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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Set: 1989 ProCards (Rate)

Card: #442 Don Brock

“ I think this set now holds the record for most Card of the Day selections, at least since I joined the Database. It's not a bad set though, I don't see that as a problem. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Okay, Don, wince and say cheese! ” -Luckynumber78

“ A photo to be proud of ” -SSG Temple

“ The lights of San Jose must be very bright. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ All a minor league team needs is a city-specific cap and they can wear their affiliates uniforms. ” -jlaz10

“ Booooo ProCards ” -Hollywood42

“ The sort-of home plate shaped photo and the color-coordinated background are a nice touch. The typography looks at about the level of the odious 1961 Fleer football cards. Is that Zapf Chancery underneath the team logo? What, they couldn't afford Comic Sans? ” -revnorb

“ Incredibly boring sets, these ProCards were... ” -lyfestory

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Set: 1959 Sicle Air Force (Rate)

Card: #A-20 Regulus II

“ Another one of mine...second time one from this set has made Card of the Day! This is a fun set, but hard to find any info on. This represents the time when the Space Race was on, a time of great strides in technology and aircraft design. Or, in this case, Missile design! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fly like an eagle, into the future... ” -jlaz10

“ Subject on the card aside (I actually kind of like this), I wish more products had card prizes these days. Picking out cereal was so much more fun when the "prize inside" was more of a factor than gluten content. ” -jackal726

“ Cool cards Billy! Thanks again for sharing the extras with me! I hope you got the package I sent you. You have a "knack" for getting CotD posts and with the fun cards you post, I say keep 'em comin'! Cheers, ” -bkklaos

“ 'Murica ” -SSG Temple

“ Yay a space card I can't lay claim to! ” -Dixxy

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Set: 1990 Topps Magazine (Rate)

Card: #20 Sandy Alomar Jr.

“ Smile for the camera! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ "Can we hurry this up?" ” -SSG Temple

“ I'm surprised Topps hasn't bothered to resurrect some of these terrible designs from the magazine for some Heritage or Archives set. The actual magazine was a lot of fun, but ultimately couldn't survive by focusing only on Topps products. ” -DaClyde

“ These Indians uniforms are more famous for their appearance in Major League than being worn by players like Sandy Alomar. ” -jlaz10

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Set: 1984 Donruss (Rate)

Card: #104 Steve Sax

“ I hadn't realized this design existed previously, when Panini used it for the 2010-11 Donruss NBA cards (to date the only time there has been a simple "Donruss" set for NBA. I like it, though. Even though the text is small on the back it's clearly readable. Hard to believe this card will be 30 next year, isn't it? So will I for that matter! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I remember really hating this design back in the day, but it would seem as though nostalgia has caught up with me here. A big improvement would have been to use team colors for the front. Purple & Yellow aren't very Dodger like. The backs were starting to become rather stale at this point, shame they kept on it for several more years. ” -Shane715

“ Steve Sax Syndrome, and one of the greatest baseball quotes ever, courtesy of teammate Pedro Guerrero: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Sax #Steve_Sax_Syndrome ” -wamk

“ I've always liked how the Dodgers front numbers are red while everything else is blue. ” -jlaz10

“ not a great pic, but nice set... was all the rage back in the late 80s/early 90s with its rated rookies like Mattingly...i still don't have very many cards of this set.. ” -lyfestory

“ A good front of card. Back would be better with full ML stats, not "recent". ” -NJDevils

“ Ha! I just finished watching the Simpsons episode where Saxy Boy got framed for a couple of murders and ends up doing 6 life terms ” -Young Kilo

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Set: 2007-08 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #488 Riley Cote

“ Nicely done card. I miss series 2s, in my two sports we have not gotten any since 2009, and before that I can't even remember when the last one was, early 2000s. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Young Guns has got to be the longest running subset in sports cards. ” -suomibear8

“ Nice photo. Good to see the player head to toe with no arms or legs hanging out of the picture. Nice readable back too. ” -NJDevils

“ Nothing really stands out about the card itself.. but the guy has a cool name.. ” -lyfestory

“ The Flyers original Edge uniforms looked terrible. Thank god they went back to their original duds. ” -jlaz10

