1962 Topps

Rookie Cards

97 record(s)

  19   Ray Washburn RC, UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  31   Tom Tresh RC   New York Yankees
  35   Don Schwall ASR, RC   Boston Red Sox
  36   Don Leppert RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  44   Don Taussig RC   Houston Colt .45s
  46   Jack Baldschun RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  49   Hal Jones RC, UER   Cleveland Indians
  63   Tony Cloninger RC   Milwaukee Braves
  66   Cuno Barragan RC, UER   Chicago Cubs
  69   Phil Ortega RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  71   Dick LeMay RC   San Francisco Giants
  86   Donn Clendenon RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  89   Barney Schultz RC   Chicago Cubs
  99   Boog Powell RC, UER   Baltimore Orioles
  104   Ted Savage RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  114   Howie Koplitz RC   Detroit Tigers
  114   Howie Koplitz RC, VAR   Detroit Tigers
  122   Norm Bass RC   Kansas City Athletics
  122   Norm Bass RC, VAR   Kansas City Athletics
  124   Bill Pleis RC   Minnesota Twins
  124   Bill Pleis RC, VAR   Minnesota Twins
  131   Pete Richert RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  131   Pete Richert RC, VAR   Los Angeles Dodgers
  156   Merritt Ranew RC   Houston Colt .45s
  156   Merritt Ranew RC, VAR   Houston Colt .45s
  159   Hal Reniff RC   New York Yankees
  162   Sammy Drake RC   New York Mets
  162   Sammy Drake RC   New York Mets
  167   Tim McCarver RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  167   Tim McCarver RC, VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  181   Paul Brown RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  186   Mack Jones RC   Milwaukee Braves
  186   Mack Jones RC, VAR   Milwaukee Braves
  194   Dean Chance RC   Los Angeles Angels
  194   Dean Chance RC, VAR   Los Angeles Angels
  199   Gaylord Perry RC   San Francisco Giants
  202   Carl Warwick RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  204   Johnny Weekly RC   Houston Colt .45s
  209   Jim Fregosi RC   Los Angeles Angels
  218   Joe Torre ASR, RC, UER   Milwaukee Braves
  219   Al Downing RC   New York Yankees
  229   Jesus McFarlane RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  231   Ernie Bowman RC, UER   San Francisco Giants
  239   Cecil Butler RC   Milwaukee Braves
  242   Mel McGaha RC, MGR   Cleveland Indians
  254   Gordon Windhorn RC   Kansas City Athletics
  257   Jack Spring RC   Los Angeles Angels
  261   George Alusik RC   Detroit Tigers
  266   John Anderson RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  276   Hal Kolstad RC   Boston Red Sox
  281   Jake Gibbs RC   New York Yankees
  283   Charlie Smith ASR, RC   Chicago White Sox
  289   Mike Krsnich RC   Milwaukee Braves
  291   Hal Stowe RC   New York Yankees
  299   Don Wert RC   Detroit Tigers
  301   Galen Cisco RC   Boston Red Sox
  302   John Edwards RC   Cincinnati Reds
  309   Moe Morhardt RC   Chicago Cubs
  321   Lee Stange RC   Minnesota Twins
  326   Tom Parsons RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  333   Frank Cipriani RC   Kansas City Athletics
  341   Mike Hershberger RC   Chicago White Sox
  344   Ed Bauta RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  347   Chuck Hinton RC, UER   Washington Senators
  348   Larry Burright RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  356   Tom Haller RC, UER   San Francisco Giants
  368   Bob Tillman RC   Boston Red Sox
  377   Johnny Orsino RC   San Francisco Giants
  387   Lou Brock RC   Chicago Cubs
  404   Tim Harkness RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  414   Joe Gaines RC   Cincinnati Reds
  417   Joe Azcue RC   Kansas City Athletics
  424   Al McBean RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  426   Bob Farley RC   Chicago White Sox
  431   Bob Rodgers RC   Los Angeles Angels
  439   Jerry Buchek RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  451   Jose Tartabull RC   Kansas City Athletics
  454   Floyd Robinson ASR, RC   Chicago White Sox
  464   Al Jackson RC   New York Mets
  479   Joe Horlen RC   Chicago White Sox
  489   Julio Gotay RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  496   Wayne Causey RC   Kansas City Athletics
  509   Dave Giusti RC   Houston Colt .45s
  519   Bob Johnson RC   Washington Senators
  521   Jacke Davis RC, UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  527   Dick McAuliffe RC   Detroit Tigers
  554   Bubba Morton RC, SP   Detroit Tigers
  578   Jim Duffalo RC, UER   San Francisco Giants
  579   Jim Schaffer RC, SP   St. Louis Cardinals
  591   Rookie Parade Pitchers RC, SP  
  592   Rookie Parade Pitchers RC, SP  
  593   Rookie Parade Pitchers RC, SP  
  594   Rookie Parade Catchers RC, SP  
  595   Rookie Parade Infielders RC, SP  
  596   Rookie Parade Infielders RC, SP  
  597   Rookie Parade Infielders RC, SP  
  598   Rookie Parade Outfielders RC, SP  


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