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Member Since:   9/19/2008
From:   Colorado
Collects:   Avalanche, Red Sox, Hockey Cards one card all sets
Quote:   If you see a card you want we might can work out a deal. Doesn't matter if in my collection. Can not hurt to ask.

Billy Kingsley

Member Since:   8/31/2011
From:   State of New York
Collects:   NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me
Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.


Member Since:   8/26/2010
From:   Ill
Collects:   baseball, football, hockey, basketball and non-sports cards
Quote:   injoy making friends and trading,selling


Member Since:   10/27/2014
From:   Upstate NY & NCR/NoVA
Collects:   Oakland Raiders; pre-1995 NY Mets; Syracuse alumni, Buffalo Sabres
Quote:   What do I consider a serious injury? If you're dead, that's serious.--Jim Otto


Member Since:   11/15/2014
From:   Place w/ a headache inducing surplus of 91 Donruss
Collects:   Darren Daulton, Phillies, 2015 Topps Gold, other ABC
Quote:   Going camping? 91 Donruss makes great fire starter:)


Member Since:   2/7/2014
From:   Living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Collects:   62 Topps; 63 Fleer; 2016 Gypsy Queen
Quote:   Looking for 2016/2017 Gypsy Queen ONLY!!!


Member Since:   9/26/2008
From:   USA
Collects:   Dave Winfield, Hensley Meulens, Roberto Kelly, Dave Henderson, Tuffy Rhodes, Bernardo Brito


Member Since:   3/20/2014
From:   Holland, MI
Collects:   Trying to finish sets of 1975 Topps Baseball, 2007, 2008, 2011 & 2012 Topps Update and 2010, 2012-2016 Topps Pro Debut. Also trying to finish team sets of Detroit Tigers pre-1969 and Detroit Lions pre-1982.
Quote:   Eager to trade for any cards on my want list. I keep my lists as up to date as possible.


Member Since:   5/12/2013
From:   South Jersey
Collects:   Phillies Baseball Cards; Yankees baseball cards...
Quote:   Trading within the US only.......


Member Since:   10/15/2014
Collects:   Phillies & Players born in NJ. I am looking to trade or buy for anything on my want list. So trade with me please . I am adding new cards to my for trade list every day. I have my Phillies collection listed from 1887 to 2017


Member Since:   1/15/2013
From:   Indiana
Collects:   All baseball cards (mostly pre-1980); some football and basketball cards
Quote:   I coulda been better. I coulda broke every record in the book.

Jon Cantrell

Member Since:   10/8/2010
From:   Texas
Collects:   ALL trading cards


Member Since:   1/29/2014


Member Since:   6/21/2013
From:   IL
Collects:   Chicago teams, Cubs, Bears. Bulls- these i want..
Quote:   everything i have is up for trade except my collect teams.


Member Since:   5/26/2013
From:   Houston
Collects:   Bagwell, Biggio, Nolan Ryan, Astros/Colt .45s, 60's-70's Pirates, Pre-1967 Baseball


Member Since:   6/14/2014
From:   Heart of the Praries !! Lloydminster AB/SK Canada
Collects:   Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards


Member Since:   2/29/2016
From:   Harry the K
Collects:   All things Philly
Quote:   Outta here home run Michael Jack Schmidt

SFC Temple

Member Since:   12/29/2011
Collects:   Cleveland Browns, Mets, non- sports cards; GI Joe stuff, Hess trucks
Quote:   I will trade for Browns primarily and then Mets. If I don't have it, it's a want, regardless if it's not on the wantlist


Member Since:   4/15/2016
From:   Minnesota
Collects:   I have a million cards; there are about 500 I want to keep, Mostly Twins. Anything I have is up for sale, gift or trade. Cards I'd trade for are any Killebrew, Oliva, Blyleven Carew Hrbek or Puckett that I don't have already.


Member Since:   3/10/2017
From:   Winchester, CA
Collects:   All SN numbered baseball cards, Any purple or pink baseball cards. Unusual sets, the ones hardly anybody else has. Certain non-sports cards: Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Rat Fink Cards, etc...
Quote:   A persons actions are their Karma, your reaction is yours.


Member Since:   8/24/2013
From:   Reading PA
Collects:   All Things Baseball


Member Since:   6/20/2017
From:   New Jersey
Collects:   Phillies Team Sets, Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose(Phillies), Bo Jackson, Bowman Chrome Prospects, Topps Now(Phillies)
Quote:   You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his. - Gen. George Patton


Member Since:   6/9/2015
From:   Washington, DC
Collects:   Baseball: 1957 + 61 Topps, 1950 + 53 Bowman (Color), Newer A&G, GQ, T206 Minis of all variations
Quote:   My want and trade lists are constantly being updated and trades are always welcome.


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