   $0.10
UH86   David Aardsma   $0.30
UH87   Ryan Langerhans   $0.15
UH88   Dan Haren / Russell Martin   $0.35
UH89   Joakim Soria AS   $0.10
UH90   Dan Haren   $0.75
UH91   Billy Buckner   $0.13
UH92   Eric Hinske   Check Pricing
UH93   Chris Coste   $0.12
UH94   Edinson Volquez / Russell Martin   $0.60
UH95   Ichiro Suzuki AS   $0.55
UH96   Vladimir Nunez   $0.20
UH97   Sean Gallagher   $0.10
UH98   Denny Bautista   $0.10

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