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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Set: 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's (Rate)

Card: #22 Jeff Burroughs

“ Bright colors! I like that. If I collected baseball, I'd be chasing this set big time. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ He looks like he should be palling around with Alvin and the other chipmunks. ” -Luckynumber78

“ I think its great when the card companies have "Bring your child to work" day and then let the kids pick out the colors for the card designs. ” -ThemightyOx

“ As a child of the 1970s, I think this set could have been better. Too many liberties were taken with photos- some were clearly from the 1960s, others from the 1980s. Using black and white photos, like this Burroughs card, also shows laziness. Loved the homage to 1975 Topps design, however. ” -PlayerPCCollector

“ Lemon and lime popsicles on the front. Raspberry and banana bomb pop on the back. ” -NJDevils

“ I didn't know Jeff Burroughs... and apparently he didn't. That was supposed to be Senators. How quickly they forget. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ They couldn't find a color picture? ” -jlaz10

“ Looks like something out of a print ad from an old comic book where the person making the ad added random swatches of color to a black and white image, having no idea what the full-color image was supposed to look like. As such, it is strangely compelling. ” -revnorb

“ Please tell me this a bad scan...not an eye appealing set... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Were they trying to make the photos look bad? ” -vrooomed

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Set: 1989 Topps (Rate)

Card: #91 Bruce Matthews

“ OL cards are great for working on creative writing skills ” -jackal726

“ Looks like Will Forte got paunchy. ” -Luckynumber78

“ The Oilers color scheme alone is better than anything the Titans will ever wear. ” -jlaz10

“ It galls me that the colors of the green and red border stripes are chosen more or less at random. It also used to gall me when Topps would assign some similarly random color scheme to each team's cards, so every team had the same color combination of stripes or ribbons,even though those combinations had nothing to do with the team's colors. I guess i'm easily galled. ” -revnorb

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Set: 1992-93 Ultra (Rate)

Card: #304 Patrick Poulin

“ Never seen the hockey set of Ultra of this year. I like the front, but the back is a little lacking. One of my favorite sets, and I miss the Whalers. ” -jupiterhill

“ Great player,I don't think he did as well as expected,but he did pretty good.I like this set nice clean pictures,not a bunch of unnessecary clutter. ” -uncaian

“ These were the couple years when Ultra, the Fleer imprint that wouldn't die, actually looked good. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Bring back the Whale!!!!!! But no silver, please! The Whalers looked best in kelly green and royal blue. ” -jlaz10

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Set: 2001-02 Pacific (Rate)

Card: #312 Jaromir Jagr

“ MARIO JR !!!! One of the best sets Pacific put out, nice simple design.Jagr's still chugging along. ” -uncaian

“ Nice front. Trying to set a record for smallest stats on the back? ” -NJDevils

“ This Penguins uniform summed 1990's hockey design up in one sweater. Mismatching sleeve stripes, huge crests, wacky fonts, etc. ” -jlaz10

“ The bottom half of the front design is nice, but otherwise, the card is a bit chaotic. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Love that he's in NHL '94 and the new NHL 14 video games. Not many players can say that. ” -DanD

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Set: 2008-09 Topps Chrome (Rate)

Card: #99 Ronnie Brewer

“ I really like the 2008-09 Topps and Chrome designs. I only have one pack's worth of the Topps set, and two or three singles from the Chrome set, I need to get more. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Thank god the Jazz went back to their New Orleans-era uniforms and logo set. ” -jlaz10

“ I'm sure this card looks better in person. It's kind of a mess in this scan. I like all the colours, though. ” -Luckynumber78

“ Back of card is really nice. Mom always said "if you can't find something nice to say about the front of the card, don't say anything at all". ” -NJDevils

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Set: 1992 Pro Line Profiles (Rate)

Card: #376 Pat Swilling

“ Saints played the Bills in an Ice Bowl? ” -jackal726

“ Ooh, a snow game! ” -jlaz10

“ I will let everyone else comment on the white on white design. I just want to know why there is a giraffe standing behind him. ” -NJDevils

“ I wonder what Pat Swilling to do to win the game ? I wonder how many times he heard that ? ” -uncaian

“ This would be a cool card if they could have seen their way clear to plunk player, position and team info into some of the empty space. I see they found a way to get the card brand logo in there. ” -revnorb

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Set: 1992 Topps (Rate)

Card: #469 Jim Eisenreich

“ I fully admit I don't know much about baseball, but even I know that's not the right way to hold a bat! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I liked this set because it had the stadium on the back. I didn't like this set because there was no team logo anywhere. In hindsight, not too bad of a design. ” -duaned99

“ Looks like he's psyching himself up for ANOTHER round of baseball card photos. ” -jackal726

“ Quality control on a lot of these cards were awful. There was a lot of "double vision" kind of printing problems. ” -suomibear8

“ He's got his bat. He'll protect you from the zombies. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ I've always liked the Royals combination of blue and powder blue, even if the powder blue was on their road pants. ” -jlaz10

“ Jim, that's how I felt when I realized I was stuck with all these overproduced cards from the early 90s. Nice back of card though. ” -NJDevils

“ Fine, I'll play more BASEBALL. Geez! ” -DaClyde

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Set: 1989 ProCards (Rate)

Card: #442 Don Brock

“ I think this set now holds the record for most Card of the Day selections, at least since I joined the Database. It's not a bad set though, I don't see that as a problem. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Okay, Don, wince and say cheese! ” -Luckynumber78

“ A photo to be proud of ” -SSG Temple

“ The lights of San Jose must be very bright. ” -ray fosse's ghost

“ All a minor league team needs is a city-specific cap and they can wear their affiliates uniforms. ” -jlaz10

“ Booooo ProCards ” -Hollywood42

“ The sort-of home plate shaped photo and the color-coordinated background are a nice touch. The typography looks at about the level of the odious 1961 Fleer football cards. Is that Zapf Chancery underneath the team logo? What, they couldn't afford Comic Sans? ” -revnorb

“ Incredibly boring sets, these ProCards were... ” -lyfestory

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Set: 1959 Sicle Air Force (Rate)

Card: #A-20 Regulus II

“ Another one of mine...second time one from this set has made Card of the Day! This is a fun set, but hard to find any info on. This represents the time when the Space Race was on, a time of great strides in technology and aircraft design. Or, in this case, Missile design! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fly like an eagle, into the future... ” -jlaz10

“ Subject on the card aside (I actually kind of like this), I wish more products had card prizes these days. Picking out cereal was so much more fun when the "prize inside" was more of a factor than gluten content. ” -jackal726

“ Cool cards Billy! Thanks again for sharing the extras with me! I hope you got the package I sent you. You have a "knack" for getting CotD posts and with the fun cards you post, I say keep 'em comin'! Cheers, ” -bkklaos

“ 'Murica ” -SSG Temple

“ Yay a space card I can't lay claim to! ” -Dixxy

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Set: 1990 Topps Magazine (Rate)

Card: #20 Sandy Alomar Jr.

“ Smile for the camera! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ "Can we hurry this up?" ” -SSG Temple

“ I'm surprised Topps hasn't bothered to resurrect some of these terrible designs from the magazine for some Heritage or Archives set. The actual magazine was a lot of fun, but ultimately couldn't survive by focusing only on Topps products. ” -DaClyde

“ These Indians uniforms are more famous for their appearance in Major League than being worn by players like Sandy Alomar. ” -jlaz10

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