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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Set: 2001 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #239 Bruce Chen

“ He sucked than. He sucks now ” -Young Kilo

“ Still playing and still dominating my White Sox. ” -carthage44

“ Mediocre. Gold foil nearly impossible to read. ” -SSG Temple

“ Another example that being left-handed can get you a very long MLB career even of there are probably many better right-handed pitchers out there. ” -sascards67

“ The placement of the logo in this design reminds me of the 2009 UD set. ” -jlaz10

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Set: 1997 Playoff Contenders - Pennants Orange Felt (Rate)

Card: #15 Marcus Allen

“ A creative design and the felt adds a nice touch. ” -carthage44

“ This design is very cool! It looks like it's die cut, too. Not a lot of cards with felt on them- I remember when that was considered a hit, and the first time I pulled one circa October 1997. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Pretty soon, they'll just start selling packs of inserts and the base set will be the chase. I long for the old days some time. Marcus = STUD ” -SSG Temple

“ Great running back, I remember watching him against the Broncos. He had some good years in the back field with Bo Jackson then went to KC with Montana ” -Tigerfan22

“ What? ” -Hollywood42

“ A card with felt? Seems pretty legit. ” -jlaz10

“ I'm trying to find the appropriate OJ joke here...looks like Marcus is in the middle of a bloody love triangle... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Would have worked without the 2 giant logos that totally detract from the design. ” -sascards67

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Set: 1997 Topps Gallery (Rate)

Card: #90 Frank Thomas

“ Is this a card with a picture of the guy signing a card? lol ” -Billy Kingsley

“ When Topps began making Gallery, they weren't as acquainted with separate sets as they are today. If Topps brought Gallery back it would be much better than it originally was. ” -jlaz10

“ The Big Hurt. Back in the 90's there was no one hotter than Frank, no one! ” -cynicalbuddha

“ My favorite baseball player of all-time! He better be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He never took any performance enhancing drugs and he was such a great athlete that at Auburn he had to make the choice whether to play professional baseball or football. I would have loved to see the "Big Hurt" strap on the pads, he made the right choice. ” -carthage44

“ He using one of those Tide to Go sticks? ” -Hollywood42

“ I never liked the "puffy" feeling of these cards. ” -sascards67

“ Looks like Frank is trying to sign his own jersey while he's still wearing it. ” -PDIZZLE

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Set: 2010 Bowman - Gold (Rate)

Card: #218 Dustin Richardson

“ Why are there so many baseball teams named after socks? I don't normally name things after my socks. (Nor do I name my socks themselves!) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Bowman... pass, next. ” -carthage44

“ I liked how rookies had a green border and everyone else had a red border. ” -jlaz10

“ Not a photographer here, so I guess I have that in common with the guy who took this picture. ” -NJDevils

“ Bowman Gold definetly does not work with the green in there ” -Hollywood42

“ Pretty serious game of backyard ball! ” -SSG Temple

“ The gold cards are completely not necessary. Bowman has lost appeal to me in general. ” -sascards67

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Set: 1991 Topps (Rate)

Card: #318 Sam Mills

“ Sam Mills was my favorite player on the Panthers during his tenure in Carolina. ” -duaned99

“ Good player and a nice card set. I do like the fact that it is a game shot. ” -yokonashiwa

“ Terrible showing from Topps. The Gold subset was great, though. Sam Mills...STUD ” -SSG Temple

“ Sam is out of Long Branch, New Jersey. Jersey Strong! ” -rosconiner1

“ Never seen that Saints logo before. Doesn't really fit the team. ” -jlaz10

“ Word association: You say Saints, I say Bounty ” -Hollywood42

“ Early 90's football cards are the BEST! ” -carthage44

“ 1991 marks the year Topps must have fired most of their creative department, as all their base set releases now carried the same design across all sports. Thanks, Topps. ” -DaClyde

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Set: 2000-01 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #270b Andrew Cassels

