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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Set: 2001 Brown's (Rate)

Card: #64 Wayne Mccullough

“ It was at this moment that Wayne was to "hit the bricks". ” -Mihome316

“ Something about that face isn't so terrorizing. ” -jlaz10

“ The Pocket Rocket. ” -Young Kilo

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Set: 2010 Topps - Cards Your Mom Threw Out (Rate)

Card: #CMT-39 Frank Thomas

“ The picture alone shows why Frank was better off as DH. He's just chilling. Doesn't even seem to notice the runner right in front of him ” -Young Kilo

“ Cards Your Mom Threw Out probably shouldn't cover sets that everybody throws out. But seriously, Frank Thomas in a college uniform is awesome. And the other guy has some strange "The Little Mermaid"-themed version of the Astros' iconic unis. What a loser. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Nobody's mom was still throwing out baseball cards in the 1990s. ” -DaClyde

“ Nothing like seeing a Hall of Famer's Rookie card. ” -Mihome316

“ Interesting concept for an insert set. My mom wouldn't do something like that, in fact she got me started collecting and to this day continues to drive me to the card shop (I don't drive for health reasons) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Hey, Mr Topps. What is the point of this set? ” -NJDevils

“ Thankfully, my mom DIDN'T throw this (or any of my cards) away. In fact, it seems silly that Topps would include anything post-1985 in this set, as by that point, baseball cards were so much in the mainstream, everyone knew of their potential value - no one was throwing them away then. ” -vrooomed

“ What a powerful looking human being. Worthy of The Hall, and a very timely RCotD. ” -jackal726

“ I preferred this subset better than the original backs subset. Still wish more emphasis was on the base set though. ” -jupiterhill

“ It's very interesting how a minor league picture was chosen for this card. Usually young players have at least one photoshoot with their affiliate's uniforms. ” -jlaz10

“ That's an odd picture. Weird reaching into the runner, and that look on his face is creepy. Completely normal as a baseball play, but as a baseball card, kind of creepy ” -Hollywood42

“ First the HOF and now this? ” -volbox

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Set: 2005-06 Choice AHL All-Stars (Rate)

Card: #39 Jeff Tambellini

“ Front of the card is fine, but the back being in black and white is kind of a let down. The contents are of good quality on the back, but should have been in color. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Never heard of this set, but what a great bunch of team names...Lowell Lock Monsters...love it! If I ever live in the area of any of these teams, I'm watching me some hockey! And I used to live in Philly when the Phantoms played there...I'm sad I never caught them then! ” -bkklaos

“ Nice card !!! ” -uncaian

“ You dont see many AHL cards as card of the day. When i first recieved cards from non NHL teams i didnt think they were worth my time. Still dont know much about the values but ive changed my perspective on their worth. Sad that they seemed to feel the back of this card required less effort than the front ” -Dixxy

“ In his picture on the back, he looks like Henry Cavill. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Nice All-Star game unis. ” -jlaz10

“ His stick looks like it should have a red tip on the end. ” -revnorb

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Set: 2010 Wheels Main Event (Rate)

Card: #35 Brian Vickers

“ Excellent scan. The Wheels Main Event brand ran from 2009-2011, with the 2009 set being poker themed and the 2010 set being boxing/MMA themed. 2011 had no theme. Vickers has been sidelined several times with blood clots, including currently, as he missed the end of the 2013 season and the testing that kicked off 2014-earlier this week. Actually, when this set was released late in 2010, he was out sick then, too, competing in only the first 11 events that year. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Every time I see or hear about Brian Vickers I think of Jay & Silent Bob- But you forgot about Vickers. ” -jupiterhill

“ Red Bull gives you wiiiiiings. ” -jlaz10

“ Wow, such an exciting card. You can practically feel the exhilaration coming off the card ” -Hollywood42

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Set: 2012 Panini Gridiron (Rate)

Card: #258 Lavonte David

“ You ever notice how the backs of most Panini cards all look pretty similar? The front is kind of lackluster but at least it's a nice clear photo of the player. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Do Panini packs come with a slice of cheese? ” -UNC_Samurai

“ One of the worst changes Nike made once they took over uniforms in the NFL was the addition of the "neckroll", or partial collar. ” -jlaz10

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Set: 2012 Topps - Gold Sparkle (Rate)

Card: #250 Jered Weaver

“ Weaver is definitely a character. That said, the fact that these Gold Sparkle cards were not numbered were the kiss of death for me, as far as buying retail packs (or, really, much of anything) of 2012 Topps. ” -Luckynumber78

“ "And your gonna hear my Roar" - Katy Perry "RRRWWWAAARRRR!!!" - Jered Weaver ” -yokonashiwa

“ Cool looking card, that I'm sure looks better in person. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Great picture for one of my present day favorite players. Of course the Angels will always have a soft spot for me as I saw my first MLB game in Anaheim. Plus the Angels have great looking uniforms, just go back to calling yourselves either California Angels or Anaheim Angels. ” -Gunny

“ "Gold Sparkle"? What is this a Barbie card? Nice back though. ” -NJDevils

“ I've always liked Topps gold inserts. It's a very interesting look. ” -jlaz10

“ The Cognac parallels from 2011 were better ” -Hollywood42

“ Ahhhhh!! The giant fruitcake is going to eat me !!!!!! ” -uncaian

“ You'd be yelling too if your card background was a closeup of movie theater carpeting from the 70's. ” -revnorb

