1980-81 O-Pee-Chee

Rookie Cards

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  9   Ken Morrow RC, OLY   New York Islanders
  11   Bill Derlago RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  22   Jim Craig RC, OLY   Boston Bruins
  31   Mike Liut RC   St. Louis Blues
  39   Brian Propp RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  53   Craig Norwich RC   St. Louis Blues
  61   Mike O'Connell RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  64   Rocky Saganiuk RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  65   Rolf Edberg RC   Washington Capitals
  67   Michel Goulet RC   Quebec Nordiques
  69   Mark Johnson RC, OLY   Pittsburgh Penguins
  79   John Anderson RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  93   Tom McCarthy RC   Minnesota North Stars
  98   Keith Brown RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  103   Steve Christoff RC, OLY   Minnesota North Stars
  109   Richie Dunn RC   Buffalo Sabres
  126   Ray Allison RC   Hartford Whalers
  127   Mike Ramsey RC, OLY   Buffalo Sabres
  129   Al Secord RC   Boston Bruins
  140   Ray Bourque RC   Boston Bruins
  144   Tony McKegney RC   Buffalo Sabres
  156   Anders Kallur RC   New York Islanders
  157   Paul Reinhart RC   Calgary Flames
  169   Perry Turnbull RC   St. Louis Blues
  176   Dave Christian RC, OLY   Winnipeg Jets
  177   Lars Lindgren RC   Vancouver Canucks
  179   Laurie Boschman RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  187   Mike Foligno RC   Detroit Red Wings
  188   Dave Langevin RC   New York Islanders
  195   Mike Gartner RC   Washington Capitals
  197   Kent Nilsson RC   Calgary Flames
  205   Pierre Hamel RC   Winnipeg Jets
  206   Mike Eaves RC   Minnesota North Stars
  208   Stan Smyl RC   Vancouver Canucks
  209   Mike Zuke RC   St. Louis Blues
  213   Rob Ramage RC   Colorado Rockies
  222   Bengt Gustafsson RC   Washington Capitals
  232   Rob McClanahan RC, OLY   Buffalo Sabres
  242   Rick Vaive RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  243   Ron Wilson RC   Winnipeg Jets
  269   Hardy Astrom RC   Colorado Rockies
  271   Dave Lumley RC   Edmonton Oilers
  279   Pete Peeters RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  289   Mark Messier RC, UER   Edmonton Oilers
  296   Larry Playfair RC   Buffalo Sabres
  298   Gilles Lupien RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  306   Doug Sulliman RC   New York Rangers
  308   Norm Barnes RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  315   Risto Siltanen RC   Edmonton Oilers
  317   Craig Hartsburg RC   Minnesota North Stars
  319   Lindy Ruff RC   Buffalo Sabres
  322   Gaston Gingras RC   Montreal Canadiens
  324   Doug Soetaert RC   New York Rangers
  326   Mike Busniuk RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  331   Mark Lofthouse RC   Washington Capitals
  338   Brad Marsh RC   Calgary Flames
  341   Eddie Mio RC   Edmonton Oilers
  344   Rod Langway RC   Montreal Canadiens
  346   Steve Baker RC   New York Rangers
  353   Jimmy Mann RC   Winnipeg Jets
  354   Brad McCrimmon RC   Boston Bruins
  357   Tim Trimper RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  359   John Ogrodnick RC   Detroit Red Wings
  365   Steve Tambellini RC   New York Islanders
  366   Ed Hospodar RC   New York Rangers
  379   George Lyle RC   Detroit Red Wings
  384   Tony Currie RC   St. Louis Blues
  385   Richard Sevigny RC   Montreal Canadiens
  389   Frank Bathe RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  394   Markus Mattsson RC   Winnipeg Jets


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