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Finally DONE removing duplicates from my want list.  GOOD NEWS!!

Trading functionality has resumed!  I tend to like bigger trades as it reduces cost and promotes more quanity.  Most I'll ship in a PWE is 6.  With all the problems fixed I can now add a ton of NOT baseball to the FS/FT area.  Hope to see some trades coming in soon.



If you're planning on dropping a stack of 25 cards in a pwe and nothing else please don't send me offers.



Also collect sets.  Check my collection to see current set progress.



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From:   Roy, Ut, United States

Football:  John Elway and select Broncos rookies

Baseball:  Ryne Sandberg & Trevor Story - small side PC started of Mark McGwire and Bryce Harper.

Basketball:  Chris Mullin & Alex English - small side PC of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

Open to any trades.  I ship in PWE with top loaders for smaller deals and will use 9 page for up to 18 cards in PWE.  Will ship bubble mailer if larger trade.

Quote:   Come what may and love it!


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From:   Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States

My main PC is Troy Tulowitzki, but I collect all Rockies cards. My secondary collections are Larry Walker and Todd Helton. I have also started collecting Ryan McMahon, David Dahl, and Garrett Hampson. 



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From:   Conesus, New York (western NY, NOT the city!!), United States

I may be a little late on replying to messages or trade proposals and getting trades out. I am in remission from esophageal cancer, recovering from an esophagectomy, and have had spinal fusion surgery and trying to avoid a second one. In addition, my wife has stage four lung cancer and we are dealing with that problem on a daily basis. I do try to get on this site daily, but that isn't always possible. I only ask that fellow traders be patient and continue to offer trades when suitable...this is my only "escape" from the reality of our lives!


Quote:   You never know how strong you are until you have to be.


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From:   Wisconsin, United States

Ultimate unrealistic collecting goal:

  • A copy of every Chris Webber card

Primary collecting goals:

  1. Michigan Wolverines (basketball, football, hockey)
  2. Giannis
  3. Finest, Stadium Club, Metal, and Topps Chrome basketball sets and inserts
  4. Bama football players (2005-Present)
  5. 2010s Blackhawks & Ed Belfour

Secondary collecting goals:

  1. All other 1990s basketball sets and inserts
  2. completing baseball sets of my youth (mostly inserts, stickers and puzzles from 1984-1991 & Sportflics!)
  3. completing football sets of my youth (1991 Fleer & Pro Set)
  4. completing hockey sets of my youth (1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Premier & Score Canadian, 1992-93 Ultra, 1993-94 Leaf)
  5. 2019 cards for 2019 MLB stars; building a little collection for my son who was born in 2019.

I randomly get the itch now and then to collect:

  • Baseball
    • Christian Yelich (Brewers only; no Marlins)
    • Fernando Tatis Jr.
    • Dave Stewart
    • Bo Jackson
  • Basketball
    • Panini Noir
    • Bam Adebayo
    • Malcolm Brogdon
    • Nikola Jokic
    • Jayson Tatum
  • Garbage Pail Kids (old and new)
  • Wrestling
    • The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)
    • DX

alan nyc

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Set building. 

Anything Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, & Texas Longhorns.


P.S. Please DO NOT send busted up cards (banged up corners and sides or markings beyond normal wear.) I DO NOT SEND out cards in that condition so I expect not to receive them in that condition. Thank you! 



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From:   Honolulu, Hawai'i, United States

Happy New Year to all!


2019 was a wonderful, busy, and fulfilling year here!  In the past, I had to get creative in order to generate interest amongst my various little leaguers.  As most of my inventory consisted of players’ cards from before most of the kids were born.  Thanks to the traders here, I was able to distribute a bountiful amount of cards to the kids last year accompanied by a huge amount of joy!

Would like to give the Altuve/Judge card (18T Update #79) to as many of my Little Leaguers as I can.  It has become one of my favorites, looks just like a pic I have of 2 12-yr olds on one my teams.  It’s a great inspirational cards for the smaller kids.


Slowly transitioning out of football and basketball to focus on baseball.  Primarily building sets from childhood days, working my way back in time. Current primary focus is on completing 1968, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976 Topps baseball sets. I will always consider trading my 80s/90s inventory for modern all-star cards, I give them away to the 5-14 yr old kids on the little league teams I coach here in Hawaii.  But since we don’t have MLB here, the young kids won’t recognize the names unless they’re all-stars or Kolten Wong/Kiner-Talefa/Ohtani(I coached a couple seasons with Isiah’s dad).

For those of you like me with monster boxes of 80’s/90’s, I will trade for multiples of 12-18 of HOFers or team/all-time record holders (as long as I can ask the little leaguers a relevant trivia question so the card can be a reward). Just message me, as I would not list such cards on my wantlist. 

For traders who are missing 1 or 2 cards after accepting a trade, please make an effort to substitute with something similar.

Quote:   For 1971 and earlier, I am looking for EX+, 1970s - EX/MT+, 1980s-modern - NM+. Please let me know what your grade standards are for 1970s and earlier cards.Everything I have listed FT from 1980 to modern is EX/NM+.I have other unlisted 60s/70s in VG/EX.


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From:   100 Miles East of Montreal, Canada

I am willing to accept trades and I can ship all trades immediately. Mail and freight continue to move across Canada, the U.S. and between the two countries. The border restrictions are for the passengers only. Overseas mail delivery is still largely suspended by the postal entitites.

Baseball and Hockey Set Builder.

All the cards I list here are sorted by variation and are NRMT or EX unless specified. I expect the same of you. I keep my lists up to date and I try to add new cards as much as I can. I use painter's tape for all shipments and I am fine with shipping cards in single or multiple PWEs, if the cards are properly packaged. I don't mind large or small trades, but I prefer to trade 10+ cards at the time or at least that the cards carry more value than the postage. Also, I don't really sell or buy cards, but I am open to trade my cards for UNUSED U.S. postage stamps.

Tip to save on shipping costs to Canada: use PWEs and avoid bubble envelopes, plastic boxes and big stacks of cards. Ship as flat as you can (cut 9 pocket pages in 3 rows and insert 4-5 cards in each pocket). The more it looks like a greeting card or documents mailed in a regular letter instead of a package, the more it tends to be cheaper to ship. U.S. to Canada first class postage (up to 2 oz) is $1.20 and if non-machinable, $1.41.



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Quote:   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin


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From:   Mundelein, Illinois, United States
Quote:   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin


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From:   Mundelein, Illinois, United States
Quote:   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin


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From:   Massachusetts, United States

I will be turning on trades on May 2nd, but only for the weekend. Trading will be weekends only until the country returns to normal. Mail will go out on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Please, only send cards that you would have sent to you. Also, poor packing has left me with with many damaged cards over the last few months. Please put some effort into packing cards safely. Canada PWEs only. Thank you.


