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Were I to rank my pursuits in order, it might look like this:

1. Cardinals baseball & Pacers basketball- current roster, regardless of on-card affiliation. Especially Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright. 

2. Same as above for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Vancouver Canucks, Columbus Crew

3. Any wrestling card I don't own

4. Cards of 5 teams listed above, past players, correct team only

5. Eastern Illinois alumni in all sports.

6. Guys who played for Paris Lakers, Danville Dans (both baseball) and Danville Dashers hockey (I only know of one such card, and I have it)

7. Baseball HOFers, MVPs, Cy Young winners, and ROY winners.

8. Olympic gold medalists, all sports, all countries.

9. Soccer cards of favorite teams in other federations (Doncaster Rovers in England, Bologna in Italy, Hamburger in Germany.

10. Non-sport cards of transportation, especially trains.

11. Everything else.   I keep one of any card I get, regardless. 

Quote:   Winter is over. Being indoors is no longer a priority.



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