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Member Since:   10/30/2014
From:   elyria ohio- hartsville sc- athens ga
Collects:   Vintage (all sports), michael jordan, jim brown, julius erving, walter payton, bo jackson, frank thomas, joe montana, jerry rice, ken griffey jr, muhammad ali /cassius clay
Quote:   when all you have is a hammer.. everything looks like a nail


Member Since:   3/31/2017
Collects:   Vintage Baseball Cards.


Member Since:   12/10/2013
Collects:   Herschel Walker, Cards showing players signing autographs


Member Since:   1/16/2015
Collects:   Collects baseball & football cards sets from early 70's - late 2000's

Billy Kingsley

Member Since:   8/31/2011
From:   State of New York
Collects:   NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me
Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.


Member Since:   11/17/2014
From:   New Jersey
Collects:   Baseball / Football ~ Errors &Variations ~ Stickers ~ 50s-60s Non-Sports ~ Oakland A's ~ Philadelpkia Eagles ~ Topps Archives & Heritage
Quote:   Change is good


Member Since:   11/5/2016
Collects:   Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon


Member Since:   1/31/2016
From:   Hudsonville, MI
Collects:   GarbagePail Kids, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Bo Jackson, Hank Aaron, Lou Whitaker, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer. Bowling & Golf Autos. And, building sets 1969-Present.

Dave Sosidka

Member Since:   9/24/2011
From:   Washington, NJ
Collects:   Master sets from 1991-2015; team-issued postcards and photos, pocket schedules; New York Mets items


Member Since:   9/8/2012
From:   near Princeton, NJ
Collects:   mainly soccer now, a little bit of basketball, hockey, & baseball, very little football


Member Since:   9/17/2018


Member Since:   11/4/2010


Member Since:   9/23/2017
From:   Luzerne
Collects:   Baseball football basketball hockey racing
Quote:   I'm going to finish the yr off strong 500+ trades in 10 months let make it happen


Member Since:   7/12/2018


Member Since:   1/1/2015
From:   Three Oaks, MI/LaPorte, IN
Collects:   Clinton MiLB, Cincinnati Reds, multiple players, autographed cards, and some baseball sets


Member Since:   8/12/2018


Member Since:   7/23/2017
From:   Arkansas
Collects:   I collect all kinds of sports cards


Member Since:   5/30/2017
From:   Kenleyfornia
Collects:   Baseball, baseball, and more baseball. Also non-sport and Pokémon.
Quote:   Please don't take advantage of this young 'un.


Member Since:   11/13/2010
Collects:   Complete Sets - Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball. Work on Master Sets
Quote:   Looking to sell my collections. Selling as sets. Have many in various states of completion. Message me with what you are looking for and I'll see what I have. Thank you. :)

Nigel Taylor

Member Since:   9/11/2010
From:   Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom
Collects:   Manchester United, Star Wars, Military


Member Since:   9/14/2010
From:   NJ
Quote:   I am creating a Sell/Trade list but am only selling. Only trade would be an offer I could not refuse and that would be baseball only.


Member Since:   12/27/2015
From:   New Alexandria, PA
Collects:   Pittsburgh


Member Since:   6/14/2014
From:   Heart of the Praries !! Lloydminster AB/SK Canada
Collects:   Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards (listed as oilerRCguy)


Member Since:   2/19/2018


Member Since:   12/29/2013
From:   Paris, Illinois, USA
Collects:   Yes, I do


Member Since:   5/17/2012
From:   Alabama
Collects:   Baseball. Football and Wrestling
Quote:   War Eagle!!


Member Since:   5/8/2015
From:   Lexington, Kentucky
Collects:   2014 Topps Valor (All cards), Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, AJ McCarron, Odell Beckham Jr, Randall Cobb, Jacob Tamme, Bud Dupree


Member Since:   12/1/2012
From:   USA
Collects:   Complete baseball & hockey sets, Phillies, and other assorted things
Quote:   More years in the hobby than I care to admit.


Member Since:   1/20/2014
From:   Chicago and Washington DC
Collects:   From 1951 on, Topps baseball; Pre 1951, all baseball
Quote:   Take life seriously, but none of the people in it. -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Member Since:   3/15/2013
Collects:   Vintage football (pre-1985) especially Washington Redskins


Member Since:   5/17/2012
From:   Rochester, MN
Collects:   Milwaukee Brewers (mostly)


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