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Friday, September 20, 2013

Set: 2010 Upper Deck - Portraits (Rate)

Card: #SE-14 Kosuke Fukudome

“ Classic looking but unnecessary. So many trees died to make this set. So many trees. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ Don't see many cards done in a sepia tone. For a good reason I might add. I like when they do modern subjects on vintage designs, but modern designs made to look vintage generally don't work well. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice use of the Polaroid design. ” -vrooomed

“ Not sure why companies try to make new cards look old. ” -koloth42

“ Way too much border, but cool sepia tones.. the back is useless.. i see some parallels doing a sepia-tone them.. its kinda cool, for now.. ” -lyfestory

“ The way the picture is colored makes it look like the true-blue Cubs helmet is red. ” -jlaz10

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Set: 2012 Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - Booster (Rate)

Card: #KC Key Card

“ I rather collect bottlecaps again. ” -volbox

“ Now that's a key card ” -Young Kilo

“ Is this card the "key" to completing the set? Sorry, couldn't resist the easy pun! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I don't understand...do I tap this for mana? ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Seriously ?!?!?!?! ” -uncaian

“ Not familiar with this set. I'm guessing a game card. Ok, now that that is out of the way can we have the next card please? ” -koloth42

“ Disney? What is this card? ” -CluelessJoe

“ A key card? how ironic... ” -lyfestory

“ Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom may turn out to be one of the few base sets of our times to appreciate in value over the next few decades. Unfortunately, it's somewhat hard to get. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Well now... that's different. What's it supposed to be? ” -Dixxy

“ All I can say is WHAT? Some of the things that are given cards in a set are very interesting. The key design is pretty cool, but still this card will only have value if part of the whole set. ” -yokonashiwa

“ Why? ” -Hollywood42

“ I see its a key... ” -jlaz10

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Set: 1983 Topps (Rate)

Card: #450 Ted Simmons

“ Best Topps design of the 1980's. ” -PlayerPCCollector

“ First set I ever collected, and still looks good. ” -volbox

“ A really good player. 1983 was the year I got back into the hobby, so I kind of like this set but I have to admit, this card is pretty boring, bad photos. ” -NJDevils

“ Very underrated player here on a classic Topps design set.. So glad photography has gotten better though... ” -lyfestory

“ I like this set. My uncle had uncut sheets of this set on his wall when I was a kid. When he moved, he gave them to me. Then I realized he actually glued cards to cardboard and they weren't uncut sheets. ” -jupiterhill

“ For some reason, the Brewers powder blues have always seemed much more blue than others. ” -jlaz10

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Set: 2011 Bowman - International (Rate)

Card: #3 Edwin Jackson

“ What makes this International? Is the player from another country or was the card issued in another country? I do like the design, the Bowman designs are always classy. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ B as in Bowman. B as in Boring. B as in Blah. ” -NJDevils

“ Black-bordered cards are always tough to keep in Mint condition, more so when they have a lot of foil.. Love Bowman cards, not so much this set or parallel.. ” -lyfestory

“ When the White Sox switched to black-only piping on their road pants for this season, it marked the end of asymmetrical pant striping in the MLB. ” -jlaz10

“ I love that sleeve patch! ” -duaned99

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Set: 1977-78 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #220 Terry O'Reilly

“ I like this one. The back of the card has a cool design, and the photo is different/interesting...probably not that many cards out there where the subject is almost blocked by somebody else. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ They couldnt find a shot where someone wasnt skating right in front of the camera and blocking half the subject? ” -ThemightyOx

“ I have most of this set.It's a nice set with enough "young & old"stars to make it interesting but not to pricey.O'Reilly was a gritty player,who always played hard & could score too. ” -uncaian

“ I find it interesting that the photo used for O'Reilly's card is dominated by anotehr player. Was this really the only photo of O'Reilly available? ” -koloth42

“ That's the best shot they could of the guy? ” -CluelessJoe

“ Nice, clean card design, though the picture could have been a little better, without the guy in the foreground.. Photography has come a long way in sports.. ” -lyfestory

“ When men were men and jaws had no teeth. The back of the card is fantastic! ” -NJDevils

“ Hands down one of the best hockey uniforms ever. ” -jlaz10

“ Yo number 8! Down in front! ” -Hollywood42

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Set: 1995 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #430 Jeff Branson

