2000 Upper Deck Victory

Rookie Cards

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  239   Mitch Berger CL, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  271   Anthony Becht RC   New York Jets
  272   Anthony Lucas RC   Green Bay Packers
  273   Bashir Yamini RC   Denver Broncos
  274   Brian Urlacher RC   Chicago Bears
  275   Chad Morton RC   New Orleans Saints
  276   Chad Pennington RC   New York Jets
  277   Chris Cole RC   Denver Broncos
  278   Chris Hovan RC   Minnesota Vikings
  279   Tim Rattay RC   San Francisco 49ers
  280   Chris Redman RC   Baltimore Ravens
  281   Chris Samuels RC   Washington Redskins
  282   Corey Simon RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  283   Courtney Brown RC   Cleveland Browns
  284   Curtis Keaton RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  285   Danny Farmer RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  286   Erron Kinney RC   Tennessee Titans
  287   Darren Howard RC   New Orleans Saints
  288   Deltha O'Neal RC   Denver Broncos
  289   Dennis Northcutt RC   Cleveland Browns
  290   Demario Brown RC   Tennessee Titans
  291   Dez White RC   Chicago Bears
  292   Frank Murphy RC   Chicago Bears
  293   Gari Scott RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  294   Giovanni Carmazzi RC   San Francisco 49ers
  295   J.R. Redmond RC   New England Patriots
  296   JaJuan Dawson RC   Cleveland Browns
  297   Jamal Lewis RC   Baltimore Ravens
  298   Leon Murray RC   Washington Redskins
  299   Jerry Porter RC   Oakland Raiders
  300   Joe Hamilton RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  301   John Abraham RC   New York Jets
  302   John Engelberger RC   San Francisco 49ers
  303   Keith Bulluck RC   Tennessee Titans
  304   Kwame Cavil RC   Buffalo Bills
  305   Laveranues Coles RC   New York Jets
  306   Marc Bulger RC   New Orleans Saints
  307   Marcus Knight RC   Oakland Raiders
  308   Mareno Philyaw RC   Atlanta Falcons
  309   Michael Wiley RC   Dallas Cowboys
  310   Na'il Diggs RC   Green Bay Packers
  311   Peter Warrick RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  312   Plaxico Burress RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  313   Raynoch Thompson RC   Arizona Cardinals
  314   Reuben Droughns RC   Detroit Lions
  315   Rob Morris RC   Indianapolis Colts
  316   Ron Dayne RC   New York Giants
  317   Ron Dugans RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  318   Sebastian Janikowski RC   Oakland Raiders
  319   Shaun Alexander RC   Seattle Seahawks
  320   Sherrod Gideon RC   New Orleans Saints
  321   Sylvester Morris RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  322   Tee Martin RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  323   Thomas Jones RC   Arizona Cardinals
  324   Todd Husak RC   Washington Redskins
  325   Todd Pinkston RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  326   Tom Brady RC   New England Patriots
  327   Travis Prentice RC   Cleveland Browns
  328   Travis Taylor RC   Baltimore Ravens
  329   Trevor Gaylor RC   San Diego Chargers
  330   Trung Canidate RC   St. Louis Rams


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