2020 GOALS

- Reach 1200 different Red Sox players

- 20 "Pay it Forwards" >>>  Pay It Forward forum thread

- All goals in my "Player Goals For 2019-2020" list.


Single stars and star RCs. Red Sox team sets. Topps and Allen & Ginter are my favorites. Beatles and Yoda cards.

PWE GUIDE (Plain white envelope trade)




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From:   Montreal, QC, Canada


Baseball, Hockey

Started collecting as a teenager then life got in the way. I just got back into it and would like to complete collections as much as possible before handing all to my 2 grandsons. Online database makes it much easier to trade/sell than back when.

Quote:   If it ain't broke don't fix it.


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  • 2007 UD Masterpieces
  • 2020 Topps
    • Base
    • 1985
    • Turkey Red


  • Main Focus - Dansby Swanson
  • Braves old and new


  • Non-Braves and duplicates from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s
  • Current Duplicates
Quote:   I will respond quickly to trades and make every effort to get them out the door the same day.


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New York Yankees, (especially Topps base)

Don Mattingly

Buffalo Sabres (especially old Topps base, Upper Deck base and OPC base)

Buffalo Bills (especially Topps and Score base) 



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From:   Richmond, Texas, United States

New York Yankees, (especially Topps base)

Don Mattingly

Buffalo Sabres (especially old Topps base, Upper Deck base and OPC base)

Buffalo Bills (especially Topps and Score base) 



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From:   Daytona Beach, FL, United States

PC Primarily All Daniel Ponce de Leon Cards. Check my wantlist. Secondary PC is 2018 Clint Frazier RC and 2017 and 2018 Alfredo Rodriguez Bowman.

Also Now PCing space related cards. If there's any space related sets I don't have in my collection/wantlist, let me know. Thanks.


If you would like to ask about any of my cards or offer any that you have, message me here.



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From:   Schaumburg, IL, United States

Set builder of early 90's and older baseball.

Set builder of early to mid-90's hockey.

Interested in Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Wild, and Minnesota related sports cards.

Always looking to trade.




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From:   South Plainfield, New Jersey , United States

Set Building and New York Mets

All trades under 12 cards are shipped PWE unless we discuss differently. 

I have a 9 month old so I apologize for any slow response time in sending or just answering a trade proposal. I will respond to everyone. 



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From:   Swisher, IA, United States

*Current Players:  Mike Trout, Luis Arraez, and Rookies
*Past Players:  Barry Bonds, Jeff Bagwell, Joe Mauer, Kirby Puckett, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Justin Morneau, & Lew Ford

*Working on completing 1991 Bowman and 1992 Donruss Triple Play (more to come)



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From:   Huntsville, AL, United States


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From:   Ohio, United States

Any and all Braves cards from 1953 - present.

Willing to trade just about anything for Braves cards......

Quote:   If I do not respond right away to a message or trade offer, do not worry I will!


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From:   United States

Brewers Panini cards, Topps and Topps Heritage Brewers team sets, Brewers autographs, and anything else Brewers that catches my eye!


i do not distinguish between * or **, . or no ., variying shades of darkness, or precinct



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From:   Aliquippa, PA, United States


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From:   Victoria, TX, United States

Always looking to trade for Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Houston Oilers, Houston Astros and Chicago Blackhawks. Also baseball and football RCs. No trade is too small. If you don't match anything on my wantlist, send me a proposal anyway. I am sure I can find something I like.

I'm also interested in trading for comic books. My cards for your comics. Mostly interested in Marvel, Image, and DC, Batman in particular. But will take a look at others.



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From:   United States

* Boston Red Sox (PC:David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia)
* Boston Bruins (PC:Patrice Bergeron)

* Hallowed 3: Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson

* Non-Sport Sets: Topps American Heritage Presidents, UD Presidential Predictors.
* Artists Sets:  Mike Noren's Gummy Arts, Chris Speakman's Topps Propaganda Set
* Quirky Mini Sets like A&G Sharks

Always prefer trading over selling. Priority to players above and Boston teams.



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From:   Arvada, CO, United States

Baseball:  Collect Harrison Bader (main PC), Jack Flaherty/Paul Goldschmidt/Noah Syndergaard (Minor PC), and Topps Chrome sets (2019 only at the moment).

Hockey: Collect Pavel Bure but got away from that collection of nearly 2000 unique cards due to kids and my son taking an interest in baseball cards.  Will entertain trades, but my list of traders is depleted as I sold off much of my hockey collection a year ago (and isn't to current although it only consists of Relics/Autos/YGs/#'d under 99 found on my webpage...so not total junk either!).



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From:   Savannah, GA
Collects:   Atlanta, Milwaukee and Boston Braves, mostly Topps, Stadium Club, 90s junk and parallels


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From:   Foresthill, CA, United States


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From:   Julian, WV, United States

I collect Cincinnati Reds only.


Joey Votto, Barry Larkin, and Tony Perez is who I collect the most.

Still looking for that perfect 1967 Tony Perez.


Quote:   NO DUPES!


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From:   Columbus , Ohio, United States

Primarily a set builder.

Always building Atlanta Braves team sets and Topps Flagship, Update and Archive sets.

Also currently working on Diamond King sets.

Quote:   I love to trade. If you see something you want on my trade list just send an offer, I’m always willing to make a trade work.


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From:   Rochester, NY, United States


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From:   Michigan, United States

Cards #d 19/75 and #d 01/18, GarbagePail Kids, Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Bo Jackson, Hank Aaron, Lou Whitaker, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player & Arnold Palmer. Bowling & Golf Autos. And, building sets 1969-Present.

Quote:   Appreciate everyone for the great trades. Currently 7,200+ cards in my For Sale / Trade list. Keep the trade offers coming!


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From:   Lebanon, Ohio

Pre-1980 Baseball Sets & cards, Reds, any Johnny Bench, Tony Perez & Dave Concepcion cards. Willing to trade most cards not part of any set I am trying to complete, currently closing in on the following Topps sets:  1974, 1969, 1972. Interested in A&G cards and mini cards of any Hall of Famers.



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From:   San Antonio, TX, United States
  • Houston Texans
    • JJ Watt
    • Deshaun Watson
    • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Houston Rockets
    • Hakeem Olajuwon
    • Clyde Drexler
    • Sir Charles Barkley 
    • James Harden
    • Russell Westbrook 
  • Houston Astros
    • Craig Biggio
    • Jeff Bagwell
    • Lance Berkman
    • Justin Verlander 
    • Jose Altuve
    • George Springer
    • Carlos Correa
    • Alex Bregman
    • Yordan Alvarez
    • Kyle Tucker
    • Yuli Gurriel
  • Houston Oilers
    • Warren Moon
  • University of Houston cards
  • Pete Maravich
  • Chris Mullin
  • Frank Thomas
  • Will Clark
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From:   Portland, Oregon , United States

53 Topps; 62 Topps; 63 Fleer; 73 Topps; Topps Gypsy Queen; Topps Archives; Topps Gold Label; 1978 George Brett; 

Quote:   Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too - Yogi Berra


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From:   Berlin, NJ, United States

Topps Baseball, Darren Daulton, Phillies Phanatic, Citizens Bank Park cards. 



