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Gallery of the Week: Deadpool's Sport Ball!

So, this blog has been pretty dead for close to a year, its that I just don't really have much to say, I was having fun with the Topps custom cards a year ago, but my old computer died and I lost a whole bunch more I had made-up (along with everything else that I hadn't backed up.)

What to do now with this blog though? I wasn't sure. The custom cards may make a return, but for now I've decided to highlight a gallery from over at the Trading Card Database in a thing I like to call Gallery of the Week (because it's topical and maybe it will get me clicks.)

Onto the gallery!

A nice little fun insert set, that shows Deadpool doing what Deadpool does best, mocking past cards. My favorite is the '94 CC Canseco, Mullet Deadpool is something I never knew I wanted in my life until I saw it.

The full gallery, front and back with zoom available here, courtesy of the Trading Card Database.

Keeping these short and sweet now, so until next year...Hopefully not though...


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