1990 Fleer

Errors / Variations

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  15   Mark McGwire   UER: '89 A's runs listed as 4, should be 74
  63   Kirt Manwaring   UER: No '88 Phoenix stats
  95   Duane Ward   UER: Double line of '87 Syracuse stat
  175b   Mike Devereaux   VAR: red stripes on back end above "Did You Know" box
  175a   Mike Devereaux   VAR: Red stripes extend through "Did you know" section on back
  183   Randy Milligan   UER: Double line of '87 stats
  196   Don Aase   UER: 84 Redwood, ER greater than runs given up
  209   Barry Lyons   UER: Double line of '87 stats
  253   Willie McGee   UER: No decimal point before 353
  281   Rob Murphy   UER: '89 stats say Reds,/should say Red Sox
  328   Bill Krueger   UER: '86 stats missing
  353a   Dave Martinez   VAR: 90 in yellow on front
  353b   Dave Martinez   VAR: 90 in red on front
  354   Dennis Martinez   UER: '87 ERA
  380   Tim Laudner   UER: No decimal point before '85 BA
  413   Todd Benzinger   UER: Bio says .323 Pawtucket, but stats say .321
  421   Chris Hammond   UER: No 1989 used for Did Not Play stat, did play for Nashville in 1989
  485   Albert Belle   UER: incorrect Did You Know?, actually Jay Bell's
  507   Greg Briley   UER: 28 SB's in bio, 27 in stats
  542   Matt Merullo   UER: The career runs should be 5 instead of 6
  543   Donn Pall   UER: Stats say pro career began in '85
  564   Ricky Jordan   UER: Duplicate line of statistics
  574   Jose Alvarez   UER: '78 and '79 stats are reversed
  578   Marty Clary   UER: No comma between city and state
  621a   George Brett   ERR: 10 .390 hitting seasons
  621b   George Brett   COR: 10 .300 hitting seasons
  624a   Cal Ripken Jr.   ERR: Name misspelled "Ripkin"
  624b   Cal Ripken Jr.   COR
  630a   Will Clark   ERR: total bases (32)
  630b   Will Clark   COR: total bases (321)
  641   George Canale / Kevin Maas   UER: Canale listed as "INF" on front, "1B" on back
  660a   Checklist 574-660   VAR: "Checklist" on the front is a smaller font
  660b   Checklist 574-660   VAR: "Checklist" on the front is a larger font


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