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From:   New Windsor, New York, United States

NY Yankees, NY Rangers and NY Jets..

Working on '08 UD YSL ,'75 Topps, and starting '91 Topps Desert Shield...

Quote:   I always pull my cards first before accepting trade offers...Thanks


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From:   CORONA, CA, United States
Collects:   Angels, Cardinals, Cowboys, Lakers


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From:   Eagle Lake, MN, United States

2019 Topps baseball, Byron Buxton, Luis Arraez, Minnesota Twins.

Looking for certain hockey cards; mostly Minnesota State University alums Daniel Brickley, Teddy Blueger, and Casey Nelson.

Trading away all basketball cards. Would take unopened boxes or packs of Topps baseball 2019  base and update in trade for larger quantities.



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From:   Worthington, IN, United States

 cardinals.trouts dodgers


always looking for dexter fowler needs



no trade offers please

Quote:   i'm haunted by 2019 topps heritage


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From:   Saint Charles, MO, United States


Topps Sets 1970 to Present. Player Collections: Kerry Wood, Daniel Winkler, Mike Matheny, Anthony Rizzo



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From:   Fargo, ND, United States

Complete sets

  • Football (1950's-1990's)
  • Hockey (1970's-current)
  • Baseball (1970's-1990's)
  • Basketball (1970's-1980's)


  • Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (1960-2003)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (1967-current)
  • Minnesota Twins (1961-current)
Quote:   "There's nothing wrong with reading the game plan by the light of the jukebox." ~ Ken Stabler


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From:   Eugene , Oregon , United States

Topps Baseball mostly



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From:   United States

Hockey, Pulisic/Dempsey/USA soccer, Cal Ripken, Caps, Wake Forest athletes, Carolina Panthers

Quote:   *meh*


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From:   Lisle, IL, United States

Topps, minor league team sets





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From:   Parsippany, NJ, United States

Just getting started on this platform. Seems like a great way to catalog and trade. I PC Yankees. Always looking to trade. 

Dan Marcketta

32 Hamburg Rd

Parsippany NJ, 07054



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From:   Richland, WA, United States
Collects:   Mike Alstott / Wade Boggs / Buccaneers / Mariners / Supersonics
Quote:   Will listen to offers for cards in my collection for Wade Boggs cards.


Member Since:   12/22/2018

On a trading break until June/July.



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From:   Wintersville, OH, United States

Phillies Cards

Mike Schmidt

Quote:   Sometimes the only thing fair in life is a ball hit between first and third..


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From:   North Andover, MA, United States

I’ve been collecting cards for over 40 years and have over 230,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports (up to the 1996 seasons - with some exceptions).
I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with over 140,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  To date, I've completed over 530 trades exchanging over 90,000 cards.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopfully you have something I need.  As a set collector, I prefer to trade batches of cards from various sets.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

Vintage Cards:
I completed my big project and now have over 10,000 vintage cards listed for trade (I consider vintage to be 1977 or earlier).  For each card I've noted a condition grade and if you check closer, a note on each regarding any condition issues (be sure to select the correct one if multiple cards are shown).  Please note that I'm by no means a professionsal grader and if you're hypersenitive on card condition, please message me first and I'd be happy talk about it.  In exchange for these cards I have three priorities:

  • 1) similar vintage cards that I need (any sport)
  • 2) inserts for my 90s sets that I need (any sport)
  • 3) or base cards that i need as a last resort (any sport)

Note on Card ConditionA card noted as Pr, Fr, Gd, or GdVg will have some obvious condition issues such as creasing, corner wear, or marks.  I would consider them place holders in a collection at best (I've listed them because some people do want place holders).  A VG card will usually be a clean card with some corner wear or a centering issue.  For me, VG would be the bare minimum for my personal collection.  EX will be nice sharp card and VgEx will be something just between VG and Ex, still a nice card with a small issue that prevents it from being EX.  NM in vintage is a tough find.

Quote:   Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


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From:   United States

I collect everything Royals (yes, even the "junk"). My trading goal/style is efficiency, so I'm looking to do 10-20 card trades for PWE and tracked packages for everything larger. If you have a good amount of cards I need, my preference is to trade for them all in one go instead of a few cards at a time. I work hard to condition note my cards if I don't find them close to Nrmt, so I ask that you do the same when we trade. Fair?

I will often propose quality for quantity trades, so if you are turned off by the card imbalance, we can adjust, everyone has different styles!

Alex Gordon and Jermaine Dye Supercollector. Check out my collection at IanBadeer.com

Also, don't ever work with Michael Deeter - aka 49ants. He deliberately damaged a 2400+ card purchase and scammed me out of 300+ cards. See thread: https://www.tradingcarddb.com/Forum.cfm/Page/O/ID/0/?MODE=VIEW&ThreadID=19255

TCDB Collecting Ranks:
Kansas City Royals: #2

Alex Gordon: #1
Jermaine Dye: #1
Salvador Perez: #1
Ken Harvey: #1
Whit Merrifield: #1
Adalberto Mondesi: #1
Yordano Ventura: #1
Carlos Beltran: #2
Danny Duffy: #2
Mike Sweeney: #3
George Brett: #7
Bo Jackson: #13



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From:   McKinney, TX, United States


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From:   Watertown, Wisconsin, United States

Baseball, Basketball, Football...collecting Robin Yount, Ersan Ilyasova, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bobby Labonte and all of the main sets for the Brewers, Bucks and Packers. I also am trying to get Pokemon cards for the kids and Ken Griffey Jr cards for my buddy at work.  If I happen to get anything else, that's cool too.

Lately, I've been really collecting the old Brewer Police cards, they were issued for each community throughout Wisconsin.  But I have been especially looking for the Robin Yount cards.  I think there are over 720 different police sets issued between 1982 and 1993, with over 775 different cards that I am very interested in (He has two cards in the 1993 sets).  Currently, I have 118 different Yount cards.  It's actually been fun, but I have a long way to go.  Any of the other Brewers cards that I have would be available if you are interested, but let me check on the condition.  Since I am getting a lot of them through thrift stores, eBay and rummage sales, some are pretty ragged.  I also have Packers Police cards that would potentially be available too.

I think it would be neat to trade with every state.  So far, I have collected 47.  Can't wait to have trades in the last 3 (AK, DE, and WY).  I also have traded with Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, let's keep 'em coming!!



