1973 Topps

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  1   Alltime Home Run Leaders ATL   New York Yankees / Atlanta Braves / New York Mets
  2   Richie Hebner   Pittsburgh Pirates
  3   Jim Lonborg   Philadelphia Phillies
  4   John Milner   New York Mets
  5   Ed Brinkman   Detroit Tigers
  6   Mac Scarce RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  7   Texas Rangers TC   Texas Rangers
  8   Tom Hall   Cincinnati Reds
  9   Johnny Oates   Baltimore Orioles
  10   Don Sutton   Los Angeles Dodgers
  11   Chris Chambliss   Cleveland Indians
  12a   Don Zimmer / Dave Garcia / Johnny Podres / Bob Skinner / Whitey Wietelmann MGR   San Diego Padres
  12b   Don Zimmer / Dave Garcia / Johnny Podres / Bob Skinner / Whitey Wietelmann MGR   San Diego Padres
  13   George Hendrick   Oakland Athletics
  14   Sonny Siebert   Boston Red Sox

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  • The first Topps set to make all cards available at one time- at least in limited areas of the country.
  • Card #246- Ken Sanders is depicted as a member of the Phillies, in spite of the fact that he was acquired by Philadelphia from Milwaukee in October of 1972 and traded to Minnesota a month later. Chances are, he never even had a chance to put on a Phillies hat.
  • Roberto Clemente's (#50) and Willie Mays' (#305) last appearances on Topps cards as active players.

User Comments

Feb. 21, 2016 - 12:07PM

First pack I ever opened, I remember it well because my brother and I badgered our parents to let us collect. It was 1974 and local store had the 1974 cards in stock but parents always said no, then couple weeks later at a grocery store we rarely visited we saw the three panel cello packs of 1973 cards, we didn't know squat at the time, our parents said yes and we were off. That day was the only 1973 cards we ever bought but we did score a Schmidt Rookie(lol) and we went on to collect most of the 1974 set (which had Jesus in it-another lol) we would finish the 1974 set around 1983 when a card shop opened near our house.

Oct. 27, 2014 - 10:09PM

After 41 years of collecting baseball cards, this is still my favorite set. This set has a lot of sentimental value to me probably because this is when I started collecting. I still remember buying and opening the ten cent packs, and cramming 5 or 6 pieces of that great Topps bubble gum in my mouth! It was a great time to be a kid.

Feb. 21, 2013 - 8:41PM

THE best Topps set ever! This set broke the mold in 1 big and important way--IN ACTION shots. Previous actions shots were very limited in number. This set has tons of them. Bill Freehan #460 is one of the best.


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