1987 Topps


  1   Super Bowl XXI HL   New York Giants / Denver Broncos
  2   Todd Christensen RB   Los Angeles Raiders
  3   Dave Jennings RB   New York Jets
  4   Charlie Joiner RB   San Diego Chargers
  5   Steve Largent RB   Seattle Seahawks
  6   Dan Marino RB   Miami Dolphins
  7   Donnie Shell RB   Pittsburgh Steelers
  8   Phil Simms RB   New York Giants
  9   Mark Bavaro TC, TL   New York Giants
  10   Phil Simms   New York Giants
  11   Joe Morris AP   New York Giants
  12   Maurice Carthon RC   New York Giants
  13   Lee Rouson RC   New York Giants
  14   Bobby Johnson   New York Giants
  15   Lionel Manuel   New York Giants
  16   Phil McConkey   New York Giants
  17   Mark Bavaro AP   New York Giants
  18   Zeke Mowatt   New York Giants
  19   Raul Allegre   New York Giants
  20   Sean Landeta   New York Giants
  21   Brad Benson   New York Giants
  22   Jim Burt   New York Giants
  23   Leonard Marshall   New York Giants
  24   Carl Banks   New York Giants
  25   Harry Carson   New York Giants
  26   Lawrence Taylor AP   New York Giants
  27   Terry Kinard RC   New York Giants
  28   Pepper Johnson RC   New York Giants
  29   Erik Howard RC   New York Giants
  30   Gerald Willhite TC, TL   Denver Broncos
  31   John Elway   Denver Broncos
  32   Gerald Willhite   Denver Broncos
  33   Sammy Winder   Denver Broncos
  34   Ken Bell RC   Denver Broncos
  35   Steve Watson   Denver Broncos
  36   Rich Karlis UER   Denver Broncos
  37   Keith Bishop RC   Denver Broncos
  38   Rulon Jones   Denver Broncos
  39   Karl Mecklenburg AP   Denver Broncos
  40   Louis Wright   Denver Broncos
  41   Mike Harden   Denver Broncos
  42   Dennis Smith   Denver Broncos
  43   Walter Payton TC, TL   Chicago Bears
  44   Jim McMahon   Chicago Bears
  45   Doug Flutie RC   Chicago Bears
  46   Walter Payton   Chicago Bears
  47   Matt Suhey   Chicago Bears
  48   Willie Gault   Chicago Bears
  49   Dennis Gentry RC   Chicago Bears
  50   Kevin Butler   Chicago Bears
  51   Jim Covert AP   Chicago Bears
  52   Jay Hilgenberg   Chicago Bears
  53   Dan Hampton   Chicago Bears
  54   Steve McMichael   Chicago Bears
  55   William Perry   Chicago Bears
  56   Richard Dent   Chicago Bears
  57   Otis Wilson   Chicago Bears
  58   Mike Singletary AP   Chicago Bears
  59   Wilber Marshall   Chicago Bears
  60   Mike Richardson   Chicago Bears
  61   Dave Duerson   Chicago Bears
  62   Gary Fencik   Chicago Bears
  63   George Rogers TC, TL   Washington Redskins
  64   Jay Schroeder   Washington Redskins
  65   George Rogers   Washington Redskins
  66   Kelvin Bryant RC   Washington Redskins
  67   Ken Jenkins   Washington Redskins
  68   Gary Clark   Washington Redskins
  69   Art Monk   Washington Redskins
  70   Clint Didier RC   Washington Redskins
  71   Steve Cox   Washington Redskins
  72   Joe Jacoby   Washington Redskins
  73   Russ Grimm   Washington Redskins
  74   Charles Mann   Washington Redskins
  75   Dave Butz   Washington Redskins
  76   Dexter Manley AP   Washington Redskins
  77   Darrell Green AP   Washington Redskins
  78   Curtis Jordan   Washington Redskins
  79   Harry Holt TC, TL   Cleveland Browns
  80   Bernie Kosar   Cleveland Browns
  81   Curtis Dickey   Cleveland Browns
  82   Kevin Mack   Cleveland Browns
  83   Herman Fontenot RC   Cleveland Browns
  84   Brian Brennan RC   Cleveland Browns
  85   Ozzie Newsome   Cleveland Browns
  86   Jeff Gossett   Cleveland Browns
  87   Cody Risien AP   Cleveland Browns
  88   Reggie Camp   Cleveland Browns
  89   Bob Golic   Cleveland Browns
  90   Carl Hairston   Cleveland Browns
  91   Chip Banks   Cleveland Browns
  92   Frank Minnifield   Cleveland Browns
  93   Hanford Dixon AP   Cleveland Browns
  94   Gerald McNeil RC   Cleveland Browns
  95   Dave Puzzuoli RC   Cleveland Browns
  96   Andre Tippett TC, TL   New England Patriots
  97   Tony Eason   New England Patriots
  98   Craig James   New England Patriots
  99   Tony Collins   New England Patriots
  100   Mosi Tatupu   New England Patriots

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