Member Since:   2/14/2018
From:   Rock Hill, SC, United States

Teams: Atlanta Braves, Carolina Hurricanes, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, NC State alumni (all 3 sports)

Players: Jeff Francoeur, Freddie Freeman, Tom Glavine, Tim Hudson, Rey Ordonez, Tim Salmon, John Smoltz, Dansby Swanson

Sets: (A lot, check want lists) 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection

Quote:   “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra


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From:   Houston, Texas, United States

I've decided that I like Upper Deck and want to collect everybaseball set they made. That's outrageous, I know. I'm also collecting HOF autographed relic cards. They're a bit tough to come by and almost noone wants to trade for them so I'll pay cash money if you've got one I want.




Member Since:   7/30/2019
From:   Longwood, FL, United States

Came across tcdb.com at the end of 2019, and have already completed over 200 trades.  Love it so far.  Keep the trades comin'!

My PC is as follows:

NBA: Giannis and Tim Duncan

NFL: Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Sterling Sharpe, and Don Majkowski.

MLB: Walker Buehler, Roberto Clemente & Jackie Robinson Inserts/Parallels, Robin Yount, Tony Gwynn, Hal Morris, Mark Grace, Ethan Small, Jo Adell, & Mark Langston. 

Please check out my For Sale/Trade list.  Feel free to message me any time.....let's see what we can get done!

Quote:   When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


Member Since:   9/19/2018
From:   Springfield, MO - Missouri, United States

St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies, possibly getting interested in non-sport sets... Open to any kind of trade!



Member Since:   11/15/2018
From:   Brownsburg, In, United States

Looking to complete Topps Flagship and Heritage sets.  Also PC White Sox Retired Numbers-Fox, Baines, Appling, Minoso, AParicio, Konerko, Lyons, Pierce, Thomas, Buehrle, Fisk. Also PC Jose Abreu.

I used to hoard White Sox base cards. Looking to trade my duplicates to make good dents in sets. I will trade SP for SP and similar year cards for other similar cards. #d cards and auto relics can be traded for SP, variation wants.



George Hayes

Member Since:   10/6/2017
From:   BELLEVILLE, Illinois

I am looking to trade my extras for cards I need to complete sets.  I have a little bit of everything(Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, and some non-sports.  I do have a monster box of 1982 Topps Baseball from a vending case and just way too many 1990 Score Football cards.


Quote:   I am slowly adding my cards. (probably 27% added to the site)


Member Since:   2/24/2012
From:   Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago Cubs. US Women's National Team Soccer.

Top priority player PCs right now are Willson Contreras and Kyle Hendricks. 

Trading PWE is fine with me - no trade too small. If you need base I'll trade in your favor. Trades of around 9-10 cards or less will ship PWE unless they are higher value, thick, or by request. If you want a bubble mailer just ask!

I don't collect unlicensed cards for the most part - sorry!

If there is any football, basketball, non-sport etc. on my trade list, I will happily trade it for baseball. I don't really collect those cards they just end up in my collection when I buy lots. 

Set Builds: Topps flagship, Topps Heritage, Stadium Club



Member Since:   12/25/2019
From:   Spruce Pine, NC, United States

Basically just a set builder. I have a major issue that when I get one card of a set, I feel as though its time to build that set, including any insert sets.




Member Since:   11/25/2016
From:   Illinois, United States

I keep up with the Topps and Donruss base sets. 

I also enjoy collecting oddball baseball sets.  My current focus is on the following:

  • Starting Line Up cards (not the figures)
  • Sponsored teams sets like Mother's, Police, Fire Safety, Coke, etc.
  • Updating my Hostess box panel cards (individuals)

Always looking for Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk & Ernie Banks that I do not have.


I have removed all recent cards that are not NRMT or better from my inventory.  ExMt or better from 80's or earlier.  Anything less than ExMt will be specified and discussed before mailing.  In turn, I ask that you do not send me anything that does not meet these criteria. 

Quote:   In it for the fun.


Member Since:   1/1/2013
From:   Tea, South Dakota, United States

Mark McGwire and complete sets

Quote:   If you cannot stand behind our soldiers, please feel free to stand in front of them.


Member Since:   2/27/2017
From:   Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I trade for EX/MT to MT cards. Filling Baseball/Football sets. I have some Basketball and Hockey to trade for Football/Baseball. Fair value trades only! No 91 junk for 70s! All mistakes will be made right. I keep my stock in good condition and inform trade partners of defects. I'll expect same in return. My Steeler binder always has empty pages to fill and Pirates as well. I also collect Tony Gwynn! Hit me up with a trade proposal and we'll see if we can get it done.

Quote:   Jack Lambert: If I were ever to play football again. You can bet I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.


Member Since:   7/9/2019
From:   Portland, OR, United States

Please contact for trades.


Hebron Reds Fan

Member Since:   9/9/2015
From:   Hebron, KY, United States

Cincinnati Reds--Any and All - 1909 to current Base and Traded sets

Quote:   All trades and offers considered! Trading/Selling all other teams. Also selling all football, basketball, hockey, and Non-sports. Let's make some trades!


Member Since:   10/15/2014
From:   Lumberton, New Jersey, United States

 I am looking to trade or buy for Phillies or anything on my want list. So trade with me please . I am adding new cards to my for trade list every day. I have my Phillies collection listed from 1887 to 2019



Member Since:   6/19/2018
From:   chicago living Hawaii

just adding have close to 3 million card. Having a few medical issues so would love to sell some cards too please make offers willing to sell collection too . Selling my sets as wholes so check out my collection list as well.

Quote:   your killing me smalls


Member Since:   12/2/2015
From:   Texas, United States

Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, Leroy Herrmann, Ty France RCs, and current RCs. I'm always up for a trade so send me an offer! Currently, just trading within the U.S.



Member Since:   3/9/2018
Collects:   Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Multi-Sport, Non-Sport


Member Since:   8/3/2017
From:   United States

Any baseball cards I can get. Also some Capitals hockey and MMA cards on the side.



Member Since:   9/29/2018
From:   Indiana, United States

Teams: Cleveland Browns (Post-1999), Cleveland Indians (Post-2000)

Players: Kareem Hunt, Mitchell Trubisky, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk

Quote:   My wantlist is a work in progress so feel free to message me if you see a card you are interested in and we can most likely work something out!


Member Since:   8/17/2015
From:   Sykesville, MD, United States

Japanese & US Pro Baseball -- particularly Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves



Member Since:   2/18/2019
From:   Landenberg, PA, United States

Slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Focusing on want list for 2020 Topps Walgreen's Yellow and Meijier's Purple set at this time but willing to trade anything from my trade list.  

Quote:   I am back on the wax!


