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Wantlist Top Ten by BucCollector (Last updated on Oct. 4, 2018)

My ten most wanted cards... and maybe a few additional

World Series Final Play by EbeSPN (Last updated on Oct. 3, 2018)

Cards the year after of the player who ended up making the final play of the World Series. I listed catchers if it was a strikeout for example. As a bonus where available I included a link to the Youtube video of the final out or hit.

1990's MLB Turn Back the clock uniforms by fedoratipper (Last updated on Oct. 3, 2018)

MLB 300 Home Run Club by stevejrogers (Last updated on Oct. 2, 2018)

In the early 1990s, I started a hobby project of collecting a card of every member of various statistical clubs, like the 300 HR club.

While the 500 HR Club has been done in tribute form in high-end lithographed form often, this very low-end project was inspired when I picked up the 1985 Topps Circle K set, (which is why they are all represented in this list, despite not corresponding to "Main Team(s)" listed) that was, at the time anyway, the top 34 (minus Joe DiMaggio) home run hitters in MLB history.

I then went and tried to collect a card of each member of the entire 300 Home Run Club.

As of 10/2/2018

Still more #1s by rayfromtexas (Last updated on Oct. 2, 2018)

Adding more #1 serial numbered cards to my collection

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My 1¢ Cards by IfbBirdsCards (Last updated on Sep. 26, 2018)

All cards I own that are worth exactly one cent. Some would say they aren't worth the paper their printed on, but I say otherwise. I will put these in some kind of order when I can.

Personal Stadium Tracker by BucCollector (Last updated on Sep. 25, 2018)

In chronological order, the sports venues I have visited, 1970 to today. The list is very incomplete - many venues are not featured on cards.

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Pittsburgh's Stars of Stage and Screen by BucCollector (Last updated on Sep. 24, 2018)

NBA Hardwood Classics by fedoratipper (Last updated on Sep. 19, 2018)

Jerseys that were worn on NBA Hardwood Classics night

Cleveland Browns Receiving Yards Leaders by armac (Last updated on Sep. 18, 2018)

This list consists of players that have at least 1500 yards receiving yards for the Cleveland Browns and who I own a card of in a Browns uniform.

American Basketball Players with dual citizenship by fedoratipper (Last updated on Sep. 16, 2018)

American Basketball Players who have dual citizenship.
Edit: Now including Women basketball players from the U.S.

Moments Frozen in Time by banny (Last updated on Sep. 12, 2018)

Using clues from the picture on the card, and with help from Retrosheet and Baseball Almanac, I tried to pin down the game from which the picture was taken.
Feel free to chime in if I got it wrong.

The Misery of a Cincinnati Sports Fan by TheToddFather21 (Last updated on Sep. 8, 2018)

The last Cincinnati Sports team to win a Championship was the 1990 Cincinnati Reds. In the 25+ years following, the Cincinnati teams have found the most heartbreaking ways to loose. Most recently the 2012 Reds meltdown against the Giants in the NLDS, the Bengals collapse against the Steelers in 2015, and the #2 seeded Cincinnati Bearcats blowing at one point a 22 point lead against Nevada in the first weekend of the 2018 NCAA tournament. In the words of Cincinnati Sports Radio personality Mo Egger, "At some point something good has to happen. I keep telling myself this. I'm starting to not believe it."

Players Who Hit for the Cycle by EbeSPN (Last updated on Aug. 30, 2018)

Baseball players that have hit for the cycle since Bowman started. Inspired by the game Christian Yelich had last night for my Brewers. Also interesting that his former team, the Marlins, have never had a player hit for the cycle. Thanks Jeter!

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Jesuit High by Splinter_9 (Last updated on Aug. 27, 2018)

Jesuit High School in Carmichael, CA alum

#00 Jersey Number by EbeSPN (Last updated on Aug. 21, 2018)

Players that wore #00 in the NBA.

