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From:   Espanola, NM, United States


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From:   elyria ohio- hartsville sc- athens ga

Vintage (all sports), michael jordan, jim brown, julius erving, walter payton, bo jackson, frank thomas, joe montana, jerry rice, ken griffey jr, muhammad ali /cassius clay, current Cleveland Browns 

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Collects:   Vintage Baseball Cards.


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From:   Fountain, Colorado, United States

Hockey Cards one card all sets, Jason Pominville

Quote:   I deleted my collection for a massive re-organization. WHY did I do this. No trading yet. Gift Yes, I suspect some are going out :)


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Collects:   Herschel Walker, Cards showing players signing autographs


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Collects:   Collects baseball & football cards sets from early 70's - late 2000's

Billy Kingsley

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From:   New York, United States

NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me

Current project is trying to get at least one card of everyone to ever get one for NBA, NHL and NASCAR. Also working on getting at least one example of every set ever for the above sports. (Wantlists on Cardboard History)

At the moment, attempting to dial back on the hobbies so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of classic car ownership.

Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.


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From:   MANAHAWKIN, NJ, United States


Error/Variation Cards and Fleer Stickers

Vintage Sports and Non-Sports


Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland A's and Peyton Manning


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From:   Michigan, United States

Cards #d 19/75 and #d 01/18, GarbagePail Kids, Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Bo Jackson, Hank Aaron, Lou Whitaker, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player & Arnold Palmer. Bowling & Golf Autos. And, building sets 1969-Present.



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From:   Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Dave Sosidka

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From:   Washington, NJ
Collects:   Master sets from 1991-2015; team-issued postcards and photos, pocket schedules; New York Mets items


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From:   Slidell, LA, United States


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From:   near Princeton NJ, United States

mainly soccer now, a little bit of basketball, hockey, & baseball, very little football



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From:   Canada


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From:   Luzerne, PA, United States
Collects:   Baseball football basketball hockey racing
Quote:   February 2019 goals try knock some of my wants off the list i'm pretty sure i can do this :)


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From:   Three Oaks, Michigan, United States
Collects:   Clinton MiLB, Cincinnati Reds, multiple players, autographed cards, and some baseball sets


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From:   Arkansas
Collects:   I collect all kinds of sports cards


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From:   United States

All SN baseball cards, no matter what! Also some other sports and gaming. Also will accept practically any trade, as long as it's something I want! Also love error cards!

~~ON HIATUS~~ will come back late July

Quote:   I live a street away from Max Fried's grandpa.


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Collects:   Complete Sets - Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball. Work on Master Sets
Quote:   Looking to sell my collections. Selling as sets. Have many in various states of completion. Message me with what you are looking for and I'll see what I have. Thank you. :)

Nigel Taylor

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From:   Reigate, United Kingdom

Manchester United, Star Wars, Military



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From:   NJ
Quote:   I am creating a Sell/Trade list but am only selling. Only trade would be an offer I could not refuse and that would be hockey or baseball only.


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From:   New Alexandria, PA
Collects:   Pittsburgh


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From:   Lapeer, MI

Mostly baseball, I have adhd apparently because I can't focus on particular sets. Always willing to look at a trade.



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From:   Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards (listed as oilerRCguy)

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Shaw Racing

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From:   GRAND VALLEY, ON, Canada

I am suspending trades for awhile so I can to input a 25k collection I have purchased and to correct some counting errors, but will be ready after that. Jeff


My 11 yr old son has got my passion back, looking for pretty much everything and have many duplicates that I hope you can use. Check back often as I buy and trade a lot. I am not opposed to any "FAIR" trade.

PWE's welcome

Fav teams are Baseball- White Sox, Hockey - Red Wings, Any Racing. players Bo Jackson, Steve Yzerman.

My son has deciding we are collecting any/ All Marvel D.C. and other comic cards

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From:   Paris, Illinois, United States

Were I to rank my pursuits in order, it might look like this:

1. Cardinals baseball & Pacers basketball- current roster, regardless of on-card affiliation. Especially Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright. 

2. Same as above for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Vancouver Canucks, Columbus Crew

3. Any wrestling card I don't own

4. Cards of 5 teams listed above, past players, correct team only

5. Eastern Illinois alumni in all sports.

6. Guys who played for Paris Lakers, Danville Dans (both baseball) and Danville Dashers hockey (I only know of one such card, and I have it)

7. Baseball HOFers, MVPs, Cy Young winners, and ROY winners.

8. Olympic gold medalists, all sports, all countries.

9. Soccer cards of favorite teams in other federations (Doncaster Rovers in England, Bologna in Italy, Hamburger in Germany.

10. Non-sport cards of transportation, especially trains.

11. Everything else.   I keep one of any card I get, regardless. 

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From:   Alabama
Collects:   Baseball. Football and Wrestling
Quote:   War Eagle!!


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From:   Lexington, Kentucky
Collects:   2014 Topps Valor (All cards), Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, AJ McCarron, Odell Beckham Jr, Randall Cobb, Jacob Tamme, Bud Dupree


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From:   New York, United States

Phillies want lists items are highest priority.
Various set completion want lists are secondary.
Baseball HOFer want lists are low priority.
If there are any other categories of want lists, they would fall between set completion and HOFers.

I have 60,000 - 80,000 cards available for trade that still are not listed yet. If you have something on my want list, please drop me a note and we'll see if I have anything you're looking for.

Quote:   More years in the hobby than I care to admit.


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From:   Chicago and Washington DC
Collects:   From 1951 on, Topps baseball; Pre 1951, all baseball
Quote:   Take life seriously, but none of the people in it. -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


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Collects:   Vintage football (pre-1985) especially Washington Redskins


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From:   Rochester, MN
Collects:   Milwaukee Brewers (mostly)


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