Member Since:   11/23/2012
From:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps, New York Yankees.

Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


Member Since:   2/16/2019
From:   Orange , California, United States
  • Budget collector with vintage tastes
  • PC: Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey, Andre Ethier, Stephen Vogt, Clayton Kershaw, Sandy Koufax, Max Muncy
  • Vintage cards: condition generally not a big issue, just looking for cards w/o writing or creases
  • Current Goals:
    • Build Gwynn PC to 1000 different cards
    • Complete 1941 Play Ball set
    • Finish 1975 and 1978 Topps sets 
  • Always trading modern for vintage
  • Open to all trades, even for cards not on my For Trade/Sale list 


Member Since:   9/19/2018
From:   United States

My collection is one that sparks joy to me. I have no rhythm or reason to it, each card brought joy to me and so it was added to the collection. My want list is cards that spark joy for me.

This hobby is my saving grace! I found it as a way to help my anxiety and the friendships I have made in this hobby are amazing! I truly appreciate everyone in this hobby! With my anxiety it can be hard for me to always get to the post office next day with trades but everything will always ship asap and by the latest on Saturdays when I have someone that can go to post office for me if needed. 

I look forward to doing lots of trades here and getting these cards in your mailbox and collection where they belong! 

I am currently working on a Topps Twins project and am mainly needing the vintage now, I am happy to add cards with character aka poor condition for the vintage cards. This project is to tell the story of the decades and what better way than to have character to the cards!

The other big project I am currently working on is getting my collection organized and all my tradable cards uploaded here. If you don't see something you need now, please check back as I'll be adding. 

Some players I love are:

Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Cal Ripken Jr, Barry Bonds, Darryl Strawberry, David Ortiz, Shoehi Ohtani, Brett Phillips, Kris Bryant.

Michael Jordan (he was my childhood hero), Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnett, John Stockton, Tyus Jones. 

Brett Favre, Cris Carter, Dan Marino, Steve Young, John Elway, Todd Gurley, Derrick Henry, Russell Wilson, JJ Watt, Melvin Gordon. 

If you have cards of those players that are not on my list, feel free to add them to trade offers, I collect pretty much anything of those guys. Even a bunch of junk era cards yes I collect em :) My collection is valued at how much I'm smiling at the end of the day :) 

Quote:   Building my dream PC one card at a time by cards sparking joy to me :)


Member Since:   8/22/2019
From:   Ogden, UT, United States

Topps 2016-present



Member Since:   9/16/2018
From:   Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Kansas City Royals - trying to get as many different cards as I can as part of my #RoyalsCardQuest!!!

Player PCs include: Bo Jackson, Bret Saberhagen, George Brett, Mark Gubicza, Dan Quisenberry, U.L. Washington and Yordano Ventura.

Always happy to pick up 1986 Topps Traded and 1987 Topps Bo Jackson cards!

Non-Royals PC include: Dick Allen, Ken Brett, Oscar Gamble and Bartolo Colon.  Just added Luis Tiant, Oil Can Boyd & Bake McBride to this list!

Hometown Heroes PC: Tom Browning, Mike Lansing and Mike Devereaux - 2 World Series winners and a CWS Champion!

Currently trying to make duplicate Royals cards and all my Non-Royals available for trade in order to grow the collection!





Member Since:   7/6/2019
From:   Oil City, Pa, United States

collecting all Baseball cards

Will trade any other (football,hockey,misc) for needed baseball cards

I will consider any trade offers




john morones

Member Since:   6/29/2017
From:   Gilbert, Arizona

Collect AZ D-backs for PC.



Member Since:   2/12/2017
From:   United States

Player Collections:

- Primary - Steve Finley, Paul Goldschmidt, Luis Gonzalez

- Secondary - Vladimir Guerrero, Nomar Garciaparra, Sammy Sosa, Jim Edmonds, Torii Hunter


Topps Heritage (2014-2018)

UD Ionix (1999-2000)

UD Ultimate Victory (1999-2000)

UD Hologrfx (1999-2000)

Various insert sets

Team Collections: Arizona Diamondbacks

Quote:   Putting trades on hold for a while. I am in the process of overhauling my collection.


Member Since:   9/20/2019
From:   Litchfield Park, AZ, United States


Member Since:   11/23/2014
From:   Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mostly the 4 major sports, Detroit teams, primarily Topps brands, base & some insert sets. Celebrating my 52nd year of collecting 1969 - 2020





Quote:   He stood there like the house by the side of the road and watched that one go by - Ernie Harwell


Member Since:   2/8/2018
From:   oak harbor, WA, United States

Seattle Mariners

Quote:   My oh My


Member Since:   2/8/2018
From:   oak harbor, WA, United States

Seattle Mariners

Quote:   My oh My


Member Since:   4/28/2018
From:   Pembroke, ON

Trading and selling will return in the fall. Enjoy the summer the best you can. Stay safe.


However through the summer...

 I am a willing buyer. I have a lot on my want list and can add more as needed. If you are a well-established member, please send a PM. Let me have a look at your inventory. Let's make a deal.



Quote:   “Status quo, you know, is Latin for 'the mess we're in'.” ― Ronald Reagan


Member Since:   1/17/2012
From:   St. Louis , Missouri , United States

Topps complete sets 1960-present & KC Royals cards

Quote:   Cole's Axiom: The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.

La Loosh

Member Since:   7/28/2017
From:   from VA, live in LA, grew up (college) in Boston


Complete Sets 

David Ortiz

Will Clark

Paul Molitor

Dustin Pedroia

Jason Varitek

& My Hometown Collection (Brandon Lowe, Jake Cave & Chad Pinder)

Quote:   "I'm Crash Davis, I'm your new catcher and you just got lesson number one...don't think, it can only hurt the ballclub."


Member Since:   2/7/2017
From:   Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

**Stll trading, but only doing PWE trades right now**


Tampa Bay Lightning, Vincent Lecavalier, Baltimore Orioles



Member Since:   5/26/2013
From:   Houston, TX, United States

Bagwell, Biggio, Nolan Ryan, Astros/Colt .45s, 60's-70's Pirates, Pre-1967 Baseball.

** PWE trades only at the moment, unless you've got something really special for me. **




Member Since:   5/13/2017
From:   United States

New England Sports Teams, Bo Jackson

Quote:   The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke


Member Since:   3/14/2017
From:   Philly, United States

Collect Baseball Hall of Famers and notable players from the 70s-80s but am interested in all eras of baseball.

I try to be carefull of condition and will note anything on my trade list that is less than EX and I expect the same. I also try to keep my lists accurate but have given up on ever getting it perfect. I apologize in advance if there is something on my trade list that I don't actually have.

All offers considered but prefer to trade like for like - i.e. modern for modern or vintage for vintage.