“ The Gold Sparkle is overkill!!! ” -rmitchell6700

“ Meow!!! ” -SaveDaKid

“ Look, mom. No cavities! ” -switzr1

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Set: 1981 Topps (Rate)

Card: #266 Tom Herr

“ 1981 Topps. The set that started if all for me. I was 7 and these were my first cards. Had just started following baseball after the strike (odd huh?) Completed the set by buying rack packs. After that I was hooked. ” -ThemightyOx

“ Very good, another player who is happy to be on a card! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I'm waiting for the "Game-Used Seat Cushion" card. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Nice back of card. Front is okay, I guess. Herr was a solid performer. ” -NJDevils

“ I appreciate this card because I also have hair that is only suitable for the mid 80’s. ” -jackal726

“ Powder blue roads! One of the best trends in baseball. ” -jlaz10

“ I'm glad the graphic design budget was eventually expanded so that Topps could afford to put their actual logo on the card fronts later in the decade. ” -revnorb

“ This is one of my favourite older sets. The design is bright and colourful, the hat for the team and position is distinctive and memorable, and most of the photography is sharp and flattering. Don't know who this guy is and I don't care. He can't be as great as this card. ” -Luckynumber78

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Set: 1990 CMC (Rate)

Card: #43 Don Gordon

“ Another team with green and yellow? I actually really like that combination, ironically enough I'm wearing a yellow shirt and green pants as I write this! (LOL) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Jeff Gordon Sr. ” -SaveDaKid

“ E-mail me if I'm wrong, but didn't CMC evolve into Pacific (MC part of CMC being Michael Cramer [Cramer's Choice inserts] of Pacific)? I always like Minor League sets. They came a long way in a short period of time (say, 10 years). Look at 1980 minor league sets and compare to this one. ” -vrooomed

“ 1990 CMC, the first ridiculous minor league baseball set... and it came in packs in case you wanted to happen upon that elusive card of the Iowa Cubs trainer. 880 cards of gloriousness. Don Gordon's career, not so glorious. He, the Denver Zephyrs and the American Association have all gone away. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ The blue and green color scheme the Zephyrs wore in Denver is so much better than their current navy and silver in New Orleans. ” -jlaz10

“ They come out in droves to watch Don Gordon pitch! ” -switzr1

“ Do you get twenty bucks for every pixel of green, CMC? Because you're rolling in it. ” -Luckynumber78

“ That's actually a cool logo. The set isn't anything to think about, but I like the logo ” -Hollywood42

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Set: 1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe (Rate)

Card: #68 Jeong Lee & Ann Kim

“ I'm not familiar with the fandom, and the art looks like it was drawn by an overzealous eleven year old who had just discovered the wonders of comics, but not quite yet the wonders of drawing inside the lines. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Milestone was a comic book universe founded by (I believe) entirely minority creators, feeling that there were not enough Black and Asian comic book characters. Eventually, the books all got cancelled, and after a few years of inactivity, they were purchased by DC Comics, who then incorporated them into the DC Universe in the mid-2000s. The most famous Milestone character is Static, who had his own animated TV show. After company founder and driving force behind the characters Dwayne McDuffie died unexpectedly a few years ago they stopped using most of the characters, which is a shame as I was enjoying the stories with them. I believe, since DC got rid of all their continuity and started over in 2011, that Static is the only Milestone character to appear, but I may be wrong as I stopped reading in 2011 when they basically told all long time fans to get lost. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I expect to see a lot of "who?" comments here. Not many actually remember DC's multi-cultural Milestone universe. But it did produce Static, who somehow got his own cartoon 15 years later. ” -DaClyde

“ Love the DC Universe cards but the Dakota Universe (huh?) ” -Mihome316

“ Shaking my head here. ” -NJDevils

“ Expecting yet another hockey card and this is what I see. Awesomeness. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ Where would these two be without hardware...thanks to this card, I'll be researching what the Dakota Universe is... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Glad the U.K. is part to the TCDB...never heard of this set, but I like it (my wife is Asian, so I love the international flavor in the cards)! And being the "scanning machine" you are, keep 'em comin'. Cheers, ” -bkklaos

“ :( ” -jlaz10

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Set: 1993-94 O-Pee-Chee Premier - Gold (Rate)

Card: #305 Denis Savard

“ Foiled again. Foil doesn't scan well at all. I remember when these cards came out and how "nice" they were then. In retrospect, they still are. A lot better than other cards of the 1990s. ” -vrooomed

“ The back of the card is pretty cool. The design is nice, the picture is nice, the border adds pop. The front of the card is pretty typical early-mid ;90s fare. Eh. ” -Luckynumber78

“ One of my favourite players ,the master of the spinaroony.I like this set too. ” -uncaian

“ The Lightning are one of a few teams that actually look good in black. ” -jlaz10

“ All i can think of when i see this is that if somebody painted this and they stuck his name in a little pennant shaped box, this card would look strangely like a '52 Bowman. REALLY strangely, if you factor the hockey stick into the equation. ” -revnorb

“ The gold foil made it so hard to read the player names. ” -suomibear8

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