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Set: 2003-04 Bowman Signature - Foil (Rate)

Card: #20 Shaquille O'Neal

“ Hey, it's been a while since one of mine got up here! :) This was a one per box parallel in the 2004-05 Bowman Signature brand. I am slowly working on getting the backs scanned of the fronts I already had done for my own website before I joined the Database, I hope to have them finished in 2014. I can't believe the Lakers have been wearing the Sunday Whites for a decade now; it seems like just yesterday they introduced them. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Shaq! Ahhh! ” -jlaz10

“ This is why silver foil and black backgrounds do not mix. Even in-hand, it's a pain trying to read foil names on a dark background. Someone needs to destroy Topps stockpile of foil. Think of the children! ” -DaClyde

“ Shaq took jump shots? ” -SaveDaKid

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Set: 2011 Topps Chrome - Rookie Autographs (Rate)

Card: #178 Mark Trumbo

“ Always loved the Chrome sets. I wish Topps still had the NBA license! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This picture was taken before he was assigned his number 44, as there is no number on the front. ” -jlaz10

“ I'm a sucker for the Chrome cards, and autographed cards. This is a sweet looking card (front and back). ” -vrooomed

“ pretty nice card.. wasn't surprised to see him traded, but the Angels will miss his bat, especially if Pujols and Hamilton don't break out of their funks.. ” -lyfestory

“ That's a nice card. And look, he actually signed his whole name! I mean, it looks like he signed it in third grade handwriting class in blue crayon, but still! ” -Luckynumber78

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Set: 2012 Topps - A Cut Above (Rate)

Card: #ACA-12 Stan Musial

“ Cut Above may be the most common insert name, and this is a good card design. The back is a little less interesting than the front, but you can't win them all, I suppose. It should have included the years he played on the back, some of us (ie Me!) are clueless but still curious. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ RIP ” -jlaz10

“ More football ” -SSG Temple

“ This is a die-cut card set I really like. ” -vrooomed

“ this brings new meaning to "Paper Cut" ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ Stan "The Bad Front Scan" Musial??? ” -SaveDaKid

“ I don't think players like Stan Musial were meant to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Photoshop era. The back could use a cartoon. ” -Norb Rozek

“ A more current release, decent cards.. Bought a bunch of newer Topps packs and these cards are relatively normal for their more common inserts.. Great player.. ” -lyfestory

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Set: 1993 Studio (Rate)

Card: #59 Greg Swindell

“ I bet he plays for Houston ” -Young Kilo

“ I love this set because of the backgrounds being closeups of uniform elements. Too bad for me it was quite difficult for me to find a pack of Studio in 1993. ” -duaned99

“ I always liked this set. The shiny facsimile auto's and the stitched team logo was a nice touch. ” -suomibear8

“ I loved these sets by Studio. Stats freaks wouldn't like the lack of stats, but it's nice to get a glimpse into the player. ” -Mike67

“ I like the uni-centric design to this card. The 'Stros caps were and today are some of my favorites. ” -jlaz10

“ I hope it's the scans fault you can't see the autograph, otherwise white on white, BRILLIANT!!! ” -SaveDaKid

“ I actually enjoyed the earlier Studio sets because they were a break from the normal card sets of the early to mid 90s... ” -lyfestory

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Set: 2005 Inkworks Serenity (Rate)

Card: #54 Attack of the Reavers

“ Boy. You never appreciate good makeup till you see examples of poor makeup ” -SSG Temple

“ Loved this movie !!!! Loved this series !!! This looks like it would have been a nice card set too. ” -uncaian

“ From a plot standpoint, I didn't understand how the Reavers got to be such an organized threat as they seemed to be mindless barbarians by all accounts. And they were physically destroying themselves. Just play keep away and in a few years they'd have all died of self-inflicted decay. ” -DaClyde

“ Eww, that's one of the most disgusting cards I've seen on here. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Yikes, that's an ugly card. If you were going to do this scene, why not put the Kaylee picture on the front instead of the back? No one wants to be innocently flipping through their Firefly cards in the middle of the night and run across /that/. ” -Luckynumber78

“ I'm scared ” -jlaz10

“ The face not even a mother could love... ” -lyfestory

“ Now that's disturbing. ” -koloth42

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