Shipping in PWE is fine with me



Member Since:   3/20/2010
From:   Pennsylvania, United States

Mostly Topps baseball , O-Pee-Chee baseball 1971-1991, Kelloggs , Oddball 70's and 80's ,Topps Football 1971 to 2015 , 1971-1992 Topps Hockey , Topps Star Wars



Member Since:   12/8/2016

Any mini cards from A&G, GQ, Topss 205/206, etc I dont have. Any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks not listed in my A&G Buyback collection. Comic Cut Panels from X-Men, Captain America, Avengers, Spiderman, etc! Goodwin Champion Museum Collection Relics/Signatures!

Vintage Commons For Sale!!!

59s - $2 each

63s-66s - .75 each

67s-72s - .50 each

Other Years, semistars, stars, teams, inserts, etc. just ask!

Also, willing to sell team cards in bulk across all of the years.

Quote:   Interested in any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks


Member Since:   6/12/2016
From:   North Tonawanda, NY, United States

Baseball Hall of Famers

Football Hall of Famers

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Braves

Baseball Sets 

Football Sets 





Member Since:   7/2/2019
From:   Jasper, TN, United States

Atlanta Braves 

Ronald Acuna #1



Member Since:   9/23/2016
From:   Olathe, KS, United States

Private collection: 113k
Looking to complete sets up to 1993 and all Reggies, all Jeters, all Yankees from 1993-present, and some non-sport. (Still adding to my wants. Have entered all my set needs and Yankees needs up to 2004. Will be starting on non-sport soon.)

For trade: 112k
Fleer 12k
Pinnacle 6K
Upper Deck 22k
Football <500

Currently being added to TCDB
Other 6k
Donruss 15k
Topps 51k

Goals: 500 trades and net reduction of 5000 cards by end of 2020.

Quote:   The sun always shines on TV...


Member Since:   9/14/2018
From:   Mississippi, United States

baseball, minor league, food issue/oddball

Quote:   I prefer to trade, I will sell, and might BUY AS A LAST RESORT!! No trade too small, PWE trades fine with me!! I'm a member of Trading Bases,


Member Since:   7/25/2017
From:   United States

Trying to finish base sets from 2014-2019 - Topps Chrome, Archives, Stadium Club, Update and Update Chrome.  

St. Louis Cardinals interesting serial numbered cards, parallels, autos and relics for players who actually appeared in MLB with STL.



Member Since:   2/1/2019
From:   North Bend, WASHINGTON, United States

Baseball Sets, Mike Sweeney & Bobby Murcer.

If you have any Mike Sweeney or Bobby Murcer cards to trade, please click on my separate collections to see what I have and what I am looking for.


Quote:   Always looking to help out my fellow traders.


Member Since:   2/16/2017

I am selling my mostly-Mets collection due to Parkinson's Disease. Every card price is negotiable, and fairly big discounts will apply. Make me an offer!

I would respectfully request, however, that if you're not serious about spending over a hundred dollars, please don't ask me to prepare a quote for over a hundred premium cards.  These quotes take a lot of time and energy to prepare, and to be just summarily clicked off with a "Decline" button is quite frustrating.



Member Since:   4/9/2011
From:   Hendersonville, Tn, United States

All major manufacturers for Baseball and Football 1970 - present. 

Mainly base sets and inserts.

Hockey Nashville Predators 1998- present

I will do large or small PWE trades. I perfer trades within a give era, vintage for vintage, junk wax for junk wax, modern for modern. This is a guideline more than a rule, I will consider all offers.


Quote:   Taking some time off to reorganize and load more cards


Member Since:   4/9/2011
From:   Hendersonville, Tn, United States

All major manufacturers for Baseball and Football 1970 - present. 

Mainly base sets and inserts.

Hockey Nashville Predators 1998- present

I will do large or small PWE trades. I perfer trades within a give era, vintage for vintage, junk wax for junk wax, modern for modern. This is a guideline more than a rule, I will consider all offers.


Quote:   Taking some time off to reorganize and load more cards


Member Since:   4/9/2011
From:   Hendersonville, Tn, United States

All major manufacturers for Baseball and Football 1970 - present. 

Mainly base sets and inserts.

Hockey Nashville Predators 1998- present

I will do large or small PWE trades. I perfer trades within a give era, vintage for vintage, junk wax for junk wax, modern for modern. This is a guideline more than a rule, I will consider all offers.


Quote:   Taking some time off to reorganize and load more cards


Member Since:   4/9/2010
From:   United States

Cleveland Indians/Cleveland Cavaliers/Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes/Oakland Raiders and accepting Bengals cards for another site member as we co-manage our collections



Member Since:   12/4/2019
From:   Wisconsin, United States

John Elway and looking to fill the holes in my 70's, 80's and 90's sets.



Member Since:   10/13/2016
Quote:   Like to trade BV for BV, so no one feels cheated.


Member Since:   8/21/2017
From:   STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan, United States

Out of respect for everyone's health, I have to shut down my trading for the time being. My wife is an ICU doctor and will come into contact with Covid-19 daily in the upcoming weeks. I will open my trading back up when the danger of such issues is no longer a concern. Sorry for any inconvenience. -Paul


I collect:
Baseball: JaCoby Jones, Christin Stewart, Juan Soto, Ryan O'Hearn, Brandon Dixon, Fidrych, Verlander, Nolan Ryan, Inge, Fielder (both), Vizquel, Scherzer, Jack Flaherty, Walker Beuhler... RC's, Vintage. Try me.

Basketball: Luka Doncic, Bruce Brown, Luke Kennard, Pistons, Elena Delle Donne

Hockey: Marcel Dionne, Gilbert Dionne, Red Wings 

Football: Kenny G, Lions

Oddballs: Fish/Fishing related cards! Santa/Xmas related cards. Athletes named Nolan. 5x7 cards.

Ship quick and package well, expect the same.

Quote:   I WILL NEVER GHOST A TRADE PROPOSAL. If I haven't responded I'm either working on it or dead.


Member Since:   9/16/2015
From:   United States

I am a collector that enjoys trying to complete sets that strike my eye. I also like to collect Angels (LA, Anaheim, or California) for baseball. My favorite players I like collecting are Don Mattingly, Tim Salmon, Jered Weaver, and Mike Trout.


RJ Smith

Member Since:   6/4/2018

Baseball - Football - Hockey

Quote:   “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch


Member Since:   1/20/2017
From:   Illinois, United States

St. Louis Cardinals



Member Since:   11/23/2014
From:   Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Detroit Tigers



Member Since:   9/7/2015
From:   United States

Royals, Chiefs, Razorbacks (All Sports), and Bowling cards. 