Not Pictured:
Milos Babic
Mike Bibby
Aaron Brooks
Tony Campbell
Art Long
Jacob Pullen

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Rejected! Players Who Refused to Sign an Autograph For Me by IfbBirdsCards (Last updated on Aug. 18, 2018)

Players who refused to sign an autograph and the card I attempted to have signed by the player.

Deion Sanders by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 16, 2018)

My Deion PC, BB/FB

My Dale. Earnhart Jr. collection by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 16, 2018)

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Danica PC by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 15, 2018)

My Danica coll.

JeffGordon PC by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 11, 2018)

My Jeff Gordon collection

TRADE Offers by BOBSCARDZ (Last updated on Aug. 9, 2018)

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large deal ongoing, will start pulling

We're #1 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Aug. 8, 2018)

Cards Serially numbered 1 of something in my collection. Does not include 1 of 1s, of which I have several.

A few odds & ends by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 7, 2018)

A few cards I like

SWEETNESS, Walter Payton by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Aug. 3, 2018)

My Payton coll.

Autographs by Celticwolfco (Last updated on Aug. 3, 2018)

My autograph cards

My Completed Sets by NatCad (Last updated on Aug. 2, 2018)

1993 Portfolio International, Endless Summer 'Cover Cards'
1993/94 Upper Deck, NBA 'Triple Double'
1993/94 Upper Deck, NHL 'Gretzky's Great Ones'
1993/94 Upper Deck, NHL 'Hat Tricks'
1994/95 Fleer Ultra, NBA 'Rebound Kings'
1995 Fleer Ultra, Skeleton Warriors 'Suspended Animation'
1995 Fleer Ultra, Skeleton Warriors 'Power Blast'
1995 Fleer Ultra, Skeleton Warriors 'Luma Bone'
1995/96 Fleer, NBA 'All-Stars'
1995/96 Fleer, NBA 'Total D'
1995/96 Fleer Flair, NBA 'Hardwood Leaders'
1995/96 Hoops, NBA 'Block Party'
1995/96 Hoops, NBA 'Number Crunchers'
1995/96 Skybox Premium, NBA 'Dynamic'
1996 Intrepid, ATP Blitz 'Victory'
1996 Intrepid, ATP Blitz 'Rated 1'
1996/97 Topps Picks, NHL 'Rookie Stars'
1998/99 Upper Deck Choice, NHL 'Starquest Blue'
1998/99 Upper Deck Choice, NHL 'Bobbing Head'
2002/03 Topps, NHL 'Own The Game'
2003 Fleer, WWE Divine Divas 'Hugs & Kisses'
2003/04 Upper Deck Victory, NHL 'Freshman Flashback'
2003/04 Upper Deck Victory, NHL 'Game Breakers'
2005/06 Fleer Ultra, NHL 'Super Six'
2008 Upper Deck, MLS 'Assist Kings'
2008 Upper Deck, MLS 'Goal Scorers'
2008 Upper Deck, MLS 'Keepers'
2008 Upper Deck, MLS 'Super Draft'
2008 Upper Deck, MLS 'Young Guns'

1970-1995 Topps Rookies by Slug03 (Last updated on Aug. 1, 2018)

All the key rookies from 1970-1995 Topps, plus a couple I added for personal reasons. This includes only Topps flagship/traded sets, and Bowman ONLY if no flagship/traded rookie exists from the same year for a player.

John Force & family collection by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Jul. 31, 2018)

NBA Jam Complete Rosters by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul. 27, 2018)

Between the Arcade version, SNES/Sega Genius, Sega CD, Game Boy, and Game Gear there were several different rosters to NBA Jam. I tried to put together cards of those who made it including the rumored custom versions and unlockable players. Shaq and Penny were never paired together which surprised me, also players such as Dennis Rodman, Shawn Bradley, Mugsey Bogues, Kevin Willis, Steve Smith and Dell Curry aren't in any version. I did not include tournament addition in this list.

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NBA #1 Pick 2nd Teams by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul. 25, 2018)

With the trade of Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin, here are first cards for NBA #1 picks that were traded or signed with a second team in recent years.

