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  12   Maurice Carthon RC   New York Giants
  13   Lee Rouson RC   New York Giants
  27   Terry Kinard RC   New York Giants
  28   Pepper Johnson RC   New York Giants
  29   Erik Howard RC   New York Giants
  34   Ken Bell RC   Denver Broncos
  37   Keith Bishop RC   Denver Broncos
  45   Doug Flutie RC   Chicago Bears
  49   Dennis Gentry RC   Chicago Bears
  66   Kelvin Bryant RC   Washington Redskins
  70   Clint Didier RC   Washington Redskins
  83   Herman Fontenot RC   Cleveland Browns
  84   Brian Brennan RC   Cleveland Browns
  94   Gerald McNeil RC   Cleveland Browns
  95   Dave Puzzuoli RC   Cleveland Browns
  108   Don Blackmon RC   New England Patriots
  109   Ronnie Lippett RC   New England Patriots
  121   Tim McKyer RC   San Francisco 49ers
  122   Don Griffin RC   San Francisco 49ers
  124   Tom Holmoe RC   San Francisco 49ers
  125   Charles Haley SR, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  130   Johnny Hector RC   New York Jets
  138   Bob Crable RC   New York Jets
  141   Harry Hamilton RC   New York Jets
  142   Lester Lyles RC   New York Jets
  145   Jim Everett SR, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  155   Carl Ekern RC   Los Angeles Rams
  157   Jerry Gray RC   Los Angeles Rams
  166   Irv Eatman RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  170   Lloyd Burruss RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  175   John L. Williams RC   Seattle Seahawks
  176   Bobby Joe Edmonds SR, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  178   Bruce Scholtz RC   Seattle Seahawks
  190   Tim McGee SR, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  196   Emanuel King RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  201   Allen Rice RC   Minnesota Vikings
  205   Chuck Nelson RC   Minnesota Vikings
  207   Gary Zimmerman RC   Minnesota Vikings
  210   Issiac Holt RC   Minnesota Vikings
  212   Rufus Bess RC   Minnesota Vikings
  216   Napoleon McCallum RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  222   Sean Jones RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  234   Lorenzo Hampton RC   Miami Dolphins
  244   John Offerdahl SR, RC   Miami Dolphins
  245   Mark Brown RC   Miami Dolphins
  256   Mike Gann RC   Atlanta Falcons
  258   Bret Clark RC   Atlanta Falcons
  262   Steve Pelluer RC   Dallas Cowboys
  264   Herschel Walker RC   Dallas Cowboys
  267   Mike Sherrard SR, RC   Dallas Cowboys
  269   Ron Fellows RC   Dallas Cowboys
  274   Rueben Mayes SR, RC, UER   New Orleans Saints
  276   Eric Martin RC   New Orleans Saints
  282   James Geathers RC   New Orleans Saints
  292   Lupe Sanchez RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  295   Mike Reichenbach RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  296   Randall Cunningham RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  297   Keith Byars RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  300   John Teltschik RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  302   Ken Clarke RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  305   Andre Waters RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  310   Ernest Givins SR, RC   Houston Oilers
  311   Lee Johnson RC   Houston Oilers
  313   Dean Steinkuhler RC   Houston Oilers
  315   John Grimsley RC   Houston Oilers
  318   Chuck Long RC   Detroit Lions
  320   Garry James SR, RC   Detroit Lions
  325   Herman Hunter RC   Detroit Lions
  326   Keith Ferguson RC   Detroit Lions
  327   Devon Mitchell RC   Detroit Lions
  331   Earl Ferrell RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  332   Vai Sikahema SR, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  333   Ron Wolfley RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  338   Cedric Mack RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  346   Lee Williams RC   San Diego Chargers
  347   Leslie O'Neal SR, RC   San Diego Chargers
  351   Randy Wright RC   Green Bay Packers
  352   Kenneth Davis RC   Green Bay Packers
  355   Phillip Epps RC   Green Bay Packers
  356   Walter Stanley RC   Green Bay Packers
  358   Tim Harris RC   Green Bay Packers
  360   Mossy Cade RC   Green Bay Packers
  362   Jim Kelly RC   Buffalo Bills
  363   Robb Riddick RC   Buffalo Bills
  366   Pete Metzelaars RC   Buffalo Bills
  367   Sean McNanie RC   Buffalo Bills
  373   Jack Trudeau RC   Indianapolis Colts
  378   Bill Brooks SR, RC   Indianapolis Colts
  382   Jon Hand RC   Indianapolis Colts
  386   Frank Garcia RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  388   Phil Freeman RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  389   Calvin Magee RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  392   Jeff Davis RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  393   Chris Washington RC, UER   Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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