MAIN FOCUS:Base sets (including SP, Err/var) of the following:


1960-1962 Fleer Dallas Texans

1963 Fleer Chiefs

1964-2015 Topps Chiefs

2016-2020 Donruss Chiefs


1969-2020 Topps Royals

2001-2020 - Topps Heritage Royals


I love trade proposals, if possible please look at my main focus first when sending.  Still collecting everything else on my wantlist if my main focus is not possible.  Thanks!!



Member Since:   2/28/2018
From:   Oneonta, Alabama, United States

NY Mets cards for any and all years, including former and future Mets.  Giants, Rangers and Knicks as well, but main focus is on the "Amazing Mets". LGM

Also looking for any Cap Anson cards.  Just found out he is my boy's great great great uncle.

Trading cards from same subsets.  ie Rainbow Foil Team X for Rainbow Foil Mets, etc.

Quote:   It's like deja vu all over again-Yogi


Member Since:   2/28/2018
From:   Oneonta, Alabama, United States

NY Mets cards for any and all years, including former and future Mets.  Giants, Rangers and Knicks as well, but main focus is on the "Amazing Mets". LGM

Also looking for any Cap Anson cards.  Just found out he is my boy's great great great uncle.

Trading cards from same subsets.  ie Rainbow Foil Team X for Rainbow Foil Mets, etc.

Quote:   It's like deja vu all over again-Yogi


Member Since:   5/25/2019
From:   Sandy, OR, United States

I collect way too much, but baseball cards are my number one collection. 


Always looking for Tony Gwynn cards, especially ones I don't have. Also look for Padres and Mariners cards. I will never be called a fair weather fan :)


Quote:   If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid of making mistakes?


Member Since:   1/4/2019
From:   United States


Member Since:   4/11/2017
From:   United States

Cody Bellinger Super Collector ... Cowboys, Lakers, Dodgers, Non ... Prefer Dodger & Cowboy cards in home whites, and Lakers in home yellow. 

Quote:   Raising triplets, it's like being pecked to death by chickens!


Member Since:   6/18/2016
From:   Florence, AZ, United States

I finally made the list this year. The Biggest Trade of The Year Tenlbpain and Shaggy69 4,247 Cards. Hell Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Go Big or Go Home Baby.

all sports

Quote:   Trade card for card at least. O and don't send off cut or damaged cards or you go on my no trade from list again

Shaw Racing

Member Since:   2/2/2019
From:   GRAND VALLEY, ON, Canada

I am back trading  Life decided to get in the way but will keep trading to keep everything as fun as possible for my sons and I. I am making them help me with trades as to help with home schooling and cause we do it together. Bright spot of the day is when trade comes in. 


My 11 yr old son has got my passion back, looking for pretty much everything and have many duplicates that I hope you can use. Check back often as I buy and trade a lot. I am not opposed to any "FAIR" trade.

PWE's welcome

Fav teams:

Football - Packers & Raiders

Baseball - White Sox & Blue Jays

Hockey - Red Wings & Maple Leafs

Basketball - Raptors & Lakers

Nascar - JGR & really any!!!

Soccer - TFC & Man U

  Any Racing.

Fav players:

Football : All time : Bo Jackson & Reggie White            Now : Tom Brady & Odell Beckham jr.

Baseball : All Time : Frank Thomas & Cal Ripken jr      Now : Bo Bichette & Josh Donaldson

Hockey : All Time : Steve Yzerman & Ron Hextall        Now : Mitch Marner & John Tavares

Basketball : All Time : Magic Johnson & Steve Nash    Now  : Kyle Lowry & Pascal Siakam 

Nascar : All Time : Alan Kulwicki & Darrell Waltrip        Now :  Martin Truex & Kyle Busch

Soccer : All Time : Pele &  Lionel Messi                        Now : Sebastian Giovinco & Michael Bradley

Women's Soccer : All Time : Hope Solo & Mia Hamm   Now : Christine Sinclair & Ada Hegerberg

Women's Hockey : All Time : Cassie Cambell & Manon Rheaume Now : Kendall Coyne & Hayley Wickenheiser

Non Sport : All TIme : Marvel & DC                               Now : Marvel & DC

My son has deciding we are collecting any/ All Marvel D.C. and other comic cards

Jeff Shaw 15 - 65 Scott Street. Grand Valley. Ontario. Canada. L9W 5X3

Quote:   if it feels good do it twice


Member Since:   8/27/2017
From:   Lompoc, California, United States

Food Sets, Ryne Sandberg, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and lots of oddball stuff


I apologize but we are dealing with our small business that has been closed due to being a non- essential business trying to pay our rent. Unfortunately I have no time right now to deal with my collection...I will be back at a later time. Stay healthy everyone!!!



Member Since:   6/21/2014
Collects:   Baseball


Member Since:   10/2/2016
From:   United States

I'm a collector, not an investor. If price is your main interest in trading, then I suggest you look elsewhere. I'm willing to fill your want list in return for my want list to be filled in as close to a card-for-card, era-for-era, star-for-star (regardless of sport), etc. that we can. I'm flexible, fair, and very fond of trading to increase our collections.

***Basketball Trade List is complete!!! What you see is what you can get!!! Working on adding to Want List***


  1. Economy Mailing (highly recommended for you to do, too!)
    • 20-card minimum, anything less will be countered or declined
    • 4x9 to 9x12 envelopes for up to 180 cards (U.S. & international)
    • Larger numbers will vary depending on size and most economical; i.e. bubble mailer, flat rate priority, or flat rate regional boxes (usually cheaper than regular flat rate)
  2. Vintage (pre-80s) for modern ratio
    • Non-HOFer (most of what I have) 1:5
    • HOFer 1:7
    • HOFer RC 1:? (varies depending on agreed upon value of RC)
    • Maximum of 1 vintage card in any deal for modern cards
  3. Undersized cards preferably part of 100+ deals only, includes:
    1. Any mini versions of regular trading cards
    2. Any small stickers or sticker backs
    3. Kelloggs cards excluded from this stipulation


Member Since:   10/13/2016
From:   Kansas City, MO

I am a healthcare worker and healthcare educator, and due to COVID-19 for the next two weeks (and probably at least a month), I don't know if I'll be able to respond to trade requests very quickly or not at all.  I have been trying to convert all my didatic, lab and clinical classes to an online format (which ususally takes months).  Yuck!



Member Since:   6/1/2019
From:   South Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Most Current sets as well as some sets from 2000-2010 mostly topps and topps chrome.





---And All Pinstrips from 2000 and up




Quote:   The future ain't what it used to be. -----Yogi Berra


Member Since:   2/10/2018
From:   Nacogdoches, TX, United States

Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, and other HOFers and Rookies. I will be back in May 25th to work on trades. I work away from home and when I get there if it's raining I work on trades otherwise I will work on trades at night. First come first serve trades so if you were the first person to send me a trade you will be the first person I will agree or counter offer the trade. 

