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Member Since:   1/23/2017
From:   The banks of the Mississippi River, United States

Primary collecting goals:

  1. Michigan Wolverines (basketball, football, hockey)
  2. Giannis
  3. Finest & Stadium Club basketball sets
  4. Bama football players (2005-Present)
  5. Blackhawks & Ed Belfour

Secondary collecting goals

  1. All other basketball sets
  2. completing football sets (1983-91) of my youth
  3. completing hockey sets (1990-91 - 1992-93) of my youth
  4. completing baseball sets (1983-91) of my youth
  5. 2019 base cards for 2019 MLB Players of the Week & All Stars

Always looking to trade.



Member Since:   6/3/2018
Quote:   If you can get me a good deal, I’ll be happy to trade any of my cards.


Member Since:   1/15/2019


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