1989 Upper Deck

Errors / Variations

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  1   Ken Griffey Jr.   UER: "Season" missing from 1973 stat line
  4   Dave Otto   UER: Tacoma (1988) 123 H should be 124
  5   Sandy Alomar Jr.   UER: Born 6/16/68, should be 6/18/66
  7   David West   UER: 822 innings in minors should be 821
  11   Ron Jones   UER: line 4 reason should be season
  13a   Gary Sheffield   ERR: Upside down "SS" on front; .237 AVG should be .238
  13b   Gary Sheffield   UER: .237 AVG with Brewers should be .238
  15   Lance Blankenship   UER: 2nd draft choice by Boston, not drafted 2nd
  20   Juan Bell   UER: birthplace should be SP de Macoris; was not a switch hitter
  22   Felix Jose   UER: 6 stat errors in 1988 Tacoma line
  31   Kevin Gross   UER: 353 BB should be 430
  35   Ricky Jordan   UER: did not skip AAA, played at Maine in 1988
  37   Bret Saberhagen   UER: Hit total should be 1031
  39   Dave Dravecky   UER: IP should be 1050, see comment
  43   Rance Mulliniks   UER: 4 errors in statistics; see comment
  47   Paul Gibson   UER: Southampton misspelled
  49   Larry Herndon   UER: BA should be .274
  52   Jim Acker   UER: incorrect statistics, see comment
  56   Rick Rhoden   UER: ERA should be 3.57
  58   Casey Candaele   UER: No stats for Astros '88
  69   Brian Fisher   UER: 349 H should be 524
  72a   Brian Holton   ERR: Photo on front is Shawn Hillegas
  72b   Brian Holton   COR
  77   Bobby Meacham   UER: 56 2B should be 58
  80   Richard Dotson   UER: see comment
  81   Charlie Lea   UER: 6 years should be 7
  88   Felix Fermin   UER: needs comma after Mao
  90   Rafael Belliard   UER: Born in '61, not '51
  92   Cecil Espy   UER: see comment
  279   Guillermo Hernandez   UER: also played as Willie Hernandez; ERA should be 3.30
  321a   Gary Varsho   ERR: Mike Bielecki pictured on back
  321b   Gary Varsho   COR: In road uniform
  357a   Dale Murphy   ERR: Reversed Negative
  357b   Dale Murphy   COR: Front photo correct
  489   Jay Bell   UER: birthplace misspelled, should be Eglin AFB
  546   Mike Macfarlane   UER: Misspelled MacFarlane on front and back
  583a   Mike Gallego   ERR: Reversed Negative on back
  583b   Mike Gallego   COR: Facing right
  596   Jeff Reardon   UER: b. Pittsfield, MA
  610   Jay Howell   UER: should be 499 IP and 89 SV
  618   Jeff Montgomery   UER: Feb. 15 is winter, not spring
  626   Jose Gonzalez   UER: 18 G (1987) and 135 G (TOTAL)
  627a   Bill Schroeder   ERR: Photo on back is actually Ronn Reynolds
  627b   Bill Schroeder   COR: Arms crossed on back
  628a   Fred Manrique   ERR: Ozzie Guillen throwing on back
  628b   Fred Manrique   COR: Swinging bat on back
  631   Alfredo Griffin   UER: see comment
  632   Chuck Finley   UER: b. 11-26-62, not 11-16-62
  635   Greg Minton   UER: (87) Giants should be 0 L, and (TOTAL) should be 61 L
  636a   Herm Winningham   ERR: Wlnningham on back (typo)
  636b   Herm Winningham   COR
  641   Greg Booker   UER: see comment
  643   Gene Nelson   UER: should be 302 BB
  644   Rod Booker   UER: b. 9-4-58, not 9-24-58
  652a   Pat Sheridan   ERR: No position
  652b   Pat Sheridan   COR: Position OF
  659a   Jose Canseco   VAR: Black eagle logo
  659b   Jose Canseco   VAR: Blue eagle logo
  697   Checklist 301-400   UER: 306 Guerrero misspelled, 333 Oddibe misspelled
  698   Checklist 401-500   UER: 467 Ripken misspelled
  699   Checklist 501-600   UER: 543 Booker should be Brock, 531 Mathews misspelled
  701a   Checklist 701-800   ERR: Upsidedown MLB logo on back on left, UER: 796 Oddibe misspelled
  701   Checklist 701-800   COR, UER: 796 Oddibe misspelled
  707   Charlie Hayes   UER: see comment
  714   Ken Williams   UER: 1988 Vancouver RBI should be 7
  721   Rob Ducey   UER: 124 G should be 61
  724   Greg W. Harris   UER: 1988 Las Vegas 25 G should be 26
  726   Thomas Howard   UER: Middletown misspelled
  727   Dale Mohorcic   UER: signed by Rangers in '85, not '84
  731   Lonnie Smith   UER: Free agent, not freeagent
  742   Steve Finley   UER: drafted in 13th round not 4th
  752   Kevin Brown   UER: Omitted 1986 record, thus, TOTAL line incorrect
  754   Todd Zeile   UER: should be 117 H and .272 AVG
  759   Rob Murphy   UER: needs space in Red'sselection
  770   Greg Briley   UER: (88) Calgary, should be 445 AB and .312 AVG
  779   Dennis Cook   UER: Drafted out of Texas, not Phillips
  787   Omar Vizquel   UER: see comment
  790   Eddie Williams   UER: see comment
  792   Bruce Hurst   UER: Text on back reads "..1986 Workd Series.."
  798   Tracy Jones   UER: Pacillo misspelled


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