2017 Panini Playoff

Insert Sets (85)

  Air Command
  Air Command Kickoff
  Air Command Prime 1st Down
  Air Command Prime Touchdown
  Boss Hoggs
  Boss Hoggs 1st Down
  Boss Hoggs 2nd Down
  Boss Hoggs 3rd Down
  Boss Hoggs 4th Down
  Boss Hoggs Kickoff
  Boss Hoggs Touchdown
  City Limits
  City Limits Kickoff
  City Limits Prime 1st Down
  City Limits Prime Touchdown
  Flea Flicker
  Flea Flicker 1st Down
  Flea Flicker 2nd Down
  Flea Flicker 3rd Down
  Flea Flicker 4th Down
  Flea Flicker Kickoff
  Flea Flicker Touchdown
  Game Day Signatures
  Game Day Signatures Touchdown
  Gridiron Force
  Gridiron Force 1st Down
  Gridiron Force 2nd Down
  Gridiron Force 3rd Down
  Gridiron Force 4th Down
  Gridiron Force Kickoff
  Gridiron Force Touchdown
  Hall of Fame Autographs
  Hall of Fame Autographs Touchdown
  Headliners Hail Mary
  Headliners Kickoff
  Headliners Prime 1st Down
  Headliners Prime Touchdown
  Heads Up
  Playoff Momentum
  Playoff Momentum 1st Down
  Playoff Momentum 2nd Down
  Playoff Momentum 3rd Down
  Playoff Momentum 4th Down
  Playoff Momentum Kickoff
  Playoff Momentum Touchdown
  Playoff Pedigree
  Playoff Pedigree Kickoff
  Playoff Pedigree Prime 1st Down
  Playoff Pedigree Prime Touchdown
  Rated Rookies Autograph - Preview
  Rookie Autograph Variations
  Rookie Autograph Variations Touchdown
  Rookie Signatures
  Rookie Signatures 1st Down
  Rookie Signatures Hail Mary
  Rookie Signatures Kickoff
  Rookie Signatures Touchdown
  Rookie Stallions
  Rookie Stallions Hail Mary
  Rookie Stallions Kickoff
  Rookie Stallions Prime 1st Down
  Rookie Stallions Prime Touchdown
  Rookie Ticket RPS - Preview
  RPS Autographs
  RPS Autographs 1st Down
  RPS Autographs Hail Mary
  RPS Autographs Kickoff
  RPS Autographs Touchdown
  Star Gazing
  Star Gazing 1st Down
  Star Gazing 2nd Down
  Star Gazing 3rd Down
  Star Gazing 4th Down
  Star Gazing Kickoff
  Star Gazing Touchdown
  Thunder and Lightning
  Thunder and Lightning 1st Down
  Thunder and Lightning 2nd Down
  Thunder and Lightning 3rd Down
  Thunder and Lightning 4th Down
  Thunder and Lightning Kickoff
  Thunder and Lightning Touchdown
  Touchdown Tandems Signatures
  Touchdown Tandems Signatures Touchdown

Parallel Sets (8)

  1st Down
  2nd Down
  3rd Down
  4th Down
  Goal Line
  Red Zone


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