Quote:   The American Dream coined by Horacio Alger Jr


Member Since:   8/27/2015
From:   South Burlington, Vermont, United States

*** Taking a break from trading due to the pandemic. Treating it as an opportunity to better organize my collection ***

I am primarily a set builder, but also collect cards from the Boston sports teams and anyone who played for a Vermont minor league baseball team or the University of Vermont.




Member Since:   3/10/2017
From:   Winchester, California, United States

All SN numbered baseball cards, Any purple, pink, black, clear or negative baseball cards. Unusual sets, the ones hardly anybody else has. Certain non-sports cards: Supernatural Cards, Walking Dead Cards, Vintage Garbage Pail Kids, Vintage Wacky Packages, Rat Fink Cards, etc...

Quote:   I'm back to trading, although there are a few cards that are still in storage. Just do a proposal and I'll have to check and make sure that I have the cards you need here with me.


Member Since:   7/2/2017
From:   Alanson, Michigan, United States

Detroit Tigers roster past and present, Tigers prospects and rookies, team sets. #1 player collection is Miguel Cabrera. Also collect current hockey, Detroit Red Wings, and Northern Michigan University Wildcats hockey alumni.

Quote:   Easing my way back into trading. Thank you for your patience with me!


Member Since:   10/12/2016
From:   United States

New York Mets, Mike Piazza (all teams), any card with a dog

Quote:   TCDB Ranks:

#1 Mike Piazza collector (over 1,800 cards)

#2 NY Mets collector (over 14,000 cards)


Member Since:   5/5/2019
From:   Verona, NJ

Main collecting focus: Tino Martinez, Ty Hensley

Also collect: Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Clarke Schmidt

#TeamPWE and prefer quick PWE trades


Thick McRunfast

Member Since:   11/28/2018
From:   New York

My goals: I'm trying to complete a few sets from the 1980s and early 1990s. Please have a look at my goals list for details.

Your goals: If you need any cards from my trade lists, feel free to send a trade proposal. Even if you don't have anything on my want lists to send in return, let me know anyway. I'm always willing to try and figure something out.



Member Since:   5/2/2013

Topps sets & Detroit Tiger team sets. HOF & ROY winners



Member Since:   3/27/2014
From:   Akron, Ohio, United States

just Cleveland Indians

Quote:   Don't knock the Rock (Colavito that is)


Member Since:   10/29/2019
From:   San Francisco, CA, United States

March 18, 2020 - I'm not trading for a few weeks. All my cards are in my office and we're under a shelter in place order here in the Bay Area. Thanks for all the offers. I'll be back to trading (hopefully) in a few weeks!



Member Since:   9/9/2019


Member Since:   10/29/2017
From:   Mt.Olive, NJ, United States

I collect The Mets. Mostly base cards, all years all sets. Check my wants and trade lists.

Also intestested in Wacky Packages, Kiss, anything Military/War. 


Monday - Thursday I can get bogged down at work. I may log in for a second or two but it may take a few days before I reply, update or respond.


Mets = I want it.

Not Mets = You can have it.





Quote:   It's hard to be a Mets Fan.


Member Since:   12/14/2019
From:   Saint Charles, MO, United States

Recent Cardinals and Cardinal all time greats.

Finishing out a few 2019 sets.




Member Since:   7/23/2018
From:   Greeneville, TN, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Topps Baseball, Football, and Basketball Sets...Yankees, Braves, Red Sox (long story)...49ers and Steelers...Lakers...Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken Jr, Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., Nolan Ryan, Deion Sanders, and any Card of a Great Player who was just an All Around Good Guy. Topps was all you could buy when I started.

Quote:   I have failed over and over and over again. That is why I succeed...Michael Jordan


Member Since:   7/25/2017

Parallel Sets, Broken Minor League Team Sets

Quote:   Looking to make trades to complete sets. Not buying. Please have the courtesy to respond to emails. I'm sure you would want the same courtesy if the roles were reversed.

Please no off center, bent, or dinged cards.


Member Since:   10/12/2016
From:   Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Hof Rookies, pre war cards any condition,, set builder from 1909-2013 PC is Thomas Tapeh, RANDY MOSS, Griffey Jr., Piazza, Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero, Ripken, Terrell Davis, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady, DREW BREES ROOKIES!!!  PC all in my favorites. #'d cards /99 and lower

Please send tracking #' to me asap so I can watch out for the package. Rough neighborhood

I trade like this: If i send a proposal or counter and its me receiving way more cards it's because I will trade stars and high bv $$ cards for commons to complete my sets. I'm a set collector working on sets. That's my goal. Communication during trades is a plus. Any problems need to be worked out or I'll blast ya in the forums

I have decided to ship only 1 day a week because it's easier for me. single card trades will be the same day.

Quote:   I will trade for ANYTHING from my favorite players. I have a wantlist and if we match up I want it


Member Since:   4/10/2019
From:   Lynnwood , Washington , United States

I am a Seahawks, Mariners and Sounders fan. Looking mostly for rookie cards but I have interest in serial numbered ,piece materials & autographs especially Russell Wilson, D.K. Metcalf, Raul Ruidiaz and Edgar Martinez. Willing to trade from my collectin for the right deal. I have mostly baseball but little bits of most other sports.

Quote:   A wise man will hear,and will increase learning;and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.


Member Since:   5/26/2015
From:   Florida
Collects:   Minnesota Twins


Member Since:   3/21/2018
From:   Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Top Priorities
St. Louis Cardinals Topps Base Sets (1980-Present) (Might even get crazy and explore the 70s)
Kyle Korver
Karl Malone

Additional Interests
Kory DeHaan
Paul DeJong
Dave Duncan
Tony LaRussa
John Stockton
Jeff Hornacek
Hakeem Olajawon
Clyde Drexler
Fred Hoiberg
Georges Niang
Monte Morris
Chicago Bears (2017-present for my son) (Score - Panini - Donruss)
Iowa State Football (Score)



Member Since:   7/22/2015
From:   Aurora, IL, United States

Chicago Teams, Andre Dawson Cards



Member Since:   9/17/2014
From:   Michigan, United States
Collects:   hockey mostly, basketball some, and baseball just a touch


Member Since:   1/9/2019
From:   Bradenton, Fl, United States

PC Miguel Andujar, Nick Senzel, Austin Riley and other RCs.  Thurman Munson.

No trade is to small as long as we both get something we want / need, just send the proposal. 

Set building: Bowman, Bowman Platinum, Pro Debut, Heritage, Heritage Minor League. (Love helping other set builders)

Any football, hockey, golf, basketball on my tradelsit will be traded for baseball as I don't collect those but do come across every now and then.

Any trade of fewer than 9-10 cards will ship PWE unless you request BMWT or is a higher end (auto, mem).  






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