1979 Topps

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  1   1978 Batting Leaders - Rod Carew / Dave Parker LL   Minnesota Twins / Pittsburgh Pirates
  2   1978 Home Run Leaders - Jim Rice / George Foster LL   Boston Red Sox / Cincinnati Reds
  3   1978 RBI Leaders - Jim Rice / George Foster LL   Boston Red Sox / Cincinnati Reds
  4   1978 Stolen Base Leaders - Ron LeFlore / Omar Moreno LL   Detroit Tigers / Pittsburgh Pirates
  5   1978 Victory Leaders - Ron Guidry / Gaylord Perry LL   New York Yankees / San Diego Padres
  6   1978 Strikeout Leaders - Nolan Ryan / J.R. Richard LL   California Angels / Houston Astros
  7   1978 ERA Leaders - Ron Guidry / Craig Swan LL   New York Yankees / New York Mets
  8   1978 Leading Firemen - Rich Gossage / Rollie Fingers LL   New York Yankees / San Diego Padres
  9   Dave Campbell   Atlanta Braves
  10   Lee May   Baltimore Orioles
  11   Marc Hill   San Francisco Giants
  12   Dick Drago   Boston Red Sox
  13   Paul Dade   Cleveland Indians
  14   Rafael Landestoy RC   Houston Astros
  15   Ross Grimsley   Montreal Expos

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  • According to Night Owl Cards blog, 43.7% (317 of 726) of the cards in this set feature someone with a mustache.
  • Wax packs were $0.20 for 12 cards.

User Comments

Jan. 27, 2018 - 7:18PM

Back in 1988 I gave a set of these to the son of a guy I worked with to get him started in the hobby. 1979 was the year he was born. A shame he had to start collecting during the JUNK WAX era. I wondering right now if he still collecting? Are you Mike? How do I remember his name.

Nov. 28, 2017 - 9:33PM

This set was the first to add "Action Shots" to the set. Although I prefer the older styles of portraits or poses these were a breakthrough of card photography. I had jist started playing Pre Wee Reesce Baseball & we won packs when we hit or threw a strike out etc. I'm about 130+ cards in to building a PSA 8 and up set and I have 2 Wizard RC's, 1 is an 8 and the other a 9, centered on both! I enjoy the stats, personal history and factoids cards from 79 to 85 especially added to the cards. My favorite sets are in 1983 bcz that was my first year if bring old enough to care for them properly at 11yrs old. I have tons of those too. This set is hard to find in "Centered" shape no matter the grades or raw cards but they are really nice for the era and photography of that time capturing action photos. Great Stuf.. Roll Tide Roll...

Jul. 9, 2017 - 4:11PM

First pack of cards I ever bought and opened.


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