“ I don't remember the backstory behind O-Pee-Chee, but this is a good design for this set. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Doesn't look anything like his brother Sam... ” -SaveDaKid

“ One of my favourite players,one of my least favourite opc/topps sets.Ugly design! ” -uncaian

“ You don't need to say O-Pee-Chee 10 times on the side if you already have the logo in the corner. ” -jlaz10

“ Definitely not Topps best design. I think I bought 1 pack and I was really into hockey back then because the Thrashers were new. ” -sascards67

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Set: 2009 Upper Deck First Edition (Rate)

Card: #154 Nomar Garciaparra

“ I never quite figured out why the card companies thought that issuing sets that are essentially paralells to the main issue with only slight changes was a good idea. The UD First Editons are at least significantly different, some of the Topps issues the only difference was a small silver foil logo. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ These 'First Edition' cards still make me think they are a parallel. Upper deck with their seventy five releases, all with the same picture... ” -SSG Temple

“ I always like First Edition because it didn't have any foil (except for the Upper Deck hologram on the back). ” -jlaz10

“ Nomar, one of the greats...But why doesn't he turn around and tag the guy that appears to be 3 feet away from him? ” -Hollywood42

“ Yes, 'First Edition'. First Edition of what? What a waste of card space. Would have been a decent card without that gold strip up the left side. ” -NJDevils

“ First edition cards mean nothing to me. Please go away. ” -carthage44

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Set: 1991 All World CFL (Rate)

Card: #74 Ray Elgaard

“ Solid blue border = OK. Striped blue border = what were they thinking? ” -sascards67

“ I actually have some of these cards. Sad thing is, I don't know how or when I got them. ” -yokonashiwa

“ The Canadian Football League is where former NFL players can extend their careers. ” -carthage44

“ Ahhhh... The Raghib Ismail Set. I remember wasting plenty of money to get these. If nothing else, thanks for the flashback! ” -SSG Temple

“ Bleh ” -Hollywood42

“ I don't think the Canadians even bought this set. Nice way to make the name and team illegible, run more lines through it. ” -NJDevils

“ If All World was allowed to use CFL logos, why aren't they only saying Saskatchewan? ” -jlaz10

“ Yay a CFL card! I wish CFL cards were more mainstream across Canada. ” -DanD

“ Cool background, but the red letters seem slightly hard to read. ” -Billy Kingsley

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Set: 1994 Pacific Crown Collection (Rate)

Card: #140 Robin Ventura

“ Name font doesn't look good, makes it seem ametureish. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Ventura had a good career. But the first that comes to mind when his comes up is Nolan Ryan kicking his *ss ” -Young Kilo

“ Former White Sox great and current White Sox manager. Glad he's back on the South Side! ” -carthage44

“ I always liked the Pacific action shots but think the colors are always too drab. ” -SSG Temple

“ Probably one of Pacific's best efforts. A nice card. ” -NJDevils

“ Pacific tried to have good designs, but failed miserably every time. ” -jlaz10

“ I've always liked this design but it was very hard to find these packs for some reason. ” -sascards67

“ My favorite memory of Robin is when he charged Nolan Ryan and the old man gave him a beat down. ” -amine

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Set: 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove (Rate)

Card: #29 Bobby Higginson

“ One of the many late 90's early 00's where the picture was secondary to the design. It's looks like Bobby is getting pushed off of the card. ” -sascards67

“ This is the time when Upper Deck starting coming out with about 30 different sets each year. I do kinda like this one with the glove border. ” -carthage44

“ Nice card. Like the glove design for the name. ” -yokonashiwa

“ The book theme is kind of interesting...probably would have worked better with a Record Book theme than Golden Glove, but it's not a bad card at all. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Next time, try to take up two-thirds of the card with the name banner instead of a measly one-third. ” -NJDevils

“ The way his glove and eyes are positioned make it look like he over ran the ball. ” -jlaz10

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