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Hoping to complete at least 3 more baseball sets before the end of the year. These are the ones I'm closest to completing:

2015 Topps - 94.4%

2017 Topps - 94.4%

1979 Topps - 89.7%

1980 Topps - 89%

2015 Bowman - 86.7%

1978 Topps - 82.5%

1976 Topps - 80.2%

2016 Topps - 79.7%

2019 Topps 79.1%

1993 Upper Deck - 77.9%

2017 Topps Archives - 76.7%

I'm a pretty basic collector. Looking to build base sets through trades, garage sales, and dumb luck.

Condition is important but not essential. No creases, missing paper, or pin holes, please.

If you're planning on vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells, I live nearby. Check out my for trade list and maybe we can work something out in person. 

Would love to build back up the Reggie Jackson collection I had before I needed beer money in my twenties. Love this site!

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