2002 Topps

Rookie Cards

39 record(s)

  312   Raymond Cabrera PROS, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  313   Freddy Sanchez PROS, RC   Boston Red Sox
  314   Scott Wiggins PROS, RC   New York Yankees
  315   Jason Maule PROS, RC   Houston Astros
  316   Dionys Cesar PROS, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  318   Juan Tolentino PROS, RC   Anaheim Angels
  319   Earl Snyder PROS, RC   New York Mets
  320   Travis Wade PROS, RC   Houston Astros
  321   Napoleon Calzado PROS, RC, UER   Baltimore Orioles
  322   Eric Glaser PROS, RC   Boston Red Sox
  323   Craig Kuzmic PROS, RC   Seattle Mariners
  324   Nic Jackson PROS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  326   Jason Bay PROS, RC   Montreal Expos
  426   So Taguchi RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  427   Kazuhisa Ishii RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  622   Joe Mauer DPK, RC   Minnesota Twins
  672   Kevin Cash PROS, RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  673   Jimmy Gobble PROS, RC   Kansas City Royals
  674   Mike Hill PROS, RC   Houston Astros
  675   Taylor Buchholz PROS, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  677   Brett Roneberg PROS, RC   Florida Marlins
  678   Royce Huffman PROS, RC   Houston Astros
  679   Chris Tritle PROS, RC   Oakland Athletics
  680   Nate Espy PROS, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  681   Nick Alvarez PROS, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  682   Jason Botts PROS, RC   Texas Rangers
  683   Ryan Gripp PROS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  684   Dan Phillips PROS, RC   Colorado Rockies
  685   Pablo Arias PROS, RC   Detroit Tigers
  686   John Rodriguez PROS, RC   New York Yankees
  687   Rich Harden PROS, RC   Oakland Athletics
  688   Neal Frendling PROS, RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  689   Rich Thompson PROS, RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  690   Greg Montalbano PROS, RC   Boston Red Sox
  691   Lenny DiNardo DPK, RC   New York Mets
  692   Ryan Raburn DPK, RC   Detroit Tigers
  693   Josh Barfield DPK, RC   San Diego Padres
  694   David Bacani DPK, RC   New York Mets
  695   Dan Johnson DPK, RC   Oakland Athletics


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