1990 Pro Set

Theme Art


  1   Super Bowl I   Green Bay Packers / Kansas City Chiefs
  2   Super Bowl II   Green Bay Packers / Oakland Raiders
  3   Super Bowl III   New York Jets / Baltimore Colts
  4   Super Bowl IV   Kansas City Chiefs / Minnesota Vikings
  5   Super Bowl V   Baltimore Colts / Dallas Cowboys
  6   Super Bowl VI   Dallas Cowboys / Miami Dolphins
  7   Super Bowl VII   Miami Dolphins / Washington Redskins
  8   Super Bowl VIII   Miami Dolphins / Minnesota Vikings
  9   Super Bowl IX   Pittsburgh Steelers / Minnesota Vikings
  10   Super Bowl X   Pittsburgh Steelers / Dallas Cowboys
  11   Super Bowl XI   Oakland Raiders / Minnesota Vikings
  12   Super Bowl XII   Dallas Cowboys / Denver Broncos
  13   Super Bowl XIII   Pittsburgh Steelers / Dallas Cowboys
  14   Super Bowl XIV   Pittsburgh Steelers / Los Angeles Rams
  15   Super Bowl XV   Oakland Raiders / Philadelphia Eagles
  16   Super Bowl XVI   San Francisco 49ers / Cincinnati Bengals
  17   Super Bowl XVII   Washington Redskins / Miami Dolphins
  18   Super Bowl XVIII   Los Angeles Raiders / Washington Redskins
  19   Super Bowl XIX   San Francisco 49ers / Miami Dolphins
  20   Super Bowl XX   Chicago Bears / New England Patriots
  21   Super Bowl XXI   New York Giants / Denver Broncos
  22a   Super Bowl XXII ERR   Washington Redskins / Denver Broncos
  22b   Super Bowl XXII COR   Washington Redskins / Denver Broncos
  23   Super Bowl XXIII   San Francisco 49ers / Cincinnati Bengals
  24   Super Bowl XXIV   San Francisco 49ers / Denver Broncos

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