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Scanning Refractors....

...Or in this case, Prizms from Panini - pretty much the same thing as Topps' Refractors.

Recently went on splurge of 2015 Prizm Baseball at the determent of my wallet, but it's a set I like so, it wasn't all that bad.

I like Prizm more than Chrome, because Chrome is just the base card of Topps' main release, where Prizm are new, not recycled, which is why I'm not that high on Panini's Optic offering. But anyways onto the scanning...

People scan cards everywhere the same way, but the Refraction (or Prizming), doesn't really work that well so, you could call this a tips guide, or just me being an ass - your call. And for the purpose of this post, all of these scans are mine.

Here is a regularly scanned Prizm (not the base card, the Refractor)

You can see it refracts some, but the name plate and background design, very dull and bland.

Now, the next one picture is the same exact card, using a different method - that I explain...

Same card, different method, different result. The name plate has more blue as does the backward design.

Now what is the method of scanning to get this result - a result in which I personally believe represents Refractors/Prizms the way they should be.

It's simply leaving the hood up on your scanner. Keep that sucker open!

Now, I do put the cards in top loaders before scanning, mainly to keep the cards flat - Heritage Refractors don't have this problem, but some Chrome and Prizm do have a curve that makes a top loader necessary - and I can't tell if there is a difference between a top loader/not using one. If there is, it's negligible.

Example of a Heritage Refractor using the same method, sans top loader.

Now notice, they all have a blue sheen to them, that's the only result I could come up with, I would think it's possible, but I'm not sure...Because here comes the tricky part...

You have to find the sweet spot on your scanner (well, I had to anyways) to get the desired effect.

The spot on my scanner is the top right-hand corner, I put the Refractor/Prizm in a top loader, all the way to the right side in the loader, so there is that space on the left side, the place the Refractor/Prizm side down on the scanner, the light (from the scanner) should hit the left side of the card. I think that space helps - but I could be speaking out my ass.

Is you look at this example again, the blue does start at the left, then trails off about a third of the way through. But, I think it's better than looking dull.

Also...This doesn't work on all this method, doesn't work on all the Prizms either...

Regular scan of the Red Power Prizm, the open lid method, basically did nothing for this...

Also with the Purple Flash, this is a regular scan. I think it had something to do with the designs on the card to not make them want to work out.

A small little gallery of other cards scanned using this method, I have a lot more to scan and upload over at the Trading Card Database, watch for that - if you are interested. Thank you for reading, I don't know if what I wrote made much sense or not, but hopefully this might help.

Also, people who read this - over at Trading Card Database, I'm going to be uploading images for an awesome set on Christmas, been itching to post the images but I haven't. It's going to be fun.


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