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Fun with Topps Custom Cards - Pack 1

Ok...So...I was bored and **maybe** a little medicated when I did these/this...I take no responsibility in the upcoming proceedings. lol


So, I bought a couple packs of Topps, I don't know where....Weird labeling on the wrapper...It just said "Topps, contains 5 cards and 1 legend insert. I would have also scanned the wrapper, but it disintegrated after I took the cards out. I don't know what happened there. But lets look at some cards!

First up...

The Liberty Bell. A great card for a great monument of our freedom, or something. Not sure why it's a rookie card though. It's Topps?

Ah, one of those "Classic Combos"....Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. Pretty cool.

Wow! A new Topps NBA card. How awesome is that? Westbrook too, he's very good and fun to watch.

The Legends insert and if it isn't my favorite player the GOAT, Ozzie Smith. Nice shot, one Topps hasn't reused a million times and a design that isn't used that often either. Yay!

That's a strange one. Jack Woltz is a movie producer, why does he have a card? Oh well, it's another rookie too! Tale is that Jack once woke up with a horse's head in his bed. I bet his face was priceless when he saw it.

It's Amy Schumer for the final card of the pack. Another rookie to boot! Score! No, this is Topps. She seems to be doing what both Disney/Topps/Electronic Arts are doing with the Star Wars franchise. Blowing it.

Awesome cards, huh?! I have atleast two more packs of these. Can't wait to rip into them. Hopefully they don't disintegrate before then...

Until next time!


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