1990 Fleer

Rookie Cards

52 record(s)

  47   Dean Wilkins RC   Chicago Cubs
  51   Mike Benjamin RC   San Francisco Giants
  64   Randy McCament RC   San Francisco Giants
  82   Mauro Gozzo RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  113   Rick Luecken RC   Kansas City Royals
  124   Matt Winters RC   Kansas City Royals
  131   Mike Fetters RC   California Angels
  180   Ben McDonald RC   Baltimore Orioles
  197   Blaine Beatty RC   New York Mets
  206   Jeff Innis RC   New York Mets
  222   Eric Anthony RC   Houston Astros
  244   Alex Cole RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  265   Todd Zeile RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  293   Scott Coolbaugh RC   Texas Rangers
  294   Jack Daugherty RC   Texas Rangers
  297   Juan Gonzalez RC   Texas Rangers
  323   Tony Fossas RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  329   Tim McIntosh RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  333   Jeff Peterek RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  347   Marquis Grissom RC   Montreal Expos
  350   Jeff Huson RC   Montreal Expos
  363   Larry Walker RC   Montreal Expos
  372   Mike Dyer RC   Minnesota Twins
  410   Jose Vizcaino RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  421   Chris Hammond RC, UER   Cincinnati Reds
  438   Mike Blowers RC   New York Yankees
  477   Rick Reed RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  499   Steve Olin RC   Cleveland Indians
  534   Greg Hibbard RC   Chicago White Sox
  542   Matt Merullo RC, UER   Chicago White Sox
  548   Sammy Sosa RC, UER   Chicago White Sox
  584   Tommy Greene RC   Atlanta Braves
  586   David Justice RC, UER   Atlanta Braves
  590   Kent Mercker RC, UER   Atlanta Braves
  596   Mike Stanton RC, UER   Atlanta Braves
  601   Brian DuBois RC   Detroit Tigers
  606   Shawn Holman RC   Detroit Tigers
  613   Kevin Ritz RC   Detroit Tigers
  640   Rudy Seanez / Colin Charland MLP, RC   Cleveland Indians / California Angels
  641   George Canale / Kevin Maas MLP, RC, UER   Milwaukee Brewers / New York Yankees
  642   Kelly Mann / Dave Hansen MLP, RC   Atlanta Braves / Los Angeles Dodgers
  643   Greg Smith / Stu Tate MLP, RC   Chicago Cubs / San Francisco Giants
  644   Tom Drees / Dann Howitt MLP, RC   Chicago White Sox / Oakland Athletics
  645   Mike Roesler / Derrick May MLP, RC   Cincinnati Reds / Chicago Cubs
  646   Scott Hemond / Mark Gardner MLP, RC   Oakland Athletics / Montreal Expos
  647   John Orton / Scott Leius MLP, RC   California Angels / Minnesota Twins
  648   Rich Monteleone / Dana Williams MLP, RC   California Angels / Boston Red Sox
  649   Mike Huff / Steve Frey MLP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers / Montreal Expos
  650   Chuck McElroy / Moises Alou MLP, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates / Philadelphia Phillies
  651   Bobby Rose / Mike Hartley MLP, RC   California Angels / Los Angeles Dodgers
  652   Matt Kinzer / Wayne Edwards MLP, RC   St. Louis Cardinals / Chicago White Sox
  653   Delino DeShields / Jason Grimsley MLP, RC   Philadelphia Phillies / Montreal Expos


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