1985 Brooke Bond Incredible Creatures (Sheen Lane address)(Double Cards)

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  1-2   Garden Earthworm / Etruscan Shrew  
  3-4   Trapdoor Spider / Spiny Anteater  
  5-6   Naked Mole Rat / Pencil Lead Snake  
  7-8   Leaf-Cutting Ants / Lungfish  
  9-10   Texas Blind Salamander / Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot  
  11-12   Garden Eels / Deep-Sea Jellyfish  
  13-14   Deep-Sea Angler Fish / Deep-Sea Scaly Dragonfish  
  15-16   WeedySea Dragon / Giant Clam  
  17-18   Lion's Mane Jellyfish / Clown Shrimp  
  19-20   Luminous Squid / Cleaner Fish  
  21-22   Robber Crab / Arrow Poison Frog  
  23-24   Underground Elephant / Bee Orchid  
  25-26   Japanese Macaque / Spadefoot Toad  
  27-28   Babirusa Wild Pig / Praying Mantis  
  29-30   Moon Rat / Wolf Spider  


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