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Hall of Famers

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  1   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  2   Barry Sanders   Detroit Lions
  3   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  4   Marshall Faulk   Indianapolis Colts
  6   Rod Woodson   Pittsburgh Steelers
  9   Deion Sanders   San Francisco 49ers
  10   Emmitt Smith   Dallas Cowboys
  11   Cris Carter   Minnesota Vikings
  13   Reggie White   Green Bay Packers
  14   Shannon Sharpe   Denver Broncos
  15   Troy Aikman   Dallas Cowboys
  16   Andre Reed   Buffalo Bills
  19   Jerome Bettis   St. Louis Rams
  21   Warren Moon   Minnesota Vikings
  27   Michael Irvin   Dallas Cowboys
  29   Aeneas Williams   Arizona Cardinals
  32   John Elway   Denver Broncos
  36   Dan Marino   Miami Dolphins
  38   Bruce Smith   Buffalo Bills
  44   Marcus Allen   Kansas City Chiefs
  64   Brett Favre   Green Bay Packers
  77   Tim Brown   Oakland Raiders
  94   Cortez Kennedy   Seattle Seahawks
  96   Charles Haley   Dallas Cowboys
  110   John Randle   Minnesota Vikings
  116   Jim Kelly   Buffalo Bills
  167   Junior Seau   San Diego Chargers
  184   Willie Roaf   New Orleans Saints
  188   Kevin Greene   Pittsburgh Steelers
  205   Steve Young SS   San Francisco 49ers
  206   Emmitt Smith SS   Dallas Cowboys
  208   Barry Sanders SS   Detroit Lions
  209   Marshall Faulk SS   Indianapolis Colts
  211   Jerry Rice SS   San Francisco 49ers
  212   Tim Brown SS   Oakland Raiders
  213   Cris Carter SS   Minnesota Vikings
  214   Dan Marino SS   Miami Dolphins
  215   Troy Aikman SS   Dallas Cowboys
  216   Jerome Bettis SS   St. Louis Rams
  217   Deion Sanders SS   San Francisco 49ers
  218   Junior Seau SS   San Diego Chargers
  219   John Elway SS   Denver Broncos
  220   Warren Moon SS   Minnesota Vikings
  222   Marcus Allen SS   Kansas City Chiefs
  223   Michael Irvin SS   Dallas Cowboys
  224   Brett Favre SS   Green Bay Packers
  228   Jim Kelly SS   Buffalo Bills
  235   John Elway / Barry Sanders CL   Denver Broncos / Detroit Lions
  235   John Elway / Barry Sanders CL   Denver Broncos / Detroit Lions
  236   Troy Aikman CL   Dallas Cowboys
  237   Jerry Rice CL   San Francisco 49ers
  238   Emmitt Smith CL   Dallas Cowboys
  239   Steve Young CL   San Francisco 49ers
  241   Marshall Faulk CL   Indianapolis Colts
  242   Dan Marino CL   Miami Dolphins
  243   Junior Seau CL   San Diego Chargers
  267   Warren Sapp RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  AD3   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  NNO   Emmitt Smith PROMO   Dallas Cowboys


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