1991 Donruss

Errors / Variations

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  10   Ron Gant   UER
  12   Roberto Alomar   UER: No trademark on team logo on back
  14   Ryne Sandberg   UER: Was DK in '85, not '83 as shown
  19   Rafael Palmeiro   UER
  25   Pedro Guerrero   UER
  26   Chuck Finley   UER
  50a   Jose Canseco   ERR: A's in stat line on back
  50b   Jose Canseco   COR: AL in stat line on back
  57a   Jack McDowell   ERR: Career stats do not include 1990 in calculation
  57b   Jack McDowell   COR: Career stats include 1990 in calculation
  63   Mike Blowers   UER: "aseball" on last line
  147   Sammy Sosa   UER: Listed as born on November 10th should be the 12th
  162   Jerry Browne   UER: Born Christiansted
  163   Steve Sax   UER: No asterisk next to his 1989 At Bats
  179   Chuck Cary   UER: Comma after DOB
  222a   Von Hayes   VAR: First names in traded players on back
  222b   Von Hayes   VAR: No first names in traded players on back
  250   Rob Murphy   UER: Shown as on Reds in '89 in stats
  286   Tony Phillips   UER: Born 4/15, should be 4/25
  288   Cory Snyder   UER: In text, "led" is repeated
  292   Steve Frey   UER: Bats left, should be right
  299   Kent Mercker   UER: IP listed as 53, should be 52
  330   Colby Ward   UER: No comma between city and state
  375   Jose Uribe   UER: Middle name Elta, should be Alta
  386   Checklist 256-331   VAR: Blue border
  386b   Checklist 256-331   VAR: Green border
  398   Brian Harper   UER: Major League Performance should be Career Performance
  400   Roberto Kelly   UER: Second base on front
  426   Rich DeLucia   UER: Name misspelled "Delucia"
  436a   Mike Scioscia   VAR: White star by name
  436b   Mike Scioscia   VAR: Yellow star by name
  455   Monty Fariss   UER: Name misspelled "Farris"
  611   Andy Hawkins   UER: Pitched no-hitter on 7/1
  639   Paul Abbott   UER: Birthplace and Home reversed on back
  650   Steve Balboni   UER: DOB should be Jan. 16 1957
  685   Matt Williams   last line on back not complete.
  699   Stan Belinda   UER: Huntington, PA should be Huntingdon, PA
  704   Reggie Harris   Hometown is misspelled as Wayneboro, should be Waynesboro
  744   Lenny Dykstra / Dale Murphy   UER: No Donruss91 logo on card front
  763   Billy Hatcher   UER: Line 13, "on" should be "one"


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