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Josh Harrison by aclaw21 (Last updated on Jul. 22, 2018)


Cards with a US flag or flag themed by TyrantsASupremeBeing (Last updated on Jul. 22, 2018)

These will have a US flag on it somewhere, ANY sport or non-sport I don't have I would like, only interested in completing small insert sets not the big ones like bowman international, happy with a couple or just 1 from them

LeBatard Show Stat of the Day by ShoTime (Last updated on Jul. 21, 2018)

The following are "Stat of the Day" from the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz on ESPN Radio/ESPNEWS/Podcast

Sun Devil Sticker Collection Multi-Sport by SunDevilCollection (Last updated on Jul. 20, 2018)

A list of my Panini and Topps Sticker Sun Devil Collection.

Basketball Topps by catchfrase (Last updated on Jul. 16, 2018)

Regular base sets

MLB All-Star Game Final Vote Winners by Kep75 (Last updated on Jul. 12, 2018)

Starting in 2002, fans got to decide the final MLB All-Star from a group of 5 contenders. This is a list of the winners from each league.

Basketball Fleer by catchfrase (Last updated on Jul. 11, 2018)

Regular base sets

Reds Stars by TheToddFather21 (Last updated on Jul. 9, 2018)

This is a list of Cincinnati Reds stars. This is the list of stars that I use for my Cincinnati Reds binder. Different criteria are considered in determining whether or not a player is worthy including but not limited to: All-Star games with the Reds, playing on playoff/World Series teams, HOF, Reds HOF, and playing the majority of a player's career, or coming through the Reds minor league system. Does anybody else belong on this list? Have I missed anybody? Feel free to leave a comment below.

90s Chicago Bulls by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul. 8, 2018)

Chicago Bulls players from 89-90 to 99-00 season in order of most points scored. This list covers the players that made yup the first 3 titles, then the first Jordan retirement, the second 3 titles, then the rebuild.

Former Cubs by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul. 6, 2018)

Similar to the Former Brewers list, here is a list of some former Cubs starting with the day that both Greg Maddux and Andre Dawson left.

Unitarian Universalists by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun. 29, 2018)

NHL Hall Of Fame Auto cards by avsbruins65 (Last updated on Jun. 27, 2018)

Here is a listing of my NHL Hall of Fame Auto's I own.

90s Green Bay Packers by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jun. 25, 2018)

List of players who played from 1990-99 for the Packers in order or most games with number of starts listed second. Even though these were the teams I grew up watching, there are a few guys on the list that I don't remember as Packers like Guy McIntyre who played twice as many regular season games as Andre Rison.

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10 Cards I need to get by ChristofferN (Last updated on Jun. 23, 2018)

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Vegas Golden Knights All-Time Roster by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jun. 22, 2018)

I became a hockey fan because of the Vegas Golden Knights. When the team revealed it's logo, in November 2016, I read a thread on here talking about it. I wanted to see it, so I put on NHL Network, and I got hooked. Big time. The NHL is now part of every single day of my life, a very large part. As the Golden Knights are now starting to get cards, I'm going to keep track of the all-time roster, in this list... However, I have two rules for inclusion on this list: The player MUST be listed as a member of the Golden Knights, and the card MUST be in my collection. As such, no cards from before the 2017-18 season will be in this list.

Caboose Cards by Kep75 (Last updated on Jun. 21, 2018)

The last card of every Topps set.

Updated 06/20/18: Added cards from 2018 base set.

Sports-incorporated sports cards by Goldude (Last updated on Jun. 10, 2018)

Cards that have their sport incorporated into the design. Suggestions are welcome.

Added in 199 Playoff Contenders(football), 1997 Best(baseball), A bunch of Topps baseball ones

Extended Topps Baseball Card Designs by Goldude (Last updated on Jun. 10, 2018)

I saw someone do a list like this, but only for base cards, so why not take it a step further and include more topps cards?

Baseball Base Set Cards by Goldude (Last updated on Jun. 10, 2018)

A list of baseball base set cards, White Sox edition


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