“ 2 consecutive 1995 Fleer cards of the day..? guess the baseball gods really love that set... me, on the other hand, not so much... ” -lyfestory

“ Two cards from the same set back to back. I think that is only the second time I've seen that happen in Card of the Day. I know this Fleer set with lots of different designs doesn't work for everyone, but I like it. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Just a terrible set. How can Fleer look at this and think "Yeah. This is good" ” -Young Kilo

“ I know this set isn't very popular, and it does scream mid-90s, but I actually enjoyed collecting this set. I could do without the all of the player info on the front of the card, but I kind of like how each division has its own design. As for the six designs... some are better than others. ” -duaned99

“ Meh. It's okay... ” -Hollywood42

“ The mid-90's Reds road uniform had player numbers on the right side of the uniform, as opposed to the usual left side. ” -jlaz10

“ Another 1995 Fleer? See my previous comments- nothing but ugly! ” -PlayerPCCollector

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Set: 1995 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #347 Joey Eischen

“ I'm glad to see that baseball can still be played through nuclear fallout! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ These cards were fairly cool and different, but very hard to read.. the stat font on the back and the name on the front.. and personal info belongs on the back, not the front.. ” -lyfestory

“ As I've said before, the 1995 Fleer said is the UGLIEST modern card set of all- run through the scans of this set and see if you don't believe me. ” -PlayerPCCollector

“ Kinda reminds me of a 60's era Sci Fi show where a characters evil nature is taken over with that reversed color background photo. ” -koloth42

“ Kinda creepy ” -Hollywood42

“ The Expos uniforms of the 90's until their demise seemed too "Rest-of-the-MLB" for them. ” -jlaz10

“ I really hope the reason this looks like someone threw up on a canvas and called it "design" is because this is a holographic card... ” -Dixxy

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Set: 1984 O-Pee-Chee Michael Jackson (Rate)

Card: #9 Michael Jackson

“ The King of Pop..!! didnt even realize he had a set in the mid 80s... amazing.. ” -lyfestory

“ I want this set. It needs to be mine. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ I never really cared much for his music. Some songs were memorable, but most sounded a lot alike to me. If you get the chance to listen to Weird Al's parody of Bad, titled "Fat"...it's excellent! Now that's one of my favorites! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ He really looks like one of his zombies from Thriller on this card. ” -deporcoruña

“ This card has 3 versions. Black man Michael. White man Michael. And alien Michael. ” -Young Kilo

“ What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag? One is white, plastic, and shouldn't be left alone with small children; and you put groceries in the other one. *rimshot* ” -wamk

“ Now THIS I can safely say... why is this on the site? He looks like a bearded lady... ” -Dixxy

“ RIP ” -jlaz10

“ The King of Pop ” -Erik_Young

“ Never heard of him. ” -DanD

“ Is that Little Richard? ” -volbox

“ Seems like a lot of wasted space on this card. If the pic was larger maybe we could see where that hand is coming from. ” -titanup74

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Set: 1983 Topps Traded (Rate)

Card: #40T Von Hayes

“ Pink seems like an odd choice... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I feel sorry for this guy. He was one of the first players for whom Chris Berman felt he had to create a silly nickname. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Looks like Hayes was having a bad hair day when the inset photo was taken. Ah well he got a card. ” -koloth42

“ classic mid-80s Topps cards.. there is no mistaking them.. Those were the days of 1 big set and an update set... i kinda miss that.. ” -lyfestory

“ The Phillies road powder blues have always been my favorite Phils uni. ” -jlaz10

“ This set got me back into the hobby after a 16 year hiatus. It was fun putting the set together and a lot easier than when I was a kid and cash was tough to come by, ” -NJDevils

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Set: 2001 Bowman's Best (Rate)

Card: #112 Deuce McAllister

“ I always liked the Bowman's Best brand. It's one of the rarist sets to get in mix boxes, though. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Deuce is kind of a terrible nickname but it's an upgrade on Dulymus. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ At first glance, this is a really sharp jersey card. The way the border makes the card look too skinny is a little aggravating, however. ” -Luckynumber78

“ The Saints uniform doesn't look the same without gold pants. ” -jlaz10

“ Looks like he is creating some sort of time warp with those colors. ” -koloth42

“ the Deuce!! Nice jersey card.. ” -lyfestory

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