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Hallelujah! Rejoice!

...and praise Jeebus!

My first posting since New Year's Day.

Baseball is back, Basketball is thick in the playoffs (that will last another two full months, by-the-by). And I don't care about football anymore...So sports are all around, so I thought I'd stick my head back out and do this whole thing again.

Planning on keeping this blog up and running again, maybe not as often as daily, or bi-daily. Maybe twice a week, sound good? I don't know. I'm aware it's been stagnate space, but I'll change that.

Last month marked my two-year anniversary of being a member of the Trading Card Database. A great and fantastic site and if you're reading this, you probably already know about it. But two-years there, woo-hoo!

Also, over in the past couple weeks, I hit two milestones at the Trading Card Database. Maybe a week and a half ago (I think), I cracked the top ten in points through submissions (images added, checklists added and corrections - things of that nature). Then this morning - I believe, I cracked 100,000 points. Two cool accomplishments following one another in just a few days. Awesome.

For that, I wanted to put something cool together so I did the checklist for this set...

2016 Topps Transcendent Collection Kris Bryant Topps History

Yeah, I am a Cardinals fan and all, but it's nice set that puts Kris Bryant in all the Topps set from 1952-2016. The only way to get the cards were from going to Topps' 65th Anniversary Party, which invitations were placed in that ridiculous $27.000 set of Topps Transcendent. But the full gallery of all the cards in the set can be viewed here, via the Trading Card Database.

My personal favorite is '65 Topps. The best looking set to ever grace cardboard. It just looks so good in it's simplistic design, It just smacks ya right in the forehead I tell